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1. I saw hell, it is real

2. Why you must repent

3. Why you are under satan's power

4. Can we repent every day?

5. Sins we do

6. Living after the flesh or the Spirit

7. Is it possible to not sin?

8. Freedom from sin right now, not working progress over time

9. Why Trying to stop sinning always fails

10. When we sin after repenting

11. Being without sin

12. Backslider window closing

13. Jesus's blood does not cover sinning

14. Does Jesus's blood cover your future sins?

15. How to get God's Grace to overcome

In this book I explain wisdom about sin that the Lord has shown me through the Spirit of Truth. Many are in bondage to sin and feel guilty everyday. All men are born into bondage to sin and to death. There is hope, and a way out through Jesus Christ: but it will take some of you input and effort to accomplish.

Robert Lyte Holy Spirit Teachings

1. Hell's Reality

A lot of people have absolutely no idea that hell actually exists. And a whole lot of other people who believe that God exists, they think that hell is a myth made up by Catholics or made up by religion.

I want to tell you about a dream that I had a few years ago. You see the Lord also speaks to his people in dreams and visions, and one night I had a dream. In the dream I saw two places: one was an area of the kingdom, beside that was an area of hell. But what I saw was a dark place; a place of weeping, a place of gnashing of teeth, a place of regret, a place of pain, and a place of mourning. The group of people who were there were crying out in their anguish: crying out saying, Oh, why did nobody warn us that living a life after our own desires, after our own ways, ended up in this place!

You see, they were crying out why were we not warned. They were wondering why they didn't know about this horrible place.

Dear friends I think they were warned. Many of these people who mock hell and say it's a myth: that people sleep in the ground and hell is made up by Catholics: all these other lies that people want to propagate; many of them will end up in the same place, and they will be shouting out the same thing, Oh why did I not know that living my life my own way ended me in this place!

You know, at the end of a peaceful life is hell. That's the sad reality. The end of a peaceful life, living after your own way, and your own happiness, and your own little life, doing your sins, it ends in HELL!

And Jesus said the same thing. He talked of the rich man: he said that there was a certain rich man in Israel, and he had sumptuous parties, and he was a good hospitable man. And at his door there was a beggar who got his scraps from the table.

I am sure he felt he was doing a good deed by giving the beggar all their leftover food. After all that beggar would probably starve out in the street.

Now the beggar died one day, and then so also did the rich man. The beggar went to be with Abraham on Abraham's bosom in paradise--at that time was near hell--and the rich man went to hell to the flames of torment.

And he was crying out in there in pain and torment and anguish. He was saying, Please father Abraham, sent back somebody to warn my brothers not to come to this horrible place.

But you see it was too late for the rich man; and his brothers had the prophets to listen to. And so also you: you have people sent to you to warn you about hell, such as myself, and I am warning you what I saw. I am telling you that hell is real as Jesus said it was, and living a life after your own ways will end you in that place of regret, torment, and suffering, and anguish. And it is indeed a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. All those who SIN and CAUSE SIN will end there as it is written.

Repent today: live for Jesus Christ instead of your own life, and your own desires, and your own sins, and you will not go to hell.

Child of God, heed the warning, and repent. Follow and obey Jesus who died to set you free.

2. Why You Must Repent

Jesus didn't come for the righteous; Jesus came to call sinners unto repentance. He came to call sinners to tell them to, Turn from your sins, and turn to me to be forgiven and saved.

But you must obey that: you must REPENT.

Repent means to decide in our hearts to no longer follow our lusts. Repent means to decide in our hearts no longer to not forgive people. Repent means to decide to no longer live for ourselves, and strive after our own ways and be led by our flesh.

Repent means to decide in our hearts to stop doing sin, stop doing things that are just displeasing to God, and instead separate ourselves unto him.

That is what repents means.

Jesus said that he didn't come for the righteous; he came to call sinners unto repentance. That is why he came: to call people to repent and turn to him.

That is what the Bible says in Luke 5:32. The Bible says that Jesus came to call sinners unto repentance. He came to call them to turn from their sins and turn to him.

