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Today I want to talk about the narrow way; the way of a disciple of Jesus Christ. The way of a disciple of Jesus, is NOT the way of the world which is the broad path to destruction. The SINKING men of this earth chase the WORLD CUP, they are entertained by SPORT, by DRINKING, by having a GOOD TIME, by things this world views as OK. But that is the path of a SINKING MAN who does not know that he is going to stand before Jesus one day, and if he gets there bankrupt and empty handed, he gets cast into the LAKE OF FIRE. Rather we who want to follow the narrow way that leads unto eternal life, we separate ourselves from the sinking paths of this world, and we live in this world as foreigners because we have a hope of the kingdom of God through our relationship with Jesus Christ. And when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, he LEADS us on the path of self-denial, taking up our CROSS and following him. 

There is no room on the NARROW WAY for hypocrite Christianity who is interested in following SPORT, DRINKING, HAVING A GOOD (worldly) TIME, LISTENING TO WORLDLY MUSIC, and CHASING THE PATHS OF THEIR OWN MINDS: their own pursuits, their owns dreams, their own talents, their own desires. My friend, we all must live IN this world, but we are here to be a testimony of JESUS CHRIST, and making disciples of HIS NAME. But if we DONT KNOW HIM, and we are still following the BROAD PATH to destruction with everybody else, we will NEVER be able to bear fruit and be used by him, because you cannot abide with Jesus while you are IN THE WORLD. You must FIRST be separate unto him, seeking him to KNOW you and to LEAD you. And then when you are doing your business and your work (everyone must have a work and make money in this world) when we are doing these things, we are being LED by the Lord DAILY, and we do things righteously and are bringing people to Christ in the work that he gives us, WHATEVER, and WHEREVER it may be. But you may be sure of one thing my friend, and that is that JESUS HAS NOTHING IN COMMON WITH CHASING THE WORLD, CHASING MONEY, CHASING SPORT, BEING FOCUSED ON THE THINGS THIS WORLD LOVES AND CHERISHES. And there will be no servants of Jesus doing JOBS that are doing those thingsā€¦It does NOT happen on the NARROW WAY. 

My friends, we must be humble, obedient servants on the narrow way being separate from this world's ways, reaching people for Christ, lest the time shall come and we will get CAST OUT of the kingdom. My friend, JESUS IS COMING, BE SEPARATE UNTO HIM, OR BE LEFT BEHIND! Jesus bless you...