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I am here because Jesus brought me out of the broad path to destruction. And it is this broad path most do not follow.

If you want to walk on the narrow way, then you need to come seek the way of truth that I have found that you too may enter Gods kingdom in time.

Jesus said that many will seek to enter the kingdom, but few will be cause he said that the way to life was narrow.

That is why I am here to show you the way that I myself have come upon, that you too may find the reality of Jesus in your life and walk in power and the freedom of God through Jesus Christ.

Many are lost in the false Christian gospel delusion, and sadly many end in the fire cut off and burned. The Lord warned me to get right with him, so now I warn you, that you too may respond to his grace and calling. His time given is grace, grace to get right with him before the end....

Robert Lyte

1. John 3:19 And The Golden Highway

This is what I want to talk about is how Jesus set me free from my old way and this is what the Lord did in my life was that he came into my life and he set me free. Now that was two years ago. Two years ago the Lord Jesus came my life and he set me free. Praise the Lord.

People need to be set free by Jesus. We can just go on and live our own path in life or become set free from sin. Most people are bound to sin and they cant stop. There are certain things in their life that they know they shouldn't do but they do them anyway and they are bound to these things that can't stop these things. And that's what Jesus set me free from. He set me free so I could just go and live for him from now on.

That's when I had a dream a long time ago where a saw in my dream this narrow golden highway. And it went all the way to the gates of heaven. And there were a few people walking on this golden way. Only a few and it was great joy to be on this road and in the end this way ended in the kingdom of heaven. Is not that wonderful. This narrow golden way. And we read in Isaiah chapter 35 that this narrow golden highway runs through the wilderness. It's a way of holiness and no evil people walk on the road, and there are no ferocious beasts on the road. This is what we read in Isaiah.You see on this golden highway this new way in my dream, I saw people on the edges of it and they couldn't walk on this road they were stuck on the edges. They couldn't walk on it. They tried to but they couldn't.

You see why couldn't these people walk on this golden highway? It was because they had sin in their life. They wouldn't let go of the sin in their life and so they couldn't get onto this golden highway to heaven. The people I saw on this highway had white robes on. They were walking in holiness. They were the redeemed. We read in Isaiah chapter 35 that these people were the redeemed. They were redeemed by Jesus. That means his blood covered them their past sins and that they no longer walked the ways of the world on the edges of this road in the darkness.

You see the redeemed don't walk in the darkness of this road. The redeemed walk on this road only. So every person who has gone off to their sins and they just continue to commit them, they're not redeemed because they're a slave to sin. Maybe they used to be redeemed but they walked off to their sin so they no longer are on this golden highway with the white robes on.

We can read about that in Isaiah chapter 35 About This Hwy. Of holiness that the redeemed walk on. That's what we got to focus on this highway of holiness. You see worldly people cannot walk on this road. They are bound to sin and I used to be one of these worldly people.

I was worldly sinful and I couldn't live holiness. I was bound to my own evil desire and I couldn't be free.

You see dear friends we need to have the holiness of Jesus come into our hearts so we can be set free. It's the only way and that's what happened to me two years ago.

Jesus set me free from sin so I no longer had to go out and practice what was evil in the sight of God. And since I wanted to love Jesus I decided to repent and when I repented, then Jesus set me free from sin.

After I had repented and prayed to Jesus I went home and I didn't no longer practice the evil things that I was doing up till that day. Because Jesus set me free. Jesus said in John 8:36: He who sins is a slave to sin but he who Son Of Man sets free shall be free indeed.

So this is the verdict that people love darkness more than they love the light.

I had somebody messaged me once and they said which is the way to the kingdom of heaven. And I told them that it's this narrow golden way of holiness and obedience to Jesus and they weren't ready to be obedient to Jesus they still love their sins too much. They weren't prepared to leave their sin yet. And that's their choice.

They love the darkness more than the light.

And that's what Jesus said in John 3:19 he said: This is the verdict, that people loved darkness more than they love the light because their deeds are evil so they do not want to come to the light to have their deeds exposed (to Jesus). They will not be forgiven because they love their sin. They want to continue practicing evil everyday. They would want to continue swearing, cursing, lusting, sexual immorality, fornication, and adultery living up to the world, chasing desires, seeking the things that this world chases after. This is why people are not willing to leave sins. And that is why they cannot be saved unless they repent.

2. The False Grace Delusion

So dear friends let us make sure that we repent today and continue living on this golden highway of holiness that I saw in my dream. This highway where the righteous walk on, no immoral persons live on, no wicked people can walk on, only the redeemed in their white robes can walk on this road. Only the redeemed, these people who have been set free from sin by Jesus. Have you been set free from sin by Jesus today? Jesus set me free two years ago. It's time to be set free from all sin by Jesus. Jesus works on us to bring us to perfection. You know after I came to Jesus they were some things that Jesus had to work on me about and, because I was in one mind with Jesus we were able to work these things out of my life. You know some of us can continue to practice sin that we know is wrong. And we need to work with Jesus to get this right out of our life before that sin takes us to hell.