Do you repent? are you turning away from your desires?

If you do so, Jesus will forgive you. For he came for you. But if you do not repent, then you are disobedient to Jesus for as it is written: Jesus came to call sinners to repent and he forgives them...

3. Why You Are Under Satan's Power

Every time that you do a sin, you are bringing yourself under Gods judgement not his mercy.

The things is with our God, is that one day he will never have mercy on you again for all of eternity: once he has made a decision on you, and ended your life, if you die in sin.

Every time you do a sin--like for instance, sexual immorality, thieving, lying swearing, hurting somebody, walking in evil, lust, immoral sex, evil thoughts you do and accept--you are giving satan power over you, and making him your FATHER even if you are a Christian; as is written in 1 John, chapter 3.

Paul warns specifically: that if you go on in sin, particularly sexual immorality that is so rife today, you will reap for yourself destruction. Jesus will not give you any mercy at all, if you go on in sin and don't repent.

Like it is written in Hebrews chapter 10: Those who continue doing sin willfully, are trampling the name of Jesus underfoot: and he says there is no more sacrifice for them unless they repent.

Do not test Gods mercy.

If you keep sinning, and it is your choice, you are handing yourself willfully over to satan as your father.

Sin gives satan power over you. You cannot blame anyone for your sin, because it is your choosing. If you are a professing Christian, and you go off and do sin, it is not because satan is making you do sin: it is because you are choosing the devil.

So repent and come out of all sin, and give yourself to the Lord daily in holiness and truth.

Child of God, do not let sin be your downfall no matter how small it is. I tell you, if you keep sinning and you think you are a sinner without hope, then you need to repent and turn to Jesus so you can stop. And it is your choice.

No man sins because he hates sin. It is all your doing, and your choice; because we LOVE our sin inside.

So crucify that love of sin that is of the flesh, and dash it to the ground before it takes you off to the fire; stop choosing satan as you father.

Become sin free through Christ. Become an ex-sinner where you do not sin everyday; but where you live in holiness and truth.

Put out all evil thoughts, and repent of them, turn away from every false way: and Jesus will see you are serious: and he will set you free from all sin, and forgive you, and wash you clean.

4. Can We Repent Everyday?

I used to be deceived by many things: and one of those deceptions was that I used to think that if I repented every day, I would be okay before God for that day.

And so I lived my life saying, I am sorry for this today God, and sorry for that today. Everyday I was 'repenting,' and the next day continuing to sin.

However this is a deception that many believers also believe.

But we know that God isn't mocked, because he knows our hearts: while we are just paying lip-service repentance there is no real repentance; the truth is we are just slaves to sin.

I was a slave to sin.

You see, I would do something wrong and say, Sorry God, and just go and do it again.

You see that's what Jesus said, he said: There were two sons, and the father asked one of the sons to please go and work in the vineyard. And he asked the same to the other son.

One son said, Yes, yes I will go. But he didn't go. The other son said, I don't want to go. But then he decided to go.

Jesus said, Which of those do you think was the obedient servant?

And they answered, The one who decided to go, even though he said that he wouldn't.

Now how do you think that you are obedience to Jesus Christ, if you say, Lord I I repent, I repent...Yet you just go and sin again the next day doing the same sin!

How about the person who does goes on sinning, but decides one day that he's not going to do it anymore?

He is like the other son: he goes to the father and he cries out and says, Lord, I am really sorry, I am just not going to do this anymore.

So Jesus frees him from that sin that he decided not to do; and he goes and doesn't sin anymore.

Do you think that this person will be received and into the kingdom? Yes...because he was obedient, and serious about his decision.

Do you think you will make it into the kingdom? or I, if I just pay God lip- service every night, but then just go and sin the same sin again the next day?

Certainly not! How can that kind of faith save anyone?

Be serious, dear friends, because if you're lukewarm like that, you will be spewed out of the Body of Christ: as is written in the Lord's words in his letters to the Church in the Book of Revelation.

