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We can't judge anybody. We can't judge them for being worse than us and saying that: you know there were worse sinners… just because we don't happen to do the particular things that they were doing.

The big lie from hell is that, this is the big lie from hell is that: you are condemned when you are tempted… friends while we are on this earth we're going to get tempted and it doesn't matter how evil the desire is inside of you.

As a sinner, people are filled with evil desires. But the lie is that when tempted by evil or you have these evil desires come in, the lie is that you got no hope.

Robert Lyte

All Are Tempted By Desires

I am here to tell you today that you do have hope even if you have all these evil desires plaguing you from within. Even if you are in sin doings sin.

Now a lot of Christians aren't doing sin. Jesus set them free from sin, but they have these evil desires come in to try and trip them up. So they start thinking: well you know that God left me… they start thinking: well you know the Lord just doesn't care, bad things happening to good people what does he care… that in itself is sin because the Lord puts us through trials and temptations to test our faith. Now he doesn't do the testing, it is our evil desires inside of us that entice us.

I want to read it to you what James says about that: he said: my brother count it joy when you fall into divers temptations.

Now have you ever thought about that? Next time you have that terribly wicked desire rise up inside of you, are you going to fall to it this time and feel all condemned? And give up? Or are you going to count it as joy!

I read it again: my brethren count it as joy when ye fall into divers temptations, knowing that the trying of your faith works patience. Blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he has been tried he shall receive the crown of life. James 1:12

So friends, when we are tempted by these evil desire, and they may be very evil you may not even want to talk about. And maybe just horribly evil desires! But there is hope, because desires and temptations are something we can count as joy because it tests our faith.

Now when people are tempted, it's then they are drawn away by their own lusts and they are enticed. And it is then that when lust has conceived it brings forth sin and then sin brings forth death. So I'm not talking about people who are doing sin. Maybe today you are tempted by a desire, but you are going and doing sin. Maybe you are doing sin today. That means you are a slave to sin, you are bound to it! The way out of sin has always been through Jesus Christ. But maybe Jesus Christ has set you free from sin, but you are plagued by a desire of sin!

I know people who get very plagued by these things. Little thoughts, you know little voices starts speaking into their minds and little desire start coming in them and they think that's so disgusting and they just wish they were not born. You know why me God? Why do I have to suffer this? And they start to think that: well you know there is no hope anymore. There is no hope now! That is a lie from hell.

A good example of this kind of thing are those who are plagued with homosexual desires. I remember I was going to a church once and the pastor was speaking about it. He said there were people in the congregation who struggle with these desires. Now people are very quick to judge people as soon as they hear about this so they want to go and judge those people.

But it's important to remember that people who get desires and feelings doesn't mean that they are those desires and feelings. It's the desires that lead to you accept those things as an identity and then you go and sin and become what they are.

Victory Over Temptation

When you are tempted, you got to count it as joy. That's a bit of a shift in your thinking.

We don't need to be all condemned and given up just because we get a wicked desire in the flesh. Temptation is not sin, and people who practice sin in the past are no longer that sinner if they have repented and turned to Jesus that's the good news! So nobody can judge.

They can't judge you for your past and you can't be judged for your struggles praise God, he knows. But we will be judged by God for what we do from now on we who follow the Lord.

Now there is people who are plagued by many evil thoughts and desires and they just wish they could stop. They are plagued by their past thoughts and desires and things from the past they've done. You know that's Satan too! But remember that when you came to Christ you're a new creation and you got to follow the spirit.

Paul clearly writes that if you follow the dictates of the flesh you will die. And if the flesh cannot be followed why would Paul write this? It is true friends, if you follow the dictates of the flesh, you will die. But if you put them to death and you follow the spirit you will live.

And that is what we are here today to do is to put to death these wicked things inside and follow the spirit. We're not here to follow the flesh. Everybody who follows the flesh shall perish.

So today if you are following your sinful desires and your flesh, if that's what you're doing today, then you're bringing forth death into yourself. But we are not here to bring forth death into ourselves dear friends, we are here to live after the spirit. So our safety lies in instantly obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit, when we are checked by temptation. So your eyes and your thoughts, have you got a check on them?

In temptation you need to fervently pray; "Lord help me in this temptation and give me the way out." You cant rely on your own strength to get out of it.

Christians write me and they say: well you know I get tempted by lust and I just can't help myself and I fall to it.

You know, is it not natural to have these lustful desires they say?

But I tell them this that you have to check the thought as soon as it comes and turn away from it and that is joy!

