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Video Transcript 

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Many Christians do not FEAR GOD, and so they are blindly disobeying the Good news, by living a sinful life and not working for Jesus, not seeking to know him, but following what they want to do in their life today, chasing their pursuits. I want to read to you from 1 Peter 5:17, where I read: 'For the time has come for judgement and it must first begin for the household of God, and if judgement begins with us, what a terrible fate awaits those who have never OBEYED God's Good News. For as written: If the righteous are barely, saved, what will happen to the godless and the sinner?' 

Dear friend, are you disobeying God's Good News? The Good News is JESUS CHRIST: walking with him on the narrow way, being in prayer and keeping yourself separate from the world unto Christ. That is walking in obedience to the Good News. You must seek to KNOW Jesus, you must cry out upon his name in faith so that he can speak to you and he can lead you. For if you are just claiming his name going along to church, claiming his name and believing in your particular doctrine that you have in the bible, and then you are also disobeying the Good News by living your own life, by sinning, what will happen to you, if the righteous are barely saved? Jesus bless you…