5. Sins We Do

This world is full of people who say they believe in Jesus, yet they don't have his spirit; they haven't been changed by him: because if they did, they couldn't sit there and watch TV, and the ways of this immoral society, and not be convicted by the Holy Spirit convicting them that this is wrong.

Don't be deceived: when you see gatherings of Christians hanging around doing worldly things together, you know that they are not led by the Spirit of God; they don't know him. They are led by the spirit of this world.

Not everybody who calls himself a Christian, who goes to church and reads the Bible, and quotes out of the Bible, is a true believer of Jesus Christ and born- again. If you have the Spirit of God with you, if you are set free from your sin by Jesus, then you cannot no longer pursue the things this world chases after.

You can't sit there and watch sport, and chase after your desires.

You can no longer drink beer with your buddies: because the Spirit of God inside of you, will give you no rest until you repent: because the Lord does not want you to go off to the fire, so he chastises those who follow him.

He leads those who follow him: because the spirit of wisdom of the Holy Spirit guides people into all truth.

And so, when you're led by God, and you are born again, he doesn't lead you into lies; he guides you into the truth.

He conviction on what is wrong. He shows you what you should watch.

When I came to Jesus, I had to get rid of following the worldly music that I loved to follow before.

I just couldn't listen to it anymore; the Holy Spirit told me that it was wrong, so I just couldn't do these things anymore.

You see, Jesus changes you. But if you aren't changed, you still are going to do those things: and you won't have a problem with them.

You may have a desire to fight this message because your heart is of the old rebellious way, because you are not free: you are enslaved to the spirit of this world.

But when you are set free, when you have come to know Jesus properly, you cannot go and do those things anymore friends.

You cannot chase after the world anymore and get away with it. God will convict you, and he'll show you it is wrong.

You'll listen to him, because you are born-again.

So I get Christians come to me and they say, You are self righteous, and you are a hypocrite: because you tell us not to follow sports, not to drink beer and live after your desires and pursuits, and not to fellowship with worldly friends doing fun things in the world with them, that is displeasing to God.

But it is they who don't have the Spirit of God. They have the spirit of this world, hence they fight the message: because they are following the ways of the devil, which is the ways of this world.

As it is written:

"Do not love the world nor the things of the world; for the person who loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him" 1 John 2:5.

But when we do get to know Jesus, we are convicted. We can no longer do these things.

I want to warn you today, that if you have been born again and you are following the world, and you are convicted, I want to warn you that you better start heading that conviction.

You better start obeying God telling you to stop and to be separate. Because that is what Jesus said. He was very displeased with the church in the book of Revelation which is also written to us today.

Jesus said, Unless you repent, I will remove you from your place amongst the lampstands in the church.

So you have to repent.

If you are doing things and you know they're wrong, you don't need me to tell you that they're wrong because you already know; if you are of God.

I'm telling you today, Go and obey him now and stop doing those things.

If you can't see these things are wrong, it because you have the spirit of this world: and are in rebellion against God, and the only hope you've got is if you can see today that you need to repent, then REPENT AND BE SEPARATE!

6. Living After The Flesh Or The Spirit

If you live after the flesh and it's dictates, you will surely perish. There is only eternal life found: if we put out the flesh and the follow the Spirit.

The flesh is full of all kinds of desires, and evil ways; and it is always contrary to the Spirit.

The flesh fights against the spirit. The flesh is what men follow, when they go and commit sin everyday: when they go and follow their lusts and their desires.

They all reap death, and destruction, because following the flesh leads to hell.

If you go on sinning everyday, it means you are going on following the flesh everyday, and you're not following the spirit.

People who follow the spirit cannot follow the flesh. But when you follow the flesh, you can't follow the spirit. So you can either follow one or the other, but not both at the same time.

That is why people who follow the spirit, wont continue to sin. But people who lose their footing and go off and follow the flesh, will fall into sin. And sin can lead to death.

That is why we must crucify the flesh today: all its desires. Sure they will come for we live in the flesh, and the flesh will tempt you.

Desires will come, and it is all from the flesh; but we must put them out and follow the Spirit: follow Jesus, follow the way of the truth inside that Jesus gives to us who turn to him.

