>Clear and simple, So you may have no misunderstanding....

  • Jesus is real: Jesus is just a religion to most, and a way of living a religious life yet their life outside of the walls of religion proves that they do not know him at all. In reality, Jesus is truly real, because when I sought him I found him. What is written about him in the scriptures, and the book of Acts is real and true. When I realised Jesus was real, then his power began working in my life. Knowing Jesus and him knowing you is the only way of salvation and eternal life. 


  • Salvation is not guaranteed: Many believe they are saved when they accepted Jesus at such-and-such a date. They do not realise that if they continue living a worldly life, their past confession will not saved them, because it is written that if you live after the flesh as a Christian you will perish, but if you live after the Spirit and remain faithful to Jesus you will find eternal life. Romans 8:13-14.

  • Salvation: There are not 'many ways' to be saved. There are not 'many paths' to salvation and God's Kingdom. There is only one path of salvation; the way of the cross. This way, is the way of faith in Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross that all who believe in him and follow him, will find his way and be given eternal life, because you cannot enter heaven unless you are born again. You can only become born again by having faith in Jesus Christ. Nobody who is not born again, cannot enter heaven. The way of faith is the way of baptism in water in Jesus' name, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit as he told us. This way is a way of being led by the Holy Spirit and obeying all his teachings. This way is a real way that you can go but only if you truly dedicate all areas of your heart to Christ and seek to know him. Him knowing you by you being filled with his Spirit, is the only way to eternal life. This is because he died for us on the cross, and his blood covers the sins of those who repent and believe upon him. Without Jesus Christ, you will not be able to enter into the Kingdom of God. There is no other way for salvation from hell. God only made this way; the way of Jesus Christ which is being born again. The first time you were born mean you cannot enter heaven. You MUST be born again to enter heaven.

  • The bible: The bible is God's written word and contains the commands of Jesus and the way of salvation outlined by his disciples for clarity and to stop confusion and perversion of the truth for those who are led by the Spirit. It is for reproof, and correct doctrine but only for those led by the Spirit. Why is it that many people have a different opinion of what is written as to what is the truth then? It is because most men and the ungodly Church of this age, have not met Jesus themselves and are not led by the Holy Spirit, so are not able to process the truth as it is written but make up doctrines according to their own philosophy because their hearts are filled with darkness and their ears are stopped up. Is the bible God's only word to us? Certainly not: God has a lot to say to you and me about what we must do in daily life that is not recorded in the bible, which is why Jesus said he would send the Holy Spirit of truth to guide you into all truth and wisdom for all kinds of situations where he can use both the scriptures and revelation to show you the way to go. It is written that those who are his children, are led by his Spirit and taught of the Spirit and in no need of others to teach them if they are led by the Spirit. That is, they hear him. Like all religion, they study their holy book and make the way they think is life. But unlike all religion, followers of Jesus are led BY HIS SPIRIT which the bible attests to. Jesus is real inside, and outside the scriptures of which testify of him and ALL scripture is God-breathed, and the truth, and came from Christ since he is the Word of God. John 5:39-40

  • The Holy Spirit: Jesus said that if you obey his commands, and believe in him, he will send you the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to guide you into all the things that he commanded and taught. He said that He is the baptiser of the Holy Spirit. To receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you must seek and ask of Jesus, living the life of a disciple where you have left your sins and dedicated to his way and are baptised in his name in water. To receive the Spirit you have to have your heart right before God. Then you can ask him, and he will baptise you with the Holy Spirit. When believers receive the Holy Spirit, they can speak in new tongues, and prophesy and others, receiving the various gifts according to the will of God for each person. The Holy Spirit is real and alive today, and the gifts of tongues, prophecy, and other gifts have not passed away with the early church but are available today to the person who wants to be right with God, and lives the way of the Cross that Jesus set out for us to follow. Receiving the Holy Spirit is not just a 'feel good' moment, rather a long lasting comfort and guidance to the end, and you will feel the Spiritual change when this happens. If you are still stuck in sins, and are the same as you were when you were lost with all the same issues and problems and darkness, loss, despair, etc.in your life, then you have not received the Holy Spirit. If you live by faith in Jesus, you are on your way to salvation so you can also receive the Holy Spirit. God gives the Spirit to the lowly and contrite of heart so examine your heart before you ask him for the Holy Spirit. 