It is all we've got to do, is have out focus on the Lord and get these things out of our life by the power of Jesus Christ. Isn't that wonderful.

We have to work with Jesus to have a white robe of holiness.

Many people don't work with Jesus they accept the Lord, they experience joy of being set free from sin, and then the next week they go back to their old life. They succumb to the devil and they fall away. They become dirty again the white robe is in tatters.

Now people with their white robe in tatters and up in the fire. They cannot enter the kingdom of God, but people who work with Jesus in one heart and mind, their robe is white without spot or wrinkle or blemish. Because we are a working progress with Jesus on the narrow way and he perfects us to always be completely holy, so that when the time comes we will be pure in heart enough to enter God's kingdom. Is not that wonderful. We need to be pure in heart dear friends. Only the pure in heart shall see God. We need to be pure in heart.

And that's what Jesus said to the churches in the book of revelations, he said that: Blessed are those who had the white robes, who didn't soil their robes in the world for they shall walk with me in white.

And he also says he will write their names on a white stone, and he also says they will reign with me on my throne in the kingdom of heaven.

So you see the Lord makes us able to walk in holiness to walk on this highway of holiness the redeemed, to be the redeemed walking on this road, to have white robes on to enter the kingdom. It's all Jesus.

People like to accuse the true gospel of being WORKS-BASED in that it's hypocrisy to talk against evil, it is hypocrisy to talk against following the ways of this world as a follower of Jesus set free from sin yourself by the power of Jesus. Little do they realize that God hates the ways of this world. Jesus hates the ways of the doctrine of the nicolatitans. He hates the ways of this fallen generation. He called everybody to be separate.

Now people don't realize Jesus hates this. They think that he just accepts these things. And people say that you are a hypocrite if you talk against these things that Jesus hates.

They say that it's all works-based salvation, if you decide to turn away from following the ways of this world. But we know that the true gospel is that when we are set free by Jesus, we shall be free indeed. And once we are free we want to stay free, for we want to do the deeds of righteousness. We want to do the deeds of holiness of obedience to Jesus that keeps us free. We don't want to go back to the mud, that's a work.

People like to do many works. Some works is to go back to the world. But Jesus said that everybody shall be judged by their deeds.

So what you do does matter if you indeed are righteous by Jesus and then you go and do works of sin. You will be condemned.

God in heaven said that, he said that if a righteous man turns away from his righteous way and goes and commit evil in the sight of the Lord, he shall surely be condemned because his righteousness will not be remembered, but if an evil man turns away from his evil path and does what is right the Lord will not remember his evil against him and will declare him righteous.

Now this this righteousness that we do is obedience to Jesus Christ. Obviously we cannot make ourselves righteous, only Jesus makes you righteous when he sets you free from sin. But once you are set free and then you go back to following this world, your previous righteousness is no longer counted and now you're evil is counted against you. You can read that for yourself in Ezekiel.

Dear friends we want to stay righteous. We are made righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ. No other way. We want to stay righteous and a way to stay righteous is to abide in the Gospel of Jesus in obedience every single day. There is no room to go off on the narrow way and walk onto the Broadway and commits sin. If we do that we are going to be condemned. Our hearts will not be pure enough to enter the kingdom.

3. Jesus' Blood Doesn't Cover Continued Sins

Many Christians say that Jesus forgives us if we continue to sin. Even we continue to wilfully commit sin!

But we know very true by the words of Jesus that if we continue practice sin wilfully, walking on the broad path to destruction, we will not inherit the kingdom of God. So that is why I want to encourage everybody to focus on the narrow way of obedience to Jesus, and stay in obedience to Jesus. Don't compromise ever. Stay on the narrow golden highway keep your robes clean from the world. Jesus said that if you keep your robes cleaned from the world he will not be erase your name from the book of life. But he would declare you before the Angels that you are his.

Okay but what about people who do stain their robes in evil? Will not Jesus erase your name from the book of life? After all he did say that he would not erase your name from the book of life if you do not stain your roads in evil. We read in Revelation chapter 21 or chapter 20, that everybody whose name is not found written in the book of life shall be cast into the lake of fire.

Do you want your name to be in the book of life? Do you want your name never erased out of the book of life? Well dedicate your life to Jesus in full obedience and do not dirty your robes in evil. Then your name is not going to be erased out of the Lamb's book of life. It is a very serious matter.

