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I am here because Jesus brought me out of the broad path to destruction. It is this broad path most people are on. They want to be a part of everything that's going on in the broad path. You see, Christians they want to be a part of the broad path. Lots of things go on in the broad path. That's where all the gossip is. Thats where all the fun takes place.

People really want to have fellowship with people on the broad path to destruction. The Christians as well. And that's how I used to be. I used to be on this broad path. I did give myself to Jesus long ago, but I didn't stay very serious for Jesus. I got caught up with all the fun and dance on the broad path to destruction that most Christians are on today. Jesus said in Matthew, “Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many are they who go by that way…” But he said, “NARROW is the way that leads to life and few are they who find it.” You see, very few people find the way to life. Very few. Most people are on this broad path destruction.

Most Christians are on this broad path. They do not know it, but the path they're on is not the narrow way. I used to be on the broad path. And how was my life on the broad path? It was quite fun. The broad path isn't broad for no reason. There aren't many people on there for no reason. There are many people on the broad path because it's very fun. When you're in this world and you're caught out by the glamour of this world, the broad path is something that is very fun. And something you want to be on....

God Showed Me The Narrow Way

The rich man in the Bible (Luke 16:19-31) was on the broad path. He had lots of parties and nice banquets at his home. He enjoyed these times with his friends, because he was on the broad path with them. All his brothers were on the broad path too. Then he died and went to hell, because the broad path doesn't have the narrow gate at the end of it no matter what Christian tells you that it does, because it doesn't… The rich man died and at the end of the broad path was the gate to hell. He descended into the fires of hell, and in torment there he was crying out. But it was too late by then.

You see, the broad path always ends in hell. Never does it end in heaven. And when I used to live on this broad path, I used to chase after things on the broad path: my career, my sport, the desires of my soul. Your soul has many desires. It's written in Proverbs that a man must put a lid on his desires, otherwise he will make his life miserable. You see, our soul has many desires.

That's why people go and climb Mount Everest. That's why people go and do things in this world because their soul has many desires. Your soul wants to fulfil these desires. You want to live for these desires. And this is part of living on the broad path to destruction that most Christians are on.

I was busy having a lot of fun on the broad path with worldly people who were on the broad path too. I was in fellowship with the broad way to destruction, yet I went to church and I claimed Jesus. How deceived I was!

So many Christians are deceived by this: they think that their broad path ends in heaven just because they profess Jesus Christ. You can always tell people on the broad path because they dress-up to look like the world. They make themselves all good for the world, what they call COOL or HOT…

They want to make themselves like this for the world because the broad path is like that.

You see, on the broad path there's lots of nightclubs, there's lots of partying. There's lots of drinking, drugs, crime, having fun, selfishness. You know, there's lots of religion on the broad path. In fact all religions belongs on the broad path to hell. On the broad path people walk around and they live after their own desires. They don't put Jesus first in their life. They don't do what he said. And all these Christians on the broad path are not headed to the kingdom of God. That's the big deception of this time that we live in, is that these Christians believe that they are on the way to heaven when this could not be further from the truth!

Now what about this narrow way, the way I found a few years ago? I want to tell you about a dream I had about the narrow way. I had about two years ago, actually more than two years ago, would've been several years ago. I had a dream of this narrow way.

It was spoken of in Isaiah chapter 35, about the Way of Holiness running through the wilderness. That's what this narrow way was, a Way of Holiness running through the wilderness. Isaiah said that there were no ungodly people on that way, only the redeemed.

Some Christians say, “Well I believe in Jesus, I am redeemed, so that makes me be on that way.” I want to tell you something of what I saw in my dream; I didn't see many people on that way, I only saw people dressed in white on that way. There was one or two in a mile. Lots of people would try and walk that way, but they couldn't get on it. People in the darkness were not getting on this way.

We read in Revelation, where Jesus said in chapter two and three that those who are dressed in white are the ones who are worthy. He said not the ones who are in darkness.

You see it was a golden highway to heaven, a highway of holiness. It wasn't a highway where you just sit down and blast your ears out with worldly music. You known those people were not on that road. It wasn't a highway where you were going along and cussing and swearing on the road. No, those people, again, they were not on that road.

The only people I saw on that road who were people dressed in white, were saints and apostles and disciples and followers of Jesus from the very least to the very greatest. These are the only people on this narrow way.

Do know where the narrow way ended?

I saw in my dream it went through the gates of this wonderful Kingdom. It was the Kingdom of God. Thats where it goes to. This narrow way is the only way that goes to the Kingdom of God.