  • Church: The apostles never held religious church arrangements and took tithes and ordained ministers and built structures to accommodate the religion. This is what man did around the birth of the Catholic Church several centuries later. The gathering of faith, Christians, were called the Eclessia. They were led by the Spirit separate unto Christ Jesus their Messiah. This gathering took place in designated areas where Christians worshipped together in Spirit and in Truth and where they ate the Last Supper together in Holy Unity, and gathered gifts and money for those among them who were in need. This was what really the scriptures meant, but has been translated as "church" which means to many the religious organisations that are mostly outside the will of Christ today. The true gathering may sound very like your idea of Church today, and indeed there are churches today who do just this...but on the whole, throughout history, what was created in the 3rd or 4th Century, was not a re-creation of Christ's truegathering, but a counterfeit from the enemy which persists to this very day. Today, you will be hard pressed to find a gathering that resembles the book of Acts, because today few are led by the Holy Spirit and stop sinning. Instead, churches of today, to many of them Jesus is not real, and their daily lives are more important, along with the sports, fun, rock music, and entertainment that they indulge in. I do not say that all churches are not firmly founded on Christ. Here and there the Lord has people who follow him who go to church, but It is a fair warning to any true follower of Jesus to NOT go to church lest you become tainted like them, unless the gathering you go to, you have been approved of being there by God. Acts 2:42

  • Bearing Fruit: Fulfilling the command of Jesus to love one and other and God first and foremost in all things, fulfils all other commands. The law of love is not the world's idea of love which is love and tolerance of sinful behaviour and loving sinners who do sins. That is sharing in their sins which makes you an enemy of God. Rather the law of love is fulfilled when you do the works of the Spirit which is bearing fruit: you turn from sin and endure under temptation, you help others to know the Lord, you share other's burdens in the faith by offering kind prayers and fellowship with them if they need it, you give to those in the faith who need it if able, you tell others about Jesus and reality of hell and of salvation where you are given to, and you keep separate from the sinful influences of this world living quiet productive lives in the faith. You also work for money so you don't rely on anyone, as given to you by the Lord. You work well for your earthly supervisors and boss so that you may not bring shame to the name of the Lord by being lazy and unproductive in earthly matters. You operate in honesty in all your dealings despite being inconvenient sometimes. You be fair and just towards sinners you are involved with knowing that God will judge the works of unrighteousness. Because you know what Jesus did on the cross to save you, you do not return sinners evil for the evil they do unto you, rather be separate from the unjust person and learn to forgive in your heart despite their unrepentant towards you. Pray for your enemies and sinners for mercy from God knowing that God will judge the sinner and unbeliever. In these ways you bear good fruit, and fulfil the law of love and so will have nothing to fear on the day of judgement. The most important fruit is faith that you simply trust Jesus and live in his salvation upon you daily adding to your faith these works of righteousness, instead of only living for yourself, and your aspirations like the world is solely focused on doing. In this manner you will not come before the Lord empty handed.

  • Real Christians stop living in sin: Real believers whose faith is genuine, have found victory from sin because their real faith in Jesus, caused his real power to come into their lives freeing them from the bondages to sin that they have been till they came to him. Nobody can become free from sin of their own accord, goodwill, or determination. A slave cannot free himself. Only Christ can loose the chains and set the captives free. If you are still bound to sin, you have not Christ. Jesus is real, and if you seek him you shall find him and freedom. John 8:34-36. 

  • Sinless Perfection: You were a sinner before you met Jesus, and by his power you became a saint and ex-sinner after you met Jesus. If this has not happened to you, then you have not met Jesus. Can a leopard change his spots? Can a sinner make himself clean? No, you need Christ. It is written in the scriptures that when you know Jesus, that you no longer commit sin. Will you never sin again? Sadly many fall away again and go back to the world. These will be damned if they don't repent and come back. If you come back from backsliding Jesus will certainly accept you and cleanse you once more. If you remain in Jesus one day, and so do not sin at all, but the next day you start following the flesh and sinning in any small or great manner, then you are in dire need of repentance and learning of why you fell to ungodliness for Jesus will surely chastise you and cause you great trouble if you don't repent lest you end up in hell. He loves you, he doesn't want that. Do I never sin? the same above applies: since I walk with Jesus today, I don't sin today for when I walk in the light I do not stumble and Jesus is the light and if you walk with him in the light you will not stumble as written; but if in the morrow I don't abide in Jesus and start following the flesh, then I know I must likewise repent and not abide in darkness no more.We are all ungodly in our flesh and so we must put it down daily and follow Jesus lest we become tainted by the flesh. One day the flesh will pass away along with its evil desires that tempt us daily, and we will rise incorruptible. Till that day, DO NOT follow the flesh, but follow the Spirit of Jesus in you by faith, and you will be saved.  John 3:7-10