If you don't know Jesus yet, and he doesn't know you, then it's time to seek him and turn away from following the flesh, and ask him to make you born again and a new person that you can follow the Spirit.

Because if you don't have the Spirit, then how can you follow the Spirit?

If all you are is your flesh, then what else can you follow but the flesh?

That is why we need Jesus to give us a new way, a new heart, and a new mind: and that only comes when we decide to repent of following our flesh, and we decide to turn to the Lord to be made anew, so that we can go and follow the Spirit...

7. Is It Possible To Not Sin?

I want to tell you, that I no longer have to practice sin anymore: because I was set free.

You see, some years ago, I was a practicing sinner. I went to church, but I loved my sin.

I chased after my own career goals, desires, and I was focused on the world.

What happened to me? why did I get set free from sin? why was I able to stop swearing, lusting, cursing? why was I able to follow a Holy Narrow Way?

It was through the power of Jesus Christ on the cross: and it is this gospel that few people preach, because they themselves do not know Jesus.

There are many preachers in the world, who will preach about Christ but they themselves keep sinning because they don't know him.

You see Jesus, said that he who sins is a slave to sin; but he who the Son of Man sets free, shall be set free indeed.

And that is what happened to me: he came into my life, and he set me free by the power of the cross.

You see, most Christians deny the power of the cross. They think that the cross can't set them free from their evil; so they continue going on in sin.

They never knew Jesus. He never set them free, yet they still think they're saved. They are following the abominable gospels of satan: doctrines of devils.

But, you see, when I turn to Jesus Christ for real, I was able to leave my sin that I was doing, and go sin no more.

I was able to overcome temptation as it came daily; and it still comes.

If we want to go back to sinning after Jesus has set us free, we are able: and we will face a greater judgment than the unbeliever if we do so.

It is written in Hebrew, 10:26, that, Those who go on willfully sinning after coming to the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for their sins.

It's a serious thing to have been set free by Jesus Christ, and go back to sin. You wont be saved. Only if you repent, turn away from your sin, and go before God in humility in tears of repentance.

Why can't you do the works of repentance? why do you keep trying to say that it's by grace I am saved not by works lest any man should boast? why are you following satan?

That is what satan says: he says, You can be the lazy servant it's okay, you can do nothing and just 'believe'.

And yet, Jesus said in the parable of the 10 talents, that the lazy servant who had one talent and he didn't increase the talent, he was told, Have this servant cast into the outer darkness where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth.

So you tell me, dear soul, are you going to listen to satan, or Jesus Christ?

You see, Jesus Christ said that we who turn away from our sin, and we who believe in him, he said we will be set free from sin.

It is he who turns to me who will be saved: it is those who believe in Jesus.

And that's what happened to me, when I laid true faith in Jesus Christ: he indeed came into my life, and set me free.

So that is why I no longer continue to practice evil, because Jesus set me free.

Now you can argue about that and say, Well, you know, no one can be set free from sin...But that's because you, yourself, have not been set free from sin.

So you, yourself, do not know what it is like to be in the grace of Jesus Christ.

But that's why I'm here today, to tell you today that you CAN be in the grace of Jesus Christ.

You can have him set you free, and you will be free indeed. But you must follow him until the end, and you will overcome by the power of the blood of the Lamb.

It is by grace that all men are saved, because your own works could never set you free from sin.

No man has the power to be able to overcome Satan and the flesh, if they have not been born again.

So it is by grace alone. Your only work required of you, is repentance, and faith.

You stay with the victory that Jesus gave you. If you go back to sin, and you don't want to leave your sin, then Hebrews, 10:26, says, There remains no more sacrifice for your sins.

So, I want to tell you to leave your sin today. Stop trying to condone sin. Allow Jesus Christ to set you free, as he said.

Experience his freedom from sin.

8. Freedom From Sin Now, Not Working Progress Over Time

Being set free from sin, is not a process. It's not something that you slowly work out all your life, and then hopefully at the end of your life you're somehow free from finally sinning everyday; various sins throughout your life.