Because we read in James, it says that: it's a joy, consider it joy when you get tempted… and he says that: every man who is tempted is drawn away by his own lusts and enticed. However it is those who have endured temptation who shall receive the crown of life! So that should be our motivation. So we should be enduring no matter how bad the desire is or how strong it is. So you will find victory if you stay with Christ it's the only way.

Now people they come to me and they say: well you know I just keep falling into sin..Now that's a big different story. That means that you are FALLING to a temptation and desires and lusts and friends if we fall to sin we become a slave to it. We have given ourselves over to it and we've chosen those paths.

But that's not the end of the world. It is only the end of the world if you die without repent. It is not the end of the world for you can repent of that and walk out of it and come back to Christ. That's what everyone must do if they fall to temptation because the power lies in Jesus Christ. When you turn to him and when you live for him he gives you the power to overcome.

And that's what happened to me. Jesus gave me the power to turn away from sin and overcome. It wasn't by my own strength and all this willpower. You now it wasn't because I was such a wonderful person that I had all this willpower so I would turn away from sin because I was so strong. No friends, it is only those who abide in Christ that have the ability to turn away from sin.

So if you are actually in sin and doing sin, I am not saying being tempted by sin, I am saying DOING sin. It is then that you need Christ set you free and forgive you... that's where the power lies. When we're walking with Jesus in his victory and we do get tempted, you have to be diligent and watchful and pray and focus on Jesus during these times and do not let your guard down ever. It is the time when people let their guard down, that these things can get a hold in their hearts. A toehold.

Lust Traps

A believer once told me that he was looking on the Internet and came across some porn ads or some porn, and he goes and sees it and then it causes him to trip up. That's when our guard goes down and then the devil gets a toehold and he starts to work that in your mind, and if you are not diligent and put that out, he's going to get a toehold and he is going to work it into your mind and is going to become a problem. A problem that wont go away. And in the end it is going to lead to and action of sin.

Friends we have to be diligent and watchful always. Where are your eyes? If we are aroused by lustful thoughts but we do reject them, we have not sinned. It is quite different if you're willing to pursue that thought.

Okay supposing you see a pornographic image and it does arrest you. Well what are you going to do about it? Are you going to pursue that? Or are you going to reject it! Are you going to sin? Or not sin? That's the question when we get tempted.

This is when we find out if we follow Jesus or not, by what we're going to do in temptation. Are you going to follow Jesus and reject it? Never mind what the desire is, it could be the worst in the world. That's not the question. The question is; what are you going to do about it?

Since it is a temptation for you, are you going to willingly pursue that? Are you going to go out and buy a porn mag or go on the internet and start searching for it? Sin becomes sin when we walk away from Jesus during temptation.

But it's not a sin while you are being tempted. Is not that wonderful because we know that if we can turn away and we can follow the Lord, is not that joy! It not it joy to overcome. Even the worst, like these people in the church were telling the pastor that they are struggling with homosexual desires.

Does that make them a homosexual? No!

Just means that they're being tempted and tested by this particular demon. It is called a demon of lust.

Now if they go and carry out those desires and start fantasizing and following them and looking at porn and things like this, does that make them a homosexual? yes.

But friends it goes for everything. Some people get tempted to steal things. Does that make them a thief? No!

Nobody should judge anybody because Jesus knows what desires are in your heart. He knows the desired in mine and he knows what desires are in your heart. So you can't judge anybody because I'm sure you wouldn't want them to be exposed to the world. These desires are something we must put down and crucify.

That is what Paul said. Why would Paul say that if you didn't have a flesh that needs to be put down?

There can be no pride in a Christian's walk if they really were honest with themselves and realised the evil desires inside. How can you be proud, prideful, while you have such things? Friends what a humble check, what a humility check. When we have these things come into our heart we got to keep throwing them out hallelujah, and keep following the Lord.

We got to accept that the flesh is evil and remember what Paul said about it: crucify the flesh and it's dictates. If you live up after the dictates you surely die, you will surely perish. It is true. If you live after the dictates of the flesh you will surely perish. There is no salvation for those who do not overcome.

This is a big problem in the world today is that they try and lie to themselves to say that the sin they are doing it is somehow ok. It's okay that they keep falling to their lusts, and you know what sin does? Sin tries to make you feel okay about it. And sin says: DO and it's fine… sin tries to lie to you so that you think it's fine doing what you're doing.

And so you're doing your lust and sin tries to say that's it's okay and its normal. Or you are doing a lie and sin tries to say: well you know, that lie was all right, you had to do it. You know you're protecting somebody. Or the sin tries to to make it okay that you are homosexual and these desires you go and do them.