  • You must be baptised in water: Jesus commanded that we be baptised in water, and so we must to fulfil all righteousness. Philip baptised the Eunuch because he told him the GOSPEL. God supernaturally sent Philip by teleportation to the Eunuch to tell him the gospel. The gospel he told the Eunuch was that Jesus is the Messiah, and salvation was by faith and baptism in water in his name. The Eunuch was baptised and rose out of the water rejoicing and God took Philip away at that point. God was behind the baptism, and faith in Jesus Christ. If baptism was not part of the gospel, Philip would not have told him about baptism as part of it and God would not have sent him to do it by supernatural teleportation. It is as simple as that....Acts 8:26-40, Mark 15:15-16

  • Repentance required for salvation: If your heart is hard, you would not repent…This was the sin of the Pharisees. They were stiff-necked and self-righteous and refused to repent of their sins believing they were right with God. In the same manner believers today think they are right with God through Jesus Christ yet they refuse to repent of their sins. Such are nearsighted and blind. The good man is the one who hears the word, and accepts it and becomes a doer of the word: he repents of his past sins, and turns to a life of living for Jesus Christ in holiness and truth, not in worldliness and sin. Nobody can come to Jesus Christ and find him for real, and not repent of their sins, for the Holy Spirit came to convict sinners of God’s salvation, righteousness and judgement so that everyone who repents and believes the gospel will be saved. Jesus said, “For the light has come into the world, but many would not come near it lest their sins be exposed (would not repent), and remained in the darkness.” Rev 2:4-5

  • Sexuality, Fornication, Pornography: The power of sexual desire drives people to marry and have children. That is true. God designed sexuality to be in a marriage union and he called this holy. Fornication is sex outside of marriage which God forbids. It causes sin to enter your life and is the cause of illegitimate children which grow up in curses. The same with adultery and those children from adulterous unions. Mankind has a strong natural lust for women, which must be placed under self-control so he does not commit adultery in heart or in action, or commit fornication. Jesus forgives us if we repent. Many struggle with addiction to lustful desire that is aroused when viewing pornography. This is a sin. Masturbation with pornography causes many to fall into grave sexual sin in their hearts.The way out is to repent so Jesus can cleanse you and help you walk away from sexual immorality.

  • You must be separate from most TV programs, Movies, Video Games, and other forms of worldly entertainment/media: These things epitomise the impure, ungodly standard of this world that God hates and will cause believers who partake in them, to become polluted, stains on their robes, and unfit for heaven. These things cause a lull in their faith and cause many to become lukewarm. Though not all forms of these God hates; there are always exceptions, and a person has to evaluate with God whether the things they allow themselves to view/do are in keeping with the true faith we are baptised into, the narrow way of a disciple. We are free in Christ to live outside of the restrictions of religious requirements, however we are not free to pervert the faith, or to pollute ourselves in the world, because we were bought at a price, and God demands that we fear him, and obey Jesus and walk in purity. Things like Rock Music are certainly of the ways of darkness in this world, and not of God at all. When I turned to Jesus, I threw away my pop music collection, as I had chosen to come on the narrow way of the true faith of Jesus Christ. 1 John 2:15-17.

  • Christians and Sport don’t mix: Sport in general is about the pride of life, not about Christ. Sports mainly came from Ancient Greece and Rome. The apostles in those days were not into sport but lived for the gospel and being led by the Spirit. Sport today captivates the hearts of those who do not follow Christ and whose hope is not heaven. Sport is about the pride of life, and selfish ambition, all of which counts for nothing before God. Many believers are far more interested in the latest sports scores than in living for Jesus, because sport places their hearts on this world, and not on the kingdom above. However sport simply for activity, or such activity with others is not wrong, no more than a walk in the park isn’t wrong. I used to be an athlete. I had to quit striving after sport and placing it first in my life, before I could come on the way to heaven. I could not serve Jesus and be focused on sport. If I kept living after sport, I would come before God empty handed as a Christian like the servant who was given 1 Denarii but hid it in the ground and did nothing with it. Such a servant Jesus said was cast into the outer darkness. Matthew 25:14-30.