That is actually not the truth, for people who are still working out their sins every day, and doing them, are in great darkness: the truth is not in them because the people forgot one thing, and that is that Jesus Christ sets us free from doing sin; he gives us the power to live a new way.

So if you want to be set free from sin yourself, and not end up in the fire, then you need to come to Jesus Christ and experience the power of the cross for yourself.

Because those who turn to Jesus, and have his power set them free, these people will be set free.

That's what happened to me. I used to do many sins every day, and I used to try and repent of them each night thinking that I was forgiven: yet I would just keep doing sin because I was a slave to sin; I wasn't free.

Jesus came into my life, when I finally repented and decided to go to him for real.

He came into my life, and he set me free from doing sin: it was in an instant, he set me free, and that was that. I was set free from sin.

Now if you want to be set free from sin too, so that you can just stop it all now, then you need to go to Jesus for real, and not just pay him lip service; not just believe in the cross yet you don't even go to the cross.

I mean you must actually go to the cross of Jesus Christ, and get him to set you free for real, so that you can stop sinning.

Because if you die while you're just living a slovenly lifestyle in your sin, you are going to end up in hell even you think that you're not.

So let us be separate today dear friends. Go to Jesus to be set free.

You can't work yourself out of sin. It is not something you slowly get better at doing everyday.

Either you are free from sin today, a slaves to righteousness, or you are in darkness, a slave to sin.

Are you in the light today, or the darkness? have you REPENTED yet? There is no middle ground: either you are in the light or the darkness. Which is it today, dear friend?

If you're in the darkness, then repent now, and come to the light. Get Jesus to set you free so you can stop sinning. He did for me, so he will also for you if you no longer want your sins.

9. Trying To Stop Sinning Will Not Work

People, they try many things to try and enter God's kingdom. They try and keep the 10 Commandments. They try and be good citizens. They try and give to the poor.

They try and stop sinning. They try and have new years resolutions. They do many things.

But they don't try and get to KNOW Jesus: they don't try and SEEK him.

My friend, you can only enter through the narrow gate, if you spend your time seeking to know Jesus so he can lead you through the narrow gate.

He is the only one who can change your heart so you can enter: otherwise you're just going to fail!

You can try all you like to try and keep all the commandments, and stop sinning and put away your addictions, but you will not be able to do things perfectly if Jesus Christ has not changed your heart, and given you power to leave your sins so that you can go sin no more.

Unless you have the supernatural power of Jesus come into your life, where he changes your heart and gives you his Holy Spirit, there is no way you will ever enter through the narrow gate; even you keep the Sabbath religiously, and all the 10 Commandments, and you're the best citizen that you can be.

You must seek to try and find Jesus Christ, instead of all these other things.

He is there to be found. He hears and speaks. He leads and guides. He gives you a peace beyond all understanding.

He is the son of God, who is alive right now, and you have to go and seek to know him; dedicate your life to him so he can change you.

He said, I stand at the door and knock, whoever opens the door to me, I will come in and dine with him.

Child of God, are you trying to seek Jesus? or are you just trying to do things your own way?

That does not enter the kingdom of God.

Get to know Jesus Christ, so you can be assured of entering the kingdom: because he is the good Shepherd, and he knows the way to go through the narrow gate; unless you follow him you will not make it.

10. When We Sin After Repenting

There will be times in our walk with Jesus on the narrow way, that we can, or will, fall away to a sin along the way.

It is highly possible, because out hearts are treacherous.

All the time Satan is trailing us with his demons trying to pull us down to false paths.

And it is true: sometimes we can fall. We can leave our path of sin free living, and go to a sin.

I know that myself, for I have fallen to sins in the past as well. We can be walking on that narrow way in the victory over sin, and no longer continuing in our sins, and then we can be not so watchful one day, and the flesh can get the better of us; and we can start to follow the flesh, and we can go and do a sin.

So I want to warn you, that if we do fall away to sin, we've got to get out of it, and we've got to come back; otherwise Satan will get a toehold in our life that will lead us deeper into sin, and then we will not be able to get out of sin if we start to fall too far to it.

