You have heard that you should be saved, save yourself from what is to come, and to believe in the gospel. But what are you saved from, and why? It is written in the scriptures about the coming Great Day of Judgement, that all people will be gathered before God to be judged, and that everyone whose name is not written in the Book of Life, will be cast into the Lake of Fire of God's Judgement. We also read that everyone will be judged for their sins, and all things will be exposed on that day.

It is clear that there is no escaping judgement for our sins and being cast into the Lake of Fire, but is there? There is, and I will tell you how:

Jesus said to his followers to "Make right with your accuser before you go to court, so that you won't be dragged before the court, found guilty, and condemned." 
Jesus is saying here, that your sins are going to condemn you anyway regardless of how good a person you are, and you need to make right with God prior to your death and the judgment day to come, so that when the books are opened, your name is found in the list that does not face the condemnation, that is the Book of Life. 

How? Jesus Christ told us how in John chapter 3. He said that you must be Born Again of water and spirit to enter the Kingdom. He told the people in the gospels, that "Unless you believe that I am he, you will perish in your sins." Who is "he"? He said that "I am the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody enters the Kingdom except by me. Anyone who believes upon me, will by no means come under the judgement but will pass from death to life," and he told how he was the Son of God whom the Father sent into the world to save, that all who believe upon him that he is the Messiah, shall be saved. He said that he is the bread of life and that all who come to him, will have eternal life.

It is explained in the Prophets that since the first man Adam sinned and death entered the world, God planned a way through Jesus Christ who was to come, and would be the Messiah for mankind. He would make wrongs right, and crooked paths straight. It was prophesied long before he was born, in the Hebrew Scriptures, that he would be put to death and on the third day, rise again from the dead. 

Jesus came to earth to redeem us from the curse of sin from Adam, and to make us right before God forever. How? By offering his own blood on the cross as a sacrifice on the alter of God for the atonement of our sins. So instead of the blood of animals atoning for the sins of the people once per year at the temple of the Jews, we as all nations on earth are eternally cleansed and made right with God through faith in the Blood of Jesus. And since he rose again from the dead, so we will also rise from the dead to be with him in eternal life forever more. 

So how do we obtain his blood to wash away our sins and have our names written in the Book of Life? It is by FAITH. Faith is the currency of heaven. If you believe, and have faith (that is trust that Jesus does this for you as he promised when you go and accept this and pray), it shall be done for you. If you believe that the way of heaven is through Jesus and having his blood atone for your sins, and this was God's plan to save you, then you will obtain your salvation and not pass under the judgement. Jesus will write your name in the Book of Life, and your sins will be forever forgiven. 

What you need to DO, is to realise that he is indeed the only way to heaven, and so lay faith in him, his blood, and his reality now in heaven when he rose from the dead and was seen by all his disciples, so you go and PRAY to him and accept him as your Lord and Saviour and ask him into your heart. Then you repent of your sins, and ask him to wash them all away and write your name in his book. Tell him you repent and dedicate your life to him now, and do so. He will see your faith, and will come into your life and give you power to stop your sins and walk a new way in life. 

Then you should be baptised in water in his name as a confirmation of your faith, and ask for the Holy Spirit baptism from Christ that is the helper to lead us daily so we know what to do. You must stay faithful to him all your life, keeping away from the former way of life that was filled with corruption. Providing you remain on the way in the faith, you will grow in knowledge and he will work with you and you will get to know him spiritually more and more. When you die, you will enter the gates of heaven. 

The warning is given throughout the New Testament scriptures which were written to guide us on the right way in the faith, that we are to remain faithful to Jesus when temptation, the devil, and adversary comes against our faith enticing us to go back to the former life when we did not care about God or his Kingdom. We are warned to remain clean from sin and remain in the sin-freedom life Jesus gifts us when we believe and have his power come into us, and let the Holy Spirit lead our lives instead, and listen to his conviction when we are going the wrong way. We are warned that we who have been washed clean, must not go back to the mud of sin and walking in darkness, thus shipwreck our faith. 

I am confident that none of us want that, because of the wonderful change and new birth making you children of God, and are so grateful to Jesus for all he has done for us that while we were lost in our sins, he died for us and provided the way of salvation for us who decide to believe, and so we will continue to repent if we need to, and listen to the Spirit guidance in our hearts from God, and spend time speaking to Jesus and praying so we may continue to grow our connection with him.

Jesus is real, he hears your prayers, and knows all things. If you spend the time getting to know him in prayer, you will experience him more and more in your life. 

So lay firm faith in this gospel of salvation of faith in Jesus Christ alone spoken of above, for as I experienced for myself, it is the ONLY WAY TO BE RIGHT WITH GOD AND FIND PEACE FROM FORMER SINS AND LIVE A NEW WAY PLEASING GOD. 

Read the Scriptures especially in the New Testament as often as you can praying for wisdom and understanding, as these will keep you grounded in correct doctrine so you don't get led astray by others with differing beliefs and opinions. They were written that you might believe and be saved, and to keep you on the right way. If you don't understand something then pray about it. The true Christian life is a life of prayer and connection with Jesus Christ in faith growing in his reality each day, abiding in your faith in his gospel for your salvation, and repenting if you sin, keeping yourself from the former life of sin.

Gather with like-minded individuals, but keep away from those who try to confuse you.
If you wish to be born again today by accepting Jesus then formally do it today by praying this prayer to Jesus Christ because you want to be saved in his name: 


Lord Jesus,

I come to you now,

Asking You to forgive me for having rejected You for so long.

I never realized how great your love for me was,

but now I thank You for dying on the cross for my sin personally.

Thank you for taking the punishment that I deserved upon yourself.

I believe Your word that says “Christ bore my sins in his own body on the cross.”

Thank You for removing the judgment of my sin by Your wonderful grace.

Thank You for forgiving all my sins completely and offering me eternal life.

I acknowledge that you alone paid the price for my salvation.

I want to receive You now as my Lord and Saviour.

I willingly renounce every sin I have committed in the past,

Asking You to wash it away with Your forgiveness and make me clean.

I willingly surrender my old life to you.

Please take it away and give me a new heart and a new life.

Come and live in my heart Lord Jesus – I invite you in.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and make me a child of God.

Take control of my life – I place it into Your hands from this day forward.

Please reveal Yourself to me in a real way and let me hear Your voice.

I want to follow You and walk in your ways alone.

Help me to pray to You as your child, and know more of Your love.

Thank you for blotting out the record of my sins in heaven

forever and saving me.

Thank you for giving me a new heart to know You and live with You.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.