I want to tell you again about these words of Jesus about the narrow way.

He said, “Broad is the way to destruction and many are they who take that road, but narrow is the way to life and few are they who go by it”..

FEW... that's what I saw in my dream: I saw one or two people in a mile. That is not very many people is it! One or two in the mile!

This road was quite long and eventually it ended in the kingdom of heaven. You see the way to the kingdom is this narrow way. And now how do we get on this narrow way?

Why are so many people on the broad path that is not the narrow way?

The broad path is very, very wide and millions of people are on that way.

But how do we get on this narrow way, this way I saw in my dream?

Dream Of The Testing

I want to bring you to alert to another dream I had. In this dream I saw an earthenware vessel being filled with water, hot water, and in this water people were going into it. And they looked in pain and suffering because it was very hot water. They were being swirled around in this jar. Then I heard the voice of one who seemed to be God saying, “These people they are Christians going to trial and these are the hot waters of trial.”

At intervals I saw people coming out, and had something between them and the evil inside. I could see it.

I heard a voice saying: “Those people coming out, they are people who have put a barrier between them and the evil inside of them. And this barrier they have placed between them and their flesh, the evil inside.

They departed out of this place singing and dancing in joy!

Is not that wonderful!

Other Christians, most of them, were still in this hot water. They didn't come out. And I understood in my dream that they weren't going to come out because, you see, many people failed. They didn't pass the tests of trial. They just went back to the broad way. The tests of trials and temptations, they ended up falling to sin and that they failed.

You see that's what Jesus said. This is all biblical.

Jesus said, “Many will try to enter the narrow gate but few will be able to.

Thats what Jesus said. I am only quoting what he said. I am not quoting these things to discourage you thinking you may not enter the kingdom. I am saying these things to expose the truth that you must obey the words of Jesus to enter the kingdom.

We go on to read where he says, “Strive to enter the narrow gate”.

So the reason I talk about these things is because I am pushing you to strive to make your election sure on the narrow way. Because I tell you, many will find out too late that they were on the broad path to destruction. It will be too late by then. They will not have made it. We got to be separate, dear friends. So let us focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and seek this narrow way.

Now I want to talk about how you get on this narrow way. How did I find the narrow way? How did I find it?

I Was On The Broad Way

I was on the broad way of destruction for a long time following my own ways and what I wanted to do in life. I had fellowship with people on the broad way.

Christians they fellowship with a lot of people on the broad way. They say, “Jesus came and ate with sinners, so that makes it okay for me to go and party with my friends who don't know Jesus.” (and I'm no light them)

Jesus did come to eat with sinners, not only that, Jesus came to do two things: he came to make the wicked righteous, and he came to expose hypocrisy. So he came to expose your hypocrisy while you are on the broad path claiming his name. He came to make those of you who are wicked, righteous. We have to fear the Lord!

How did I get on the narrow way? I was on the broad path and I was a hypocrite. Jesus exposed my hypocrisy and he got me to repent. I decided to heed the warnings, so I got on my knees and I sought the Lord and I said: I dedicate myself to following you on the narrow way. I left the broad path that day. That is a decision you have to make.

I get people messaging me saying, “I can't leave my sin, it's too difficult, I keep falling, I can't get away from sin.” You know, that's because you haven't made the ultimate decision to turn away from the broad path. Now that's the decision I made. Thats the decision that I stick to.

I decided to leave the broad path and get on my knees and pray to Jesus Christ and asked him into my heart, and then follow him and continue to. Not just to walk out the door and go back onto the broad path again like so many do.

You see so many people they go to some evangelist, and they pray a prayer, and they dedicate to Jesus, but then they just walk out straight back onto the broad path. You know that's not the way to go, dear friends. If you want to be saved you have to come on the narrow way.

Jesus said in the Bible, “I'm the narrow gate, nobody can come to the Father except through me.”

He said that he was the way, the truth, and the life. So it is through Jesus Christ alone that you can get on this narrow way. That's how I got onto the narrow way from the broad path to destruction.

Now you might say, “Why is it then that Christians can be on the broad path?”

How is that possible?

Its because they have never left the broad path. They are hearers of the word only, that's why. Jesus said that too. Jesus said to be not hearers only of the word, but doers of the word. Jesus said this about hearers of the word, “People who hear the word only are like those people who build their house on the sand. They're the people who hear my words, but they don't obey them and that they put them into practice.”

Building Your House On The Rock

Jesus said, “Those who hear my commandments and put them into practice they are the people who built their house on the rock and they don't fall. But the people who build their house on the sand, their house is destroyed and great is the destruction of that house.”