You see, we can still choose to sin even if Jesus has set us free. Walking the way to salvation is a path set with many pitfalls.

If we abide in Jesus the whole way, we're not going to fall. But if we momentarily keep our eyes off Jesus and start looking at other things, we're going to, and can fall.

What happens is, many people fall this way and they never end up making it to the end of the race of faith; they just end up in the fire.

I know several who have begun well, and they were even preachers for a while. This happened some years ago; people I used to know.

They now don't follow Jesus anymore; totally fallen away to the pitfalls, and traps of the demons.

This can be me too. I can fall away, and I can never come back, if I choose to go after things that Satan tempts me with; and I could end up in hell.

It doesn't mean that the things I spoke about were not the truth, no they were. But the thing is, if we don't follow the truth, friends, we're both going to end up in the fire together: because we didn't want to turn away from our sin in the end, and we chose darkness ultimately.

That's why I want to encourage you today, to get out of sin if you have fallen.

Make sure that it no longer keeps you in the mud, but get up out of the mud and go back to Jesus, and abide in him: then you won't fall if you stay abiding in him.

He will forgive you, if you go back. But if you don't go back, and if you just want to stay choosing the sin that you have fallen to loving, then I'm afraid there's no hope for you.

But if you do want to go back, and you don't want to continue to choose this sin that part of you loves, then Jesus will accept you back: he will forgive you and you'll just continue walking where you left off.

Friend, do not fall away. It is possible and it does happen. So make sure that you don't stay in sin if you fall to it, but stay watchful.

I want that none of us should fall away...

11. Being Without Sin

It's a very sad fact that all of us have sinned against God all the way from Adam. That is why John wrote in 1 John, 1:8, that, He who says that he is without sin is a liar...because sadly we have all gone the ways of sin, and we've been born into corruption, and we have chosen many false ways: so many of us have many regrets.

The person who says that he's got no evil in him, and done no sin, is in darkness and is a liar, and just doesn't want to accept the fact that he has regrets and has indeed wronged man and God.

That is why Jesus Christ is such good news for us who finally want to turn away from this deviant path: this path of following demons and ending up in hell.

Because we all know that he who sins shall indeed die. And there is only condemnation for those who sin, and do the works of satan.

I can tell you truly, that I've got many regrets that I wish that I didn't do. I've done sins that I just wish I hadn't committed.

That is why Jesus came to set us free from this terrible predicament, because Jesus himself said that those who sin becomes sins slave: and a slave isn't free.

And that is why Jesus said, He who the Son of Man sets free, shall be free indeed. Because Jesus is the only one on this earth who can set us free from sin.

That's why John wrote further on in his letter in one John chapter 3, verse 6, he wrote that, Those who abide in Christ will not continue to sin, and he who continues to sin doesn't know him.

You see, when we get to know Jesus, that's when we get set free from our sin.

That's what happened to me. I can testify to this as true, because when I turned away from my sins and gave myself to Jesus Christ, he came into my life and he set me free from sin.

Jesus gave me the power to be free, and he took away my slavery to sin, and he became my new master; he put his new way in my heart.

And so, what I can do now, is I can just follow the new way in my heart and crucify the old way daily. Because the old way is still there, and we have to crucify it daily and follow the Spirit.

One day, we will be leaving this flesh that has all its temptations and desires, and we will leave this flesh, and go into the kingdom with the new body; then we will be no longer be tempted to sin.

But while we are down here, we have temptations to go and commit evil and end up in hell.

That is why Paul said that, If you follow the flesh you'll perish, but if you put it to death daily, and live after the spirit, you're going to live.

So if you want to be set free from sin today--so you continue to sin no more and you live free from sin--then I urge you to abide in Jesus, and get to know him:

Because as John said, If you abide in Jesus you will not continue to sin.

Repent of your sins, and get Jesus to set you free, and go and abide in him so you no longer continue practicing sin.

If you're still sinning, repent, and don't continue in disobedience: otherwise you will be cast away into the fire.

