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Video Transcript

Today I want to talk about the Evangelical Christian Trap. It is a trap that ensnares many souls, and is a big deception. Dear friends, salvation has been reduced to a prayer, and now we are all saved and sealed and going to heaven. But I want to tell you that is a trap and lie, and is not according to the scriptures that Jesus gave nor according to the truths that he gave his disciples. Rather the truth about the path of salvation, is that you don't just become born-again one day, and continue to live like a devil, or you continue to live in lukewarm selfish Christianity where you profess the Lord, yet you follow the world. That kind of faith saves nobody. The Evangelical trap has caused many to think they are saved and sealed, when they never met Jesus, nor experienced his freedom from sin. Rather they felt the grace of the Lord on them for one day, but then all too quickly they fell away to the cares and worries of this life and the lusts of the world. That seed that was planted in their hearts about Jesus, withered up and died and produced nothing, no fruit, they were destroyed. 

Others heard the truth and said the prayer, then the enemy came and snatched it out of their hearts because their hearts were shallow. But the real doer of the word, the man of truth who has found Jesus for real, he is somebody who realises Jesus is the son of God for REAL, and he gets on his knees and he seeks to KNOW the Lord of 2014, or whatever year it is now. He realises that Jesus is a present, not a past and he is right in our lives now if we seek him, where we walk with him in the light, and we don't no longer walk after the world in darkness. Because everybody who comes to Jesus, must come into the light. There is no use just saying a prayer and now you are all saved. That is not coming into the light. Coming into the light is when you come before the Lord in sincere prayer exposing your sins to him, and making a commitment to no longer follow your ways, but to dedicate to the way of Christ from now on. It is not, "I am born-again, now, now let us continue following our own life." That is a lie. 

Nobody is saved now. There is no such thing as receiving the crown of salvation right now. Because then, what do you have to hope for, if you have already reached your hope? And hope is a fruit of the Spirit and what drives us on, on the narrow way. You see, we all have the hope of salvation, that we attain AFTER a life of dedication to Christ on the narrow way, and that is what drives us on to run with endurance keeping our eyes fixed on the prize like Paul said. No such as, "We are saved now, all born-again now and sealed." Absolutely not my friend, because that is the trap that many have fallen into from the Evangelical ideals which are simply not true. The truth of JESUS does not change, and everybody who hears about him has a seed planted in their heart, but the thing is, it depends on what you do with that seed, on where you end up. If you don't water that seed and you don't abide with Jesus, you are not going to grow up and bear fruit in the kingdom. The Evangelicals preach a ONE TIME salvation that doesn't exist. The only salvation that exists, is a life that is spent abiding with Jesus Christ who is the light of the world. There is no salvation while you walk in darkness. 

You cannot think that you are going to enter the kingdom just because you think you are saved and sealed yet your feet are walking on the broad path of this world. That is the Evangelical trap, is that people think that they are all saved and sealed while they are walking on the broad path that leadeth unto destruction. They are not bearing fruit, because they are not in obedience to Jesus and not in his light. Without Jesus you cannot walk in the light, even if you think you are saved by your profession of this gospel. Dear friends, the way to salvation is one way, and one way only: walking with Jesus in a relationship with him, keeping yourself unstained by the world and enduring in the faith till the very end. Then you will receive the crown of life, not before. Jesus bless you.