  • You cannot serve Jesus and your Talents: Our talents mostly serve ourselves and lift up ourselves in the eyes of others unless these talents are for our work with our hands that God allows us to do. Jesus said believers are to be willing to take the least position and not put themselves up before others. Our talents mostly are for our own gain, and own satisfaction. People live their whole lives dictated by their talents, but they die and end up in hell because they did not instead live a life for Jesus and give away their life for his sake. I do not say you cannot do any of your talents, nor that talents themselves are wrong, for maybe God has a plan for you with that talent and those who know him are led by his Spirit, rather I give a general warning that anyone who is deceived and lives after their talents and not for the Lord will certainly fall short of the kingdom of God, and be not deceived that you believe you are led by the Spirit to go after your talents, when in fact are not at all. But the one who gives away his pursuits and heart’s desires and instead places these on the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ, this person will find everlasting treasure and eternal life. I used to live after my talents, however I knew I would fall short of God's kingdom doing this, and so I decided to live for the kingdom of God instead, and let him take care of the things he wants me to do with my hands and abilities; and you may be sure that Jesus will never lead someone to serve their own abilities and look good in the eyes of the world, and gain the world, and hence fall short of the Kingdom of God. Matthew 16:24

  • Marriage and Divorce: From the beginning God created marriage for keeps. God hates divorce, but Jesus gave mercy to the adulteress, and she was forgiven of her sins by him. Jesus will forgive us if we repent and reconcile to his way and stop committing adultery. If you are married to a covenant spouse (no previous marriages) when he called you, then remain that way as this is the LORD's Command. Malachi 2:16, 1 Cor 7:10

  • Marriage after Divorce: According to Jesus, if anyone marries a divorced person, or divorces their spouse and marries another, he commits adultery and causes his ex wife to also commit adultery, and anyone who marries him commits adultery. There were two options for the divorced person in Scripture to either return to the first or remain single. Are there any situations where this may be permissible before the Lord? Must such divorce and remain single if they have remarried in all circumstances? I do not know in all situations what the Lord plans so I wisely do not make any commands upon you, rather I outline these important truths of God for those who are single to not fall into a trap in marrying someone not lawful,, so these questions YOU must place before the Lord and work it out with him. God is not the author of confusion and we have his Scripture on this loud and clear that he does not want those who divorce to remarry, period. If people in these situations would stop seeking answers and opinions and teachings from MEN, and would instead seek and ask God alone how HIS written commands apply to their situation, then they would find peace and direction to settle on their consequent arrangement with him and their circumstance, and never worry again about it, since it is God who they were guided by.....But getting your direction and answers from Jesus requires some WORK on your behalf. Not a lazy prayer now and then, but some real life changes in your heart in your attitude towards him, seeking to have your heart aligned with his.

But to the married I give instructions, not I, but the Lord, that the wife should not leave her husband 11 but if she does leave, she must remain unmarried, or else be reconciled to her husband, and that the husband should not divorce his wife.1 Cor 7:10.  8 Jesus said to them, “Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. 9 And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality,[d] and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.”" Mathew 19:3-9 39 The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord. 1 Cor 7:39

  • Homosexuality/Gay marriage: It is written that those who practice this sin, will not inherit the kingdom of God. No believer who does or support/accepts it, will be saved, for those who live after the lusts of the flesh will shipwreck their faith and not find eternal life. Those who repent will be forgiven and saved according to their faith. Leviticus 20:13

  • Sexual Immorality: The sexual immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God but will be cast into the lake of fire which burns with sulphur. We must understand that the lusts of the flesh that lead to sexual immorality will destroy us: living as a marriage couple when you are not married, having sexual relations with a person when you are not married to them, looking in lust at a person, viewing pornography, dressing immodestly, committing any kind of adultery, entertaining sexual fantasies towards others who are not your spouse, uncleanliness, and such will cause you to not find entry into the kingdom of Heaven. Of these, we must DEPART. 1 Cor 6:9