Same on the Broad way. The Broad way ends in destruction no matter what Christians tell you to the otherwise, it still ends in destruction. There is no Jesus at the end of the broad path.

These people they say, “Well you know Jesus will accept me, I am not perfect don't point fingers.”

I'm not pointing fingers, I'm exposing the truth, the words of Jesus, and he makes it very clear and I can say it again: he said this, “Broad is the way to destruction, and many are they who go by that way. But narrow is the way to life and few are they who enter into that gate.”

He said, “STRIVE you therefore to enter through the narrow gate, because many I tell you will try and few will be able to.” (Matthew ch.7)

He goes on to say, “Many will come to me on the last day and say to me Lord, Lord did not we do so many things in your name? And did we not cast out demons in your name? And did we not do miracles in your name? And I will say to them, Depart from me you workers of iniquity. Depart from me.”

They would've thought they were on the narrow way on the way of salvation, but alas, they were on the broad path. In my dream I didn't see people on the narrow way in dirty clothes. I only saw them in white clothes. And that gets me back to these white clothes I was going to tell you about. What are these white robes?

The people, the Saints, on the narrow way that I saw had white robes on. They were the redeemed. Jesus himself says in revelations chapter 2, and 3, where he talks about these white robes. He talks about not staining these robes in the world.

Those people are worthy. He says he will give them a white robe, the ones who overcome.

They get through their trials, they become victorious. And what is this victory? What it this victoriousness?

This victorious way is being able to turn away from your wickedness and follow Jesus, and experience his victory over sin in your life. That's what victoriousness is. You see, Jesus will give you these white robes to wear we talked of earlier. So when you come to the Jesus, you're going to feel right in your heart. I want to ask you today, Do you feel right inside? I am not saying, do you feel grieved about the temptations you go through. I am not saying, are you grieved at the sin you see, or are you grieved at the way your flesh has evil which you turn away from. I am not saying that.

I'm saying, Do you feel right in your heart before the Lord Jesus Christ?

Or do you feel that you got some work to do?

That's what I challenge you today.

How do you feel before God?

Do you have peace and know that you're right with God?

Do you know Jesus is pleased with you?

He speaks, he will tell you.

Is he pleased with you, and you feel the lightness of spirit inside? and you feel the peace of God?

Is he pleased with you today?

People they come and start talking about a lot of doctrine, but my question is not about doctrine. Is not about church, is not about religion, it is: is Jesus please with you today? how are you before the Lord?

That is what I want to ask.

How are you before the Lord?

You see, Jesus hears and he speaks, but people don't really realize this. Jesus himself said in the Bible that, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.”

You see, Jesus does speak and his sheep do hear his voice. If you don't hear his voice, it's time to ask to be his sheep. So how do we do that?

We get off the broad path and we dedicate our life to Jesus.

Jesus speaks in many ways. He speaks to me often in a still small voice in my spirit, but you got to learn to hear him. Satan also speaks to you too: those dirty thoughts that come into your mind, those wicked thoughts that just came in from nowhere, this is Satan. These are the angels of darkness speaking to you. You must learn discernment, so that you know the Saviour's voice. You must ask to be his sheep, so you know when he speaks to you. Thats where you have to come off the broad path. There is no way you can follow Jesus on the broad path. You have to get yourself separate from it. People on the broad path do many things.

What do people on the broad path do?

They do things like computer games, they waste their time playing these war games. They waste their time listening to rap music, rock music, pop music, metal music.

They spend their times looking at porn, TV trash on TV, ungodly worldliness. They spend their time following and chasing sport, going to the game every week. This is what people do on the broad path to destruction. They would tell you till they're black in the face, that they're saved and that it is fine, but they are still on the broad path to destruction.

I didn't see those sort of people on the narrow way in my dream. I only saw holy saints of God who had separated themselves from the ways of this world. They had white robes on. They were not rocking around with rap in their ears. They weren't shouting prideful lyrics of rap. They were not playing war games. They weren't drinking and having fun in the world. They were completely set apart for God. These people in these white robes, they were holy people following Jesus on the narrow way.

Church Deception

Dear soul, when will you get yourself on this narrow way?

This broad path I will tell you a little bit more about it. The broad path has many churches on it, and these churches have many leaders with long flowing robes and fancy suits and a gold-leafed Bible under their arm. They are in the churches on the broad way, and they have many doctrines to keep you in their church. They go and proselyte for church members so that they can have a successful business running, because a church cannot operate with no members if it's a Babylon church. The only church that can operate without money and a business model, is a New Testament church of Christ. These don't need money.