Be serious today, and leave all sins, abide in Jesus Christ...

12. Backslider Window Closing

Never be deceived. You will reap what you sow. I see many sowing sin: backsliding, going back to their former paths.

But do not be deceived, dear friend, you will reap what you sow. I see Christians they sow sin. I see them backslide. I see them fall away from Jesus. I see them reap unrest, worldliness, grief and sadness, fear and worry.

I see Christians reap what they sow.

If you sow into the flesh, and you sow into this world and way of this world-- full of its worldly music, and its worldly pursuits, and its worldly movies, and its worldly pursuit of pleasure--you will reap for yourself destruction.

You will lose your faith. You will backslide. You will fall away from peace from a relationship with Jesus.

You look around, and wonder how you came to fall so far from Jesus.

The reason I've seen so many Christians fall, backslide, and go away to sin and completely leave their relationship with Jesus, is because they reap what they sow.

I see them reap from their seeds of sin. I see them sow worldliness. They won't listen when I warned them to repent: and so they reap for themselves trouble.

They reap grief, and tears.

I want to ask you today, what are you sowing? are you sowing to the flesh which will reap for you destruction? trial and trouble? or are you sowing into the Spirit into a relationship with Jesus, living for him on the narrow way?

Sowing into love, truth, righteousness, peace, hope, and salvation? are you sowing into that? are you sowing into the kingdom of God?

Or are you sowing into the flesh which reaps death! What are you sowing today? what are your seeds? what are you doing?

Are you going to be like these Christians, that I see who reap for themselves grief and sadness? are you going to reap destruction?

What are you sowing today friend? Watch what you sow, for what you sow, you shall reap.

Remember that Jesus said the axe is at the foot of every tree that does not bear good fruit, and in time these shall be cut down, and cast into the fire.

13. Jesus' Blood Does Not Cover Sining

There is a twisted heresy that Christians like to teach who don't know Jesus: they say that they are saved by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ: they say that it is not of works lest any should boast:

And they say that repentance, and turning from sin, is WORKS.

Now, according to these Christians, they are complete hypocrites: because these very Christians will tell off other sinners such as Christians who are gay, homosexual.

They will point out murderers, and condemned terrorism. But according to them: a homosexual Christian or a Christian who is mixed up in grave sin, according to them he also would be trusting in the finished work of the Jesus Christ and therefore will also be saved.

But these Christians cannot judge them: for according to these Christians, a homosexual Christian, a Christian who is falling to criminal behavior, such is able to enter the kingdom of heaven:

Because they also believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross: and for them to turn away from their homosexuality would thus be WORKS BASED HERESY--according to them.

So according to these Christian's (false belief) you should NOT turn away from homosexuality, murder, nor criminal behavior, to SAVE YOURSELF.

For in doing so, would mean that you are under 'works-based salvation.'

So these Christians are hypocrites, because they condemned these out-right sins themselves.

I want to tell you the TRUTH about Jesus: Jesus died on the cross to set you free from sin, so that IF YOU REPENT of your sins, and turn away from your evil paths, turn away from your little sins AND your big sins,

He will be faithful to wash you clean, and give you a new way so you no longer fulfill the ways of the flesh.

Are you ready to repent today? or do you want to believe the Christian hypocrites, who condemn homosexual Christians?

When they themselves say that Christ and his finished work is the only way for salvation, and NOT by turning from sin.

We all know, dear friends, that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God; neither homosexuals, nor adulterers, nor fornicators,

Nor liars, nor thieves, nor immoral persons, nor those who live in practice of lies, nor evil thoughts and ways:

These things will not inherit the kingdom of God, Christian or not! (reference to 1 Cor. 6:9)

We ARE saved by the finished work of Jesus Christ, but this only applies to those who repent and turn to him AND obey him.

It does not apply to those who continue in darkness. For as it is written in John, 3:19, For men so loved the darkness, that they refused to come to the light; even though

the light came into the world. For they did not want to have their evil deeds expose in the light....