And I see many of these homosexuals who say that they think it's fine now. That's because sin is very deceptive. And it's a wicked master. It feels alright at the start but what is going to happen is that sin will take you for a long ride to hell in the end. In the end, sin will take you to hell. So that is why I want to encourage everybody because many people they get these evil desires. And we get these evil ways in our hearts that come up. And we can become discouraged, put down, and we start to doubt the Lord. And that's when doubt comes in and that's when satan can take you away from Jesus Christ.

We cannot doubt him friends. We got to stay with the Lord, hallelujah! Don't doubt the Lord God. We got to stay with him, be holy and righteous. Never mind that you are tempted with the temptation.

Walking Out From Temptation To Victory

Temptations are from your desires. We go to read what temptation is; temptation is: the desires that are inside and he is drawn away by them and enticed. So if you want to go and tempt a rat, you go and put a big piece of cheese on the rat trap. And the rat doesn't necessarily have to go and eat that cheese does he. But he is going to be enticed to. Smart rats don't. But he is going to be enticed to and foolish rats will go and eat it and get killed. Right? Well that's exactly what happened to these Christian; they get enticed to, but that is not the sin.

The sin is that you foolishly let your guard down and you go and you follow that. You go and pursue the temptation.

Now are you pursuing your temptations? Do you realize that it is only those who overcome who will inherit the kingdom of God?

Blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he's tried he shall receive the crown of life. Now what do you think happens to people who don't endure temptation?

Do you think they're going to get the crown of life to?

You are dreaming friends, if you think that! It is those who endure to the end, walk the race of faith. Paul said if he doesn't walk properly by the rules, he is going to get disqualified. And you might say: "well how is that possible that Apostle Paul could be disqualified from the race of faith?", "He is an apostle!"

But Paul said that if you don't play by the rules, (and Jesus said), you will get disqualified (put out).

He (Paul) said: I don't want to be disqualified after even led so many people to Jesus and then I get disqualified at the end of the race of faith. Disqualifications will happen when you go to follow sin and you don't repent. You go and doubt God and you don't repent. You allow your temptations to cause you to fall into the fields of doubt. And as I said before; many people go into the fields of doubt and lots of people they don't come back. They go and get lost in there.

Doubt is a big enemy. It is a big sin we don't want to go anywhere near. We already got the proof of God all around us we know that when bad things happen to good people we know we can praise God. Because we know that is counted all joy when you fall into trials and temptations, knowing that you'll receive your reward in heaven. And it is the trying of your faith that works patience.

Blessed is the man who endures temptation for he shall receive the crown of life when he has been tried! It is quite clear friends. It is quite clear that we aren't on earth just to have a good time. That's for the world but they going to hell. Jesus said that the broadcast was broad and easy and many people are on the way to destruction.

But we are not on that path, we are focused on Jesus Christ.

We want the kingdom of heaven and so our way is hard and difficult. Jesus said that the narrow way is difficult. He said it's difficult, strive!

Are you striving to turn away from your temptations today?

Or are you following them. Goes for me too. We have to be prepared to turn away and keep watch at all costs.

Be a watchman on the wall don't let your guard down. It is then that the watchman gets wounded and killed if he's not looking. If he is not looking for the arrow, the arrow can just take him out. And once you are dead you are dead. Thats how sin is, it can be that sudden. I have seen people they fall to sin and next minute they're gone. They don't come back, they die they go to hell. It is very dangerous to fall to sin. You may never come back out of sin. It is only those who can repent and if you got that in your heart today you can be saved.

If you got repentance to turn away from your sin. If you turn away from sin and turn to the Lord, he will forgive you no matter how bad the past was. And the other good news is that there is a way back and there will be a way back until the door closes. Until your life ends. So let us make use of the time we have now. And make use of the time in watchfulness.

Remember if we are aroused by our sinful desires inside we must not pursue them. We must put them out and count it joy to be tempted showing it is a chance to prove to God that you serve him and you don't serve sin. I wonder how many people get caught out every day red-handed in sin. You know some people died today. They were caught out in their sin. How is the Lord going to catch you out today?

We have to have joy in overcoming today so we can have confidence before God because I tell you truly that once you come to Jesus you'll be set free from sin, yes. But we also want to stay in the joy from overcoming temptation from now on. That means that when temptations come and they will, we are going to just turn away.

Keep turning away counting it joy to prove the Lord that our faith is genuine. And we can come to the Lord and we can be confident because we know we are wicked inside hence we are tempted by our own wicked desire. So there can be no pride amongst us. If there's pride well what if the Lord exposes your heart today to the world? Would you like that? We have to be without pride friends and we can't judge anybody.

But we must follow the Lord and be watchful. Prove to him and make our election sure, hallelujah!