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Video Transcript 

The reason believers keep sinning and have problems with bondage to sin, is because they have a problem with their RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus Christ is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and anybody who walks with him, will not be in darkness. And sin, my friend, is DARKNESS. When we are struggling and stumbling IN sin, DOING our sin, following our lusts and desires, and the ways that the flesh wants to lead us, we are on our way to the ETERNAL FIRE. 

And if we think we have salvation while we do not KNOW the Lord, and we are still on the path of darkness, then we are severely deceived. Many believers think they have a relationship with the Lord simply because they are reading their bible and believe certain scriptures, yet Jesus is NOT THEIR REALITY, because if he was, then his words would in in their HEARTS, and they would OBEY him, and would STOP SINNING. Because Jesus said that you who sin are a slave TO sin, but he who the Son of Man sets free from sin shall be FREE indeed. Because when we get to KNOW JESUS, we get set free from sin. And the Spirit of God comes to live in us, and we become CHANGED individuals. We no longer walk the old ways of sin. My friend, it is written in 1 john 3:6, that those who continue IN SIN, do not KNOW JESUS. And that is true, because they profess him, and they go to church, and they READ the scriptures, and they BELIEVE in certain scriptures for their salvation, they have CONFESSED his name, they have believed they were saved when they prayed a prayer asking the Lord to forgive them and know them, YET, a few years later they are still IN their sin, and are still struggling on the path to destruction. 

For as it is written in Romans chapter 7: There is sin that is inside of us, as Paul wrote, 'I do not want to do the sin but sin living within me, is doing the sin anyway and I am NOT FREE to carry out my good intentions. And that is because you DO NOT KNOW JESUS. He does not know you. He does not lead you. He has not set you free from your sin. You may have professed him. You may have prayed a prayer and accepted him. But that is NOT WHAT SAVES YOU my friend. What SAVES you, is knowing the REALITY of Jesus Christ and having him come INTO YOUR LIFE, because HE IS SALVATION. That is why Jesus said, 'You must come to me to have life.' Perhaps you never KNEW the reality of Jesus. Perhaps you only accepted an idea that someone preached to you. Perhaps you believed an idea when you read the bible. And so Jesus to you was a good idea. But my friend that CANNOT SAVE YOU. 

To be saved you have to realise that Jesus is more than a good idea. He is more than a bible verse. He is a RELATIONSHIP. He is a REALITY IN YOUR LIFE. He comes into you, he fills you with his SPIRIT, he SPEAKS to you, and he LEADS you on a new way. Those people who have THAT relationship are on the way to the eternal kingdom of God. Why? Because they truly believe. My friend, perhaps you have believed in VAIN! Because Jesus is just not real to you. In that case it is time to SEEK HIM. It is time to ASK HIM to be YOUR REALITY. It is time to ask him to come into your life, and to follow him everyday and listen to his voice, to spend your time in prayer and seeking and not living after the world like all your church friends do.

Dear friend, have you BELIEVED WRONGLY? Are you still sinning? Then Jesus is not a reality to you, and you need to SEEK HIM. For only if you walk WITH him, and ABIDE in him, will you have ETERNAL LIFE. For apart from the vine, a branch will DIE...Jesus bless you...