You see a New Testament church is a group of people that maybe meets at a home. They just go to somebody's home like the apostles did. They went from home to home sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. They had gatherings in homes and in places predestined around the city. They met at places to teach and preach. They didn't need to hire anybody. They didn't need to have money, because they were simply the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ under the new covenant. They had the power of God with them.

The Babylon churches can't operate this way, because that takes the power away from the leader. If the people just gather in homes here and there, then anybody can start speaking as led by the Spirit. That means that there's no control by the leaders. So don't think that the narrow way has any leaders on it. The narrow way is devoid of any leaders. The only people on the narrow way, are disciples following Jesus on the narrow way.

There's no Babylon church on the narrow way. They belong on the broad way most people are on.

You see, there's a false Catholic church, that's on the Broad way too. It's leading many people into hell. They have got many false doctrines.They have set up a very large organization worldwide. The leaders have fundamentals of Satan in their church. They think that this is all good and this is the way we should go. They continue to live those paths because it brings in the money and the ways of the broad way are good: wine, women, and song, comfort, money, feel good.

This is why so many people are deceived, because they are not on the narrow way, but following the path to hell and destruction. Then people they die, and they believe that they were on the narrow way, but the whole time they were on the Broad way. They wake up to the reality suddenly after death. They come out of their body and their eyes are opened as they descend into the fire. They were on the broad path and they realized that they were deceived all their life. By then it is too late and they end up in the fire.

This is not what we want to be like, dear friends, we want to be dedicated to Jesus Christ on the narrow way, so that when we pass from this life we will go into the kingdom of God; the narrow gate of the kingdom that Jesus talked about. He said that many will try to go through that narrow gate, few will be able to.

Now Jesus wasn't lying, he was telling the truth.

I want to challenge you, how much do you want to be on the narrow way?

How much do you want the broad way? It's your choice.

I get people they message me and they say, “You know, I don't really believe, I don't really want to come to your God. I just want to go on in what I want to do. I want to be my own God.” And I tell them the gospel and they reject it. So I tell them, “So be it, that is your choice. Your choice will determine what is going to happen to you. Your choice so be it.”

So the question is: what are you choosing today? Are you deciding to be a hearer of the word? I'm giving you the word, are you going to be a hearer of it? Or are you going to be just block it out and just go on along the broad path and ignore the warnings? And then in the end, end up the fire where it's too late!

A Dream Of Hell

In another dream, I saw people in a place in hell. It was a very dark place. People were crying out in great anguish complaining, “Why did nobody warn us that living a life like this ended up in here!”

Why weren't we warned that living a life after our desires ended in this place!” And what a place! What a place of suffering and torment. That is what I saw!

Now were they warned? They were, they had Moses and the prophets. They had Christians telling them about the truth, but they decided to reject it.

Why did nobody warn us that living a life after our desires ended in this place?” they cried. That is why I am here warning, because it does!

The broad path does end in that place. It does. A life that's not dedicated to Jesus does end in that place. That's the end of a life on the broad path. And that's what I talk about today so much is this broad path that so many Christians are on. They are deceived on this broad way.

So many other Christians think they are on the narrow way, yet they don't know Jesus. I want to challenge you: do you know him? do you know his voice? has he spoken to you? has he led you? has he set you free from sin?

Has he given you righteousness inside your heart? has he given you power to leave your sin? Or are you still doing your sin!

I want to challenge you: do you know Jesus? does he know you?

You will know. You can deceive yourself, and say, “Yeah he probably does, I read the Bible.”

Or: “I follow the law of Moses I am sure it is all good.”

Or: “I'm sure he understands you know I'm just here.”

No, that's not knowing Jesus. The apostles laid hands on people and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Did you know that?

They start praising God. They were filled with the power of the spirit of the reality of the truth inside of them.

Jesus said that he will speak you through the Holy Spirit. He said, “I send you the Holy Spirit.”

'He is my voice. I will speak to you through the Holy Spirit.'

He said the Holy Spirit will speak the words that come from the Father. He will speak nothing on his own accord.

That's the way the Lord will speak to you, through the Holy Spirit. But what use is it if you don't know Jesus and you don't have his Holy Spirit!

You can say, “Well I'm in a predicament, I don't know Jesus I don't have the Holy Spirit, what do I do now?”

There is only one thing you can do now and that is you go and completely dedicated to the Lord and cry out to him and you don't stop until he comforts you. That's where a relationship with Jesus starts.

