Jesus Saved Me

I believed in Jesus at an early age, and wished to serve him with my life. I had a very real dedication to Christ as a child, and he gave me the Holy Spirit. I heard about the gospel of Jesus and decided I wanted to accept him too, and did so in prayer. I felt the change that day of becoming a child of God by faith.

When I grew older, as I fell away to various sins of this life however I never denied the Lord, nor did I ever forget about him. I had other dreams from the Lord warning me about certain sins. He was very active throughout my life though I was not completely aware of it enough to dedicate to him properly yet.

Later I started going to a church. Here I noticed a few others who were serious about Jesus and this spoke to me about my own lack of seriousness about the Lord in my own sins, so I was touched by the Lord to repent and ask him to forgive my sins. I felt the peace of the Lord that day, and later I was also baptised in water and again the peace and joy came upon me when I was baptised.

I had personal issues and was asking the Lord for help. Some time after I asked for help, the Lord brought me across the testimony of another brother in Christ who used to be in the occult and who had been in the reality of the spirit world. He was also shown how true Christians are having Jesus's peace in them, and how they walk in the light.

Around this time the Lord caused me to come across the stories of other Christians who had turned to Jesus also from similar problems. Some had warned that the Lord wants us to prepare for his return, which will happen one day as scripture says. Somehow I knew this was correct, deep in my heart a conviction arose.

I realised that the Lord wanted me to seek him and to live by faith in him as I had accepted his gospel of salvation to be born again. (If you have not yet been born again or wish to know more about the gospel of salvation, go here)

Jesus is real, the gospel is real, salvation is real, and this life does not go on forever for anyone, of that you may be sure. We all die and pass on to meet our maker. The scriptures warn us that the only way to heaven and for the forgiveness of sins, is given to us through the Messiah, the Son of God Jesus Christ, that when we believe this and have faith in him, he promised that we will never come under the judgement, but pass from death to life. 

Jesus Freed From Sin Bondage

Jesus set me free from bondage of sins I was in and also from problems I had. It was a miracle. When I accepted him and prayed, a new way came into me that was not there before and a peace entered my mind. It was the power of my testimony that Jesus gave me this opportunity to believe in him and have faith in him, and is with me so I can work with him daily to overcome anything that arises to tempt the flesh and learn to walk his way better as I progress along the way of faith. I never saw Jesus, I just knew he was there and felt his presence and experienced his miracles in my life.

Become born again and wash away your sins by accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour and be baptised in his name like I did, and he will write your name in his book, he will never cast you away, and you will enter heaven for sure. He promised this, and his word stands forever. You will not come under the judgement or perish, rather you will pass from death to life, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and live in faith in him daily: 

Pray this prayer: 


Lord Jesus,

I come to you now,

Asking You to forgive me for having rejected You for so long.

I never realized how great your love for me was,

but now I thank You for dying on the cross for my sin personally.

Thank you for taking the punishment that I deserved upon yourself.

I believe Your word that says “Christ bore my sins in his own body on the cross.”

Thank You for removing the judgment of my sin by Your wonderful grace.

Thank You for forgiving all my sins completely and offering me eternal life.

I acknowledge that you alone paid the price for my salvation.

I want to receive You now as my Lord and Saviour.

I willingly renounce every sin I have committed in the past,

Asking You to wash it away with Your forgiveness and make me clean.

I willingly surrender my old life to you.

Please take it away and give me a new heart and a new life.

Come and live in my heart Lord Jesus – I invite you in.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and make me a child of God.

Take control of my life – I place it into Your hands from this day forward.

Please reveal Yourself to me in a real way and let me hear Your voice.

I want to follow You and walk in your ways alone.

Help me to pray to You as your child, and know more of Your love.

Thank you for blotting out the record of my sins in heaven

forever and saving me.

Thank you for giving me a new heart to know You and live with You.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.