Jesus Gave Me A Second Chance

Jesus gave me a second chance to miss hell and get it right and be saved. I gave myself to the Lord at an early age, and promised to serve him with my life. I had a very real dedication to Christ as a child, and he gave me the Holy Spirit, but I didn't follow him later when I grew older, as I fell away to a life of living in sin and for myself. I just followed my own paths which are the paths of this world: of sport, fun, and entertainment, and my own future like most other people do. But I never denied the Lord, nor did I ever forget about him. He had plans for me in the future...I had a dream from God around this early period in my life where I saw the way of the Kingdom of Heaven as a golden highway, and walking on this path were some disciples of the Lord who encouraged me to continue. As I neared the end of this road, I saw it enter the Kingdom of God. I had other dreams from the Lord warning me about certain things. He was very active throughout my life though I was not completely aware of it enough to dedicate to him yet, but his hand was upon me till the time was to come for me to serve him.

After having lived for myself for some years, I started going to church as I thought this must be a place to please God. Here I noticed a few others who seemed serious about Jesus and this spoke to me about my own lack of seriousness about the Lord in my own sinning lifestyle, so I was touched by the Lord of my sinful state, and in tears asked the Lord to forgive my sins and I repented before him. I felt the peace of the Lord that day, and later I was also baptised in water and again the peace and joy came upon me when I was baptised, which was the Holy Spirit of which I also had evidence of talking in tongues though privately as this was not supported or talked about in Church. For a while I continued to walk the way of the world however, and not the way of truth as a disciple of Jesus as I had not yet realised the full reality of the kingdom and how I needed to become serious about Jesus Christ, so my heart had yet to be changed. (This is the true born-again experience that was to happen later) (Many Christians profess Christ like I had and have some reality of him in their experience but are yet to become truly born again, so the Lord's hand is upon them guiding them to this goal if they are willing to heed his calling)

You see, I knew of believing in the gospel and baptism, and the Holy Spirit, but I had not understood the way of actually seeking Jesus, and living for him fully apart from my way of life, as a disciple. So I was still in sin and living after sports, and my own goals still, and sins got me down into many grief and troubles. I had a lot of trouble with depression daily which was the result of sin in my life, and a way God was calling me to come to him properly as I needed help from God. (drawing me away from the world and to himself)

Then in 2008-09 Jesus woke me up. I was in a dark place in my heart and mind with no real outlook on hope for the Kingdom so I cried out to the Lord Jesus to help. I cried out to the Lord, "Help me," and the Lord gave me peace at that moment. Some time after I had cried out for help, the Lord brought me across the testimony of another brother in Christ who used to be in the occult and who had seen the reality of the demon world. He was also shown how true Christians are, how they are a light in this world, and how they have the joy of Christ around them, and how they walk in the light. I knew that I wasn't walking in the light, and know I had not the firm reality of faith and the joy of the Kingdom. I knew that I was not one of these true followers of Jesus, and I didn't praise him from the heart. I was in darkness and I did not know him well at all at this point. If I had died at that time I would not be sure of where I would end up.

Around this time the Lord caused me to come across the testimony and warning of a brother in Christ from South Africa who had come out of the world also himself, and had turned to Jesus fully as his life previous to this had been for himself. He had died of a heart attack, and had seen his soul sinking into darkness because he did not really follow Jesus nor take him that seriously in his daily life. This brother warned that the Lord had told him to prepare for the bridegroom's return, for his waiting people. This brother among some others were shown by the Lord that time was short and judgement was coming and Jesus Christ was coming back soon and the call of the Bridegroom is out and Jesus had saved him to live for the Lord and warn others. 

I knew I was not ready for the return of Christ but I realised that I had heeded the last call of the Bride in 2009, to be part of the Rapture. I realised that the Lord wanted me to seek him and to live for him and to bear fruit doing his work and be taken with him in his soon return. I realised that the Lord was giving me a second chance to do this before the end of time, and that this was the time to do it, and I had an open choice to be part of a special work in the last hours, or to ignore and just go on my own way living for my life, sports, fun, and entertainment.

I Knew I Needed The Lord

I knew I was on my way to hell if I continued on my way. I realised that I needed to be walking on the way of salvation because I wasn't right with the Lord and not ready for him, and I realised that this could be the last chance I was going to get. I knew that I had to seek the Lord Jesus and I knew that I had to find him. I knew I had to seek until I found. I knew I had to make the most of this call. So I got on my knees and I started to seek the Lord. I decided to repent, because I knew that I was on my way to hell, and I knew that this would be my chance to come on the way to the Kingdom. I knew that time was short. So I got on my knees and I started to pray to the Lord. I repented of my sin and accepted the call to be ready for him (Be part of the Bride of Christ)  So his light came into my life that very night when I was praying, the Lord started to speak to me in my spirit and he started to show me things and he started to open my heart to his reality and to his truths and teachings in Scripture.

Jesus Hears And Speaks

I began to hear the voice of the Lord in my spirit, and I began to realise the truth for what it really was. I realised that I needed Jesus daily in my life. I needed him to forgive my sins because I was living a life of rebellion of this world and I was not following the right path. I realised that I needed to be forgiven because I was not headed to the Kingdom in my sins. I knew that I must get myself right with Jesus before it was too late so I sought and I found the Lord and he started to lead and guide me. He put peace into my life and he took away the sins that I was bound to, and he set me free from sin. 

In my old life, I was doing sins that I knew I shouldn't do, but I did them anyway, because the sin that was within me was living within me and I was a slave to it. But Christ set me free to be able to live in a way that pleases God and learn the way daily to grow in faith and truth.

Jesus Set Me Free From Sin

Jesus set me free from bondage to sin. It was a miracle. It was the power of my testimony that Jesus gave me this opportunity to be ready for him, and he set me free from sin. So I am using my opportunity to enter the kingdom and walk the narrow way to the kingdom of God following Jesus and be ready for him when he returns soon. What are you doing with your second chance in this life? Are you squandering it?

Jesus Today

Since I had turned to Jesus, the Lord drew me away from going to churches as he showed me that the way of many churches (though not all churches) is often different from the way he wants his servants to walk: that is, he wants them to walk in a relationship with him apart from being lukewarm or half in the world like so many believers today are today. Following Jesus today, I simply live a simple, quiet life, avoiding the old ways, turning from temptation and instead seeking the will of the Lord and obeying his commands and preparing myself to be ready for his return (watching and waiting and in prayer). I no longer live after sport, and my own goals for life, rather live for the Lord within my life of working for money and caring for life's responsibilities as we all must. 

I wanted to continue working as a fitness trainer which was my previous occupation and what I was good and knowledgeable at, but the Lord provided me with work in agriculture, and helped me to study well in the things I need to know for this. Everyone must provide for their family in this world, and God created occupations for people to be fruitful on this earth including in his kingdom's work. The Lord guided me into a Godly marriage and helped me to continue to do his work.

The focus is on the Lord, not on myself, for we are but mankind and perishing without him, but the Lord is our help, and our stronghold. If you seek help of him, he will help your life. People nor myself can help your situation. Don't be led by people who are not able to know the future, nor by spiritual mentors or leaders, rather by the Lord himself so you can have true guidance and help for your future from heaven for the Kingdom. 

Heed the call of the Bride. It has gone out and those who hear and respond will make themselves ready for the Lord's return. Providing I remain faithful I will not be here for many years to come, for the Lord will come and take me and many who are watching and waiting for him in these end times, and so we will be with him soon, forever more. 


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