Only By Faith: The Gospel

Salvation is through faith, a prayer of faith. It is always through faith. It is not through sight, you are not going to see anything. Some people do but not many.

It is through faith.

You must have faith, you must have faith. You must have faith in the reality of the Lord absolutely everywhere. The creation of the Lord is the proof of him.

It says in some writings: go lift a stone, and Jesus is there. He is everywhere.

You can have faith. You can believe and just have faith. Then you start to have the reality of the spirit and Jesus in your life where he starts to speak to you.

When I first came to Jesus, he started speaking in my spirit and he told me: “Abide with me.” He kept saying, “Abide with me.”

And that's what I must do. I must abide with the Lord, because he said in the Bible that, “If you don't abide with me you will not bear fruit. Apart from me can do nothing.”

And branches get cut off that don't bear fruit. So clearly there's no way you can enter the kingdom of God unless you abide with Jesus Christ.

So I challenge you today,

Do you know Jesus? does he know you?

The Gospel of Jesus is a gospel for sinners. If there were no sinners, there could be no gospel. The gospel of grace is thus: That the Lord came to set free you who do sin and who do not want to be condemned. Jesus came to set sinners free from sin, and save them from condemnation by his blood though their faith.

That is the Gospel. He came to sanctify you, make you clean and fit for the kingdom of God, that if he would only turn to him and accept him you will be saved.

This is the only condition: that you repent, turn to him, and accept him.

Jesus himself said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. Everybody who comes to me shall not be turned away, but shall have everlasting life.”

This is the good news. The good news that Jesus frees you from immorality, he frees you from selfishness, he frees you from false paths, he frees you from the broad way, he frees you from doubt, from despair, he frees you from lies, deceptions, he frees you from anger and rage, bitterness, jealousy, he frees you from as many vices as you are bound to today. It all comes to the power of the cross, because he did indeed come into the world to die for the lost, and rose again from the dead that all who should lay faith in him, shall be free from their evil.

I want to ask you today: are you free from your evil?

I am not asking are you a Christian. I'm not asking are you religious. I am not asking what you believe.

I'm just asking you, are you free from your evil, despair, lack of peace? are you free? Has Jesus set you free?

If not, Jesus is for you. And you need to get on your knees now, pray to the Lord, accept him, and ask him to set you free too. Because he set me free, and he will set you free also.

He came to set sinners free from sin and that's the grace of God shown to the world that every person who comes to the Lord shall be saved.

Now you might say, “What of those who I see who go to church and they live a wicked life like me! Why should I come to God when I see these so-called Christians who are no better than I?”

It is not hard to see, dear friends, that it is those who have a relationship with Jesus who will be set free, and you will know them by their fruits. When you see people who claim Jesus but they bear fruits of briars and thorns not of figs, you will know that they don't know Jesus and he does not know them. They are not set free from their sins.

So it is time to stop looking at other people for your relationship with God and instead get yourself right with God, so you can go pray to him and you can receive the freedom from sin and the forgiveness and grace of God upon you, so that you can enter through the narrow gate.

Many will try to enter through the narrow gate and few will be able to. But it is only because few really want to go to Jesus to have their sins removed and be set free from their sins. Many want to have their sins. They want to hang onto their sins. But we don't want to hang onto our sins!

I don't want to and that's why I turned away from my sins and Jesus set me free as he promised.

Jesus did say, “I came to set the bondage free.”

He also said, “He who the son of Man sets free shall be free indeed! (John 8:36)

So come, believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of God's grace dear friends! Do not look at other people, nor other Christians as an example of the Lord himself. Go to him yourself that you may become a good tree set free to live on the righteous way.

It does not matter how wicked you are now, the Lord God came to free the most vile of wicked sinners and make them righteous. So dedicate yourself to the Lord and if you are in sin today, even if you are religious and even if you do claim Jesus or think you know him, cry out to the Lord today.

Get to really know him so that he can free you from these things and then keep your mind on him from this day forth. Don't be like a foolish man who looks himself in the mirror and walks away and forgets what he looked like. Be a man after God's heart who really does take Jesus seriously and makes him a dedication of a lifetime. Not just a once off whim, nor somebody who just falls away when the trials of life, and temptations of sin come.

For we know that Paul did say that those who live after the flesh, those who 'follow' Christ but live after the flesh, they shall perish.

But is it is those who live after the spirit who shall find life.

So let us live after Christ and seek him that he can set us free in full repentance of all our past evil deeds. And let us be forgiven today and every one of those deeds taken away and set free from, so that we shall be acceptable subjects for the Kingdom of Heaven.