  • Sabbath: You are not required by God to keep the Sabbath Commandment according to the Law of Moses to the Jews to be saved, if you are born again by faith in his Son Jesus Christ, for the old has passed in you, and the new come causing you to be a child of God, for Christ fulfilled the law and the commands on the cross that those who are born again rest from works of the law, having the law fulfilled in them. Under this new covenant by faith, all that is required of you, is the freedom to follow Jesus Christ in faith and be led by the Holy Spirit he baptises you with, for in Christ God's Sabbath is fulfilled. Neither are you condemned if you wish to keep the Sabbath unto the Lord because you wish to remember and honour him on this day, and this is right and good in the eyes of the Lord, so let none lay a burden on you to observe the Sabbath in a certain way, or judge you because you wish to honour the Lord on the Sabbath for in Christ all things are fulfilled if we obey and follow him in the Spirit. Colossians 2:16-23

  • The Ten Commandments: These commands are the ones that were given to man to keep forever before God on pain of death. They predate even Adam. But the Commands were given to Moses to show the righteousness of God. Jesus did not come to do away with the 10 Commandments and other commands, rather to fulfil them. The following is the list of the Commands, and how they apply to a Christian's life:
  1. Do not follow other gods: By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour sent of the Father, you embrace the Lord God as the only rightful and true God. By rejecting him and following your own philosophy or religion or ideas, or false christian religion, you are disobeying this command completely.
  2. Do not commit idolatry: Christians who accept Jesus Christ as Lord, and are led by his Spirit, do not bow down to statues (Statue and Icon/picture/saints worship and prayer to, is idolatry) and do not worship images of saints, nor of Mary, nor of Jesus, rather they know him in Spirit. They do not commit idolatry.
  3. Do not use the Lord's name in vain: Christians who have come to know Jesus by faith and led by his Spirit naturally do not curse with his name in vain or in exclamation like the unbelievers do who routinely use the Lord's name in vain. This includes saying "Oh my God," "Holy" "Gee" "Jesus Christ" and other such things using the Lord's things and name in vain. Anyone who does this, is in sin and is not walking fully in the way of Christ and leading of the Spirit and liable for punishment.
  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy: People who have by faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, become born again, have come into fellowship with God through the blood of Jesus and Christ himself has fulfilled the sabbath in them by their faith meaning they are eternally keeping the Sabbath every single day they are led by the Spirit living for Christ walking by faith. These cannot defile the Sabbath by work or buying food on the sabbath, because they are walking already in Sabbath day fulfilment in Spirit. Anyone who practices sin on any day or on the Sabbath, is not walking with Christ and defiles the command of the Lord and must repent or face judgement.
  5. Honour your Father and Mother: Christians who obey Jesus and are led by his Spirit, do not dishonour their sinning parents by returning evil for evil, or in other ways, rather they learn to be patient, forgiving, and kind towards their parents giving grace where necessary, especially if they do not love you. Neither do believers despise their parents for their good or for their bad, or due to rebellion in the heart against correction. The Holy Spirit will convict anyone who does not honour their parents in this way. God also does not require his followers to involve in the sins of their parents nor accept false ways they may follow.
  6. Do not murder: Christians who are led by the Holy Spirit do not commit murder out of fits of rage, nor by slander against another brother, nor by hating them in their hearts, nor by going to war and killing their enemy. Rather followers of Jesus learn to practice forbearance with difficult persons praying for them instead and forgiving them in their hearts. God will judge the wicked person, but he does not command us to take up arms against them, nor to commit murder from hate in the heart towards an unjust person. They operate in love.
  7. Do not commit adultery: Believer of Jesus who are led by his Spirit are new creations and do not practice adultery by entertaining lust in the heart upon another, nor by sleeping with another in marriage, nor by divorce and forbidden marriages, nor by visiting prostitutes, nor by involving in the dictates of the lusts of the flesh. These things are put out of a believer's life because the Holy Spirit leads them away from these things into a life that is fitting of a servant of God free from sin. If believers are in these things, they are not right with God and not walking in the Spirit with Jesus' forgiveness and protection.
  8. Do not steal: Believers of Jesus are led by the Spirit and do not take from others in dishonesty, nor in theft, nor in coercion, nor in lying or cheating and evasion, nor by withholding entitlements or dues. They do not breach rules to take things they ought not. They do not pirate things, nor take what does not belong to them. They are led by the Spirit to repent of any stealing of any nature and no longer do so. 
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your fellow man: Followers of Jesus no longer speak lies against another person to gain benefit, get revenge, or preserve self. Those who do so, will be reprimanded by the Holy Spirit and led to repent. 
  10. You shall not covet: Those led of Christ crucify the passions and ways of the flesh which include coveting other things of others which means to feel ill-will and jealousy towards them, not simply to like what they have for the good of their fellow man. To see how well someone is going or what they have and feel angry about it, is a sin. The Holy Spirit will always reprimand us of this, and cause us to repent and put it out and continue to walk in the Spirit. 