But for those of us who want to come into the light, we will expose our evil towards the Lord and repent, and we will practice our evil no more, but instead abide and walk with Jesus until the very end.

Then we will also receive what was promised: the eternal crown of life to all those who are faithful and who endure.

14. Does Jesus' Blood Cover My Future Sins?

Will Jesus forgive your presence sins that you are doing today, and your future sins?

Lots of Christians like to believe that Jesus will forgive their past, present, and future sins, and they preach that too.

But let us not listen to what people say; let us see what GOD says.

What does Jesus say? what does Jesus think about our present, and future sins?

How does God view sin?

Never mind what YOU think about sin. Never mind what somebody else thinks about sin. How does GOD look at sin?

That's what we're going to look at. Now I want to read from Exodus, 32:33, to begin with, where the Lord says,

Whoever has sinned against me, him I will blot out my book. Jesus said in Luke, 13:3, that, Unless you repent all of you, you will likewise perish...

And Paul warns in Hebrews, 10:26, that, If we go on sinning, willfully, after we have received the knowledge of the truth, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, there remains no more sacrifice for our sins, but a certain fearful expectation of God's judgment.

Now we read in 1 John, 5, that, We know that whoever is born of God sinneth not, but he that is begotten of God keeps himself that the wicked one toucheth him not,

And we know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in wickedness.

So do you not realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God?

Don't fool yourselves: those who indulge in sexual sin, or worship idols, or who will commit adultery, or are prostitutes,

Or practice homosexuality, or thieving, or greedy, drunkards, abusive, cheating people, none of these will inherit the kingdom of God". 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Now Jesus warns in Revelation, 2:4, to the church, to Christians, he warns, I have this against you, that you not love me as you did at first.

Look how far you have fallen, turn back to me and do the works that you did at first. If you do not repent, I'll come against you, and I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.

Jesus is warning very specifically here. I want to read on in Hebrews, 12:15, where Paul writes, Be diligent lest any man

fail the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness spring up and therefore defile,

Lest there be any fornicators or profane persons like Esau, who, for one moral sold his birthright: for we know that afterwards when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected.

He found no place of repentance though he sought it carefully with tears...

You see, many Christians cannot repent anymore because they have found no place to repent and fallen deep into sin.

Many will say unto me, says the Lord in Matthew, 7:22, Lord, Lord did not we do many things in your name, and cast out demons, and do many miracles?

But I will say to them, Depart from me, you workers of iniquity.

So clearly Jesus didn't cover for THEIR future, and present willful sins: and he will not cover yours either, so be not deceived, simply repent and turn and be saved.

Why must you perish, child of God?

15. How To Receive God's Grace To Overcome Sin

We get Gods grace come into our life to overcome all sin, when we make a positive decision DURING temptation TO NOT yield.

God sees we are making a serious commitment to his way, so he opens up heaven and he shines down some grace upon us.

I have seen this time and again.

Many of us struggle with doing sin and temptation, because we are not really willing to make a positive DECISION to follow Jesus when tested.

And so, because we are not making a positive decision to follow Jesus, we don't get any grace from God.

And when we don't get any grace from God, we are on our own.

If you want to overcome your struggles, fight the good fight of faith: put out evil, be an overcomer, and make a positive decision for Christ when you are tested, when you are in trial and when you are tempted.

Then the Lord Jesus will shine his grace on you, and you will suddenly find yourself overcoming. You will suddenly find yourself with new power, new strength: a mightier soldier, fighting the good fight of faith with victory.

But I tell you, you cannot get that victory, nor overcome, if you just cannot make a positive decision to turn away from your lusts, temptations, trials WHEN tempted.

We are all tempted to go follow our own hearts, and God is looking at your HEART to see if YOU are willing to turn away from that which your heart wants to do and love.

Because if you are not deciding to love Jesus, and his holy way: and instead yielding to sin and temptation which you love more, then, why is God going to help you? if you just want to love that which he hates?

Will he not just hand you over to the devil whom you choose?

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:9 Exodus 32:33 Hebrews 10:26 Hebrews 12:15 1 John 1:8

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