(Now closed, finalised)


  Dear brethren, one of our brethren is in need of urgent assistance. He lives in Greenville, USA. Last year we set up donation to help out another brother in France who was in need and it was successful and the money was exactly enough for him to find his feet after a difficult situation, praise the Lord. 

His name is Edward. He was a former pastor in the 90s and was living in more sin he says, while being a pastor. After realising how false this ways was, and after seeing his other Christian friends living lives of hypocrisy, he later turned back to Jesus in 2009. Jesus showed him the truth and he repented and separated from the ways of the world. This caused persecution to arise from many other false believers who viewed his turning from sin and being separate unto Jesus and not going to Sporting events etc, as "crazy and legalistic". He had a good paying job until recently was fired because he said he refused to "turn the other way and lie". 

His rent monthly bill is $686 and power $52 per month. The power has already been cut. If he does not pay this month rent bill, he will be looking at being kicked out onto the streets sorry to say. 

It would really not be that hard if a handful of us who have jobs and cash to spare, to sent $100 or so to him. Together we could raise a bit to give him more leeway for looking for getting work again without being kicked out on the streets for faulting on rent payments. We know Jesus is in control and he allows hard times and good times and also is looking to see who helps his sheep when they need it and they have the means to do it....As it is written, "If a brother who has earthly possessions, sees another brother in need and just says "Peace be with you and be warm and filled"....and just walks away when he can do something, then how is the love of God in him?" 1 john 3:17....

We know it is difficult in this world at the best of times. Particularly us believers who don't chase the world. So as a follower of the Lord myself, I urge you to stick up for this brother at this time, we are near the end of time but there is still people to help with what the Lord has given us.

If you want to help out for his rent and give him more leeway for job search and other opportunities, 


UPDATE October 11th

I finished the account for him and he was able to withdraw your generous funds to his account from the fund we set up and you generously donated. He now has a job and was greatly touched by your kindness. He continues to focus on the Lords work and is seeking where the Lord wants him to go....

Thank-you for helping this brother who was in need, brethren....

Praise God..Jesus bless you