The above commands are the one's Jesus was talking about that would not pass away including his commands he gave that are written in the gospels. They are also the commands that he said would be fulfilled in him. Christians who follow him and operate in his love, find themselves in heart fulfilling all the commands daily and when tempted, they endure. This is because their hearts are changed by the supernatural miracle of being born-again in the Spirit through faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and having his blood cleanse away their sins in heaven. Without being born again through Jesus, no person will be able to keep these commands as the Lord wants them to in their hearts because these laws will not be written on their hearts nor will they be led by the Spirit of God.

  • Friends, family, and the world: A disciple of Christ no longer finds fellowship with unbelievers, and so is not to be yoked with unbelievers, for good company is corrupted by bad. Having fellowship with sinners, will over time cause you to fall to sin yourself, and become like them. Birds of a feather, flock together. You become who you mix with, a little leaven goes though the whole batch, be warned, but I do not say that as a believer you cannot associate with people. Since we are in this world, we cannot have nothing to do with unbelievers, otherwise we would have to leave this world as the scriptures say, rather among them and with them we associate and where able stand for Christ living quiet lives among them letting good and truth shine that maybe some of them may be saved also, for after all were we not also lost in sin once?. I do not say to depart from your family, community, school, or social interactions, or work, or work gathering, or work function, or friendship and become a hermit, rather, to understand that in order to be true to your faith in Christ, you must not compromise with those you associate with daily in your life, who do not know God and despise his name, and love and do sin. If you understand this, then you understand what Jesus means by hating your family for his sake to serve him, and why I said that to follow him you must hate even the in comparison to him, otherwise you cannot become his disciple.  2 Corinthians 6:14

  • Being separate from the world: Following Jesus does not mean you must not have a job for money to pay your bills and look after those in your care, nor does it mean you must be a hermit and be away from humanity, nor quit school and do nothing, nor go further in your career field. Rather, following Jesus is about not taking part in the shameful immorality, and sinful deeds and lawless living of the world around you, and being instead separate from THESE things unto Christ. Likewise following Jesus does not mean you neglect your family. Rather, following Jesus is about putting him first and no longer living for your family, future, etc, and instead living for him since he will work it all out for you including your career (but the world puts their career first and disregards God, so be warned of these distractions), and in this way, things will fall into place for both your family, and your situation/job/career because you put God first and then love them as you should under him. Many love their families but do NOT love God. That is what Jesus meant when he called us to hate even our own families for his sake (being prepared to loose family members on account of your firm stance on faith in Jesus for your salvation).....2 Thessalonians 3:6-13

  • You are not condemned to hell by: taking a holiday, wearing a wedding ring, clothes you wear (providing they are modest and not a style of shameful immorality or pride), not keeping the Sabbath as per the Law, past sins you have repented of, not tithing at a church (providing you are giving to the needy and ministry if needed and you have the means), not having communion at a church, not going to church, nor having a job and savings among other things, rather you are condemned if you live a life for yourself and not for Christ in the true faith. There is no eternal life for those who don't put their heart on the kingdom of God through Christ and instead have their hearts set on the things of this life solely. 

  • Not everything is a sin and you won’t go to hell for things you didn’t know about: In this life there are many questions and the path to life may seem difficult to see, but with Jesus walking with him means you will be in the light and he will show you the way to go so you won’t stumble. If you listen to him and his guidance you won’t be condemned. He will lead you the right way and he will save you according to your faith. If you are serious about him, he will take you seriously and show you what he does not want you to do. The faithful to Christ never get to heaven and are turned away because of something they did not fully understand about providing they had repented and turned from evil and embraced a life of following Jesus led by the Spirit. This only happens, when they did not walk with him in his reality in faith in this life, so became deceived and fallen in sin.

  • Temptation: Temptation will always come, as it is a condition of living in the flesh. Yielding to temptation is what will destroy you if you fall away to it, and do not repent and return back to Christ like the prodigal son. A person who has come to know Jesus Christ and his salvation first hand will be tempted by the devil. If he endures he will be saved. There is no hope for those who do not obey Jesus' command to persevere and endure.

  • Hell: Hell is eternal and those who end up there do not become a pile of ash and no longer exist. Jesus warned us plainly about hell how it is a place of torment, suffering, and anguish. Following the flesh will end you in hell, but putting out the sinful ways of the flesh and choosing to live a life of faith in Jesus Christ being led by his Spirit on the new way, leads to eternal life. Jesus came to save sinners from hell. God does not want people to end up there, and so made the way of salvation for all through Christ since the foundations of the world, that all who come to his Son Jesus Christ, shall be saved. 

  • What will God judge you for? What do you want God to judge you for till now? Your work for him you have been diligently doing, or the fact that you HAVE NOT been working for him, but living for yourself instead?  I knew in 2009 that if I stood before God then in my life lived for my own talents, that I was going to be judged for NOT serving him, and saying him by name only, not being a DOER of the word, but a hearer only. What is God going to be judging YOU for?  It is still not too late to start working for Jesus. Remember the parable of the workers who lined up to receive their pay? Some workers had worked all day, others had worked the last hour only. They all were paid well by the Master. Start small with Jesus in prayer for him to use you. Things will grow from there.

  • Rapture: Jesus is returning soon, his coming is at hand as time is run out, as has long been warned about. Disbelieve and disregard the warning to repent and make ready in favour of your own opinions about it, to your own peril. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

  • Healing, sickness, and disease: In this world since the beginning of time that sin entered the world, there has been disorder, sickness, and death, the greatest of which was the condition of the Spirit of man. Whether in sickness or in health, the body will one day die and turn to dust in the ground. It will not be held account for anything. The body is a tent we live in whether sick or well. But our spirit which is bound to the body till death, goes to hell if it is sick and unwell and dying. So spiritual health and wellness is of paramount importance. This can only be achieved through repentance from sin and becoming born again in Jesus Christ. Sin causes the spirit to become diseased and decayed. But Jesus Christ heals the Spirit and causes us to live clean from sin so we may be well and healthy and enter heaven. The flesh on the other hand, has no say whether in sickness or in health, of out eternal destiny. But God in his mercy has given us healing on this earth of ailment so that we may have more time on earth to repent where necessary and be saved, or to continue his work. Jesus always healed a person who came to him to be healed if they had faith and asked. But he warned that the healing of the body profits little if the heart remains in sin. If you are sick and unwell, attend first to your spiritual situation with God, then attend to your physical situation in prayer. If you remain sick even though you pray for healing, do not walk away from your faith and reject God. Remember after much prayer and perseverance in prayer, Jesus healed Paul's friend of a sickness they nearly killed him, but it did not happen overnight in that case. If you are sick, seek of the Lord the reason why. Going to hospital is in no way denying the faith of Jesus Christ and makes no difference to your Spiritual state. Faith healing doctrine has many flaws and lays upon many the unfruitful flesh condition as if it is a condition of the Spirit and ruins the Spiritual condition of many who otherwise had faith and had healthy, fruitful Spiritual condition. In others it causes them to doubt God, or to believe that their faith is not enough which leads to self-defeat in their Spiritual condition. A sick person who dies in illness, but dies right with God in their Spirit through a fruitful time of living for Jesus Christ, will be saved.  But a healthy person who instead reaches the end of a long healthy life in their sins and did not take Jesus seriously, these will enter hell but their body will turn to dust. Instead keep praying for your healing keeping these prayers and the outcome independent of your faith and service to Jesus. If you pray for a long time and keep living the way of the Spirit and be healed, then that is good. If you pray for a long time and keep living the way of the Spirit and are not healed, that is good too, you will still be saved. However I am convinced that if you live a life obedient to Jesus and not accept illness if it comes, rather pray faithfully to Jesus for healing, pushing for healing from him in persistence, keeping these prayers and faith separate from your already wonderful spiritual health condition of faith, you will be healed since that has been my own experience.