A brother asked asked me, how do we be serious after we have been preaching following the Lord and then we go home and then we get led astray by a desire when our guard is down. How can we hundred percent of the time obey Jesus? And I told him this: the way to obey Jesus 100% of the time is to have his reality as your reality. To be extra serious, knowing the truth. Having the truth forever before your eyes. Never letting your eyes turn away from the truth. Keeping your focus on Jesus all the time. Constant prayer without ceasing in your heart, then you're not going to fall to the times when your mind is not on Jesus. Because you're going to keep your mind on the truth. Extra serious all the time. You will be living their reality of the truth.

You see when you know the reality of heaven and hell, when you know the reality of the kingdom and what Jesus has done for us, you will not want to commit sin. You will be extremely zealous to be obedient to Jesus ad an obedient child. You will want to be fully obedient to the Lord all the days of your life every day. It is when we get our eyes off Jesus and we shut out our minds to the reality of the truth, then we go and get tempted by the world and walk off after it. Or we follow temptation. When your mind and heart is filled with the reality of the truth of hell and heaven and salvation all you will want to do in this life is serve Jesus and live in holiness. And when you are faced with difficult temptations difficult situations then you will be led by the Lord into what to do. You cannot go on asking people. I don't know what you should do. I don't know. I don't know what the Lord wants you to do in your circumstance. I cannot tell you. I don't know what you need to have the Lord Jesus tell you and speak to you. What you must do and the only way that you can is to have the Lord speak to you. If you have sought to know him.

And this is where many people have a stumbling block before them because they don't know Jesus and the stumbling block is that they have shut their ears to the reality of the truth.

But we need the reality of the truth to be forever before our eyes so we have to have a serious mind casting down every imagination and thought that goes against the will of God. As soon as you go and turn on the TV your seriousness goes out the window. Your mind is not on God. As soon as you start watching things you shouldn't be watching, your mind is playing in the world. You are playing with fire. As soon as you go and start having fun with worldly people, you will start to forget the reality of the truth and then that is where you will fall.

Because your focus is not any more on the narrow way. Your focus fell away from the narrow way. And now you are looking over here into the Broad way. Where everybody is asleep and you are lulled to sleep with them. It is like a powerful aphrodisiac. It just seems to take over your mind and you start to fall asleep.

And you are trying to keep your eyes open and you can't. Its like this powerful force lulls you to sleep and before you know it you have fallen away from the Golden Highway to Heaven. That is what happens to people who play with the world. They turn on the TV their mind goes off Jesus and the end they fall into sin.

They are at risk of getting cut off .

Jesus can and he will cut off branches that do not bear fruit. And if your branch is not bearing fruit today is going to cut you off and he'll cast you into the fire unless you repent. If you leave it until too late to repent then your branch will be cast into the fire, however if you do repent, the father will graft you back into the vine and again to bring you to bear fruit. If you're listening and if you are obedient you are going to produce fruit. You see obedient children are the ones who please the father. The father is angry with the disobedient children he disciplines them. He disciplines them with the whip and if they don't listen there going to be handed over to judgment. This is serious are you obedient to the Lord? He loves an obedient child. He is displeased with the disobedient so never let Christians deceive you into their disobedient paths.

They'll come to you and they'll say that sins are okay. Or they'll say certain things are okay because they are disobedient. But we who are obedient to Jesus, we know that we must not be disobedient to anything at all. No sin. We must be obedient to Jesus Christ always. Dear friends, let us be obedient children of God. Let us not have our branch cut off by a gardener, by God. Let us have our mind and heart fully focused on Jesus all the time. Let us not go turning on the TV going and watching what we shouldn't watch, lest we fall. Let us not play around in the world so we dirty our robes in sin. Let us take control of our thoughts today. Now we have thoughts in our heads that will come that we need to deal with.

5. Many Trials And Temptations

I woke up this morning and I started to get some thoughts that I must put out. So I put these thoughts out and Jesus is pleased with me, because I'm obedient. Because I know what must be put out and I go and do it.

Woe to the servant who does not deal with sin. Woe to him who follows after his desire even he's a Christian. He will not forgive you if you continue to practice your sin in disobedience. You will be handed over to judgment.

There are many woes to those who turn to the Lord, but they turned back to the ways of this world. Jesus said that it would be better for them never to have known the way of truth.

That's very serious. It would be better for them to have never known the way of truth than to have turned away from the path and gone back to sin. That's what Jesus said. It would be better for them never to have known the way of truth. I might add it was Peter who said that I believe.

In Peter, we read about this truth that people who turn back to the ways of this world, it would be better for them to have never known the way of truth. If this is you today you seriously need to repent and turn to Jesus now, dedicate yourself to him in full obedience before it is too late.

We are going to have many temptations to sin and to practice evil in our life.

We are going to have many temptations to turn away from the narrow way. There may be times when we may indeed fall away from the narrow way. But those who make the decisions to be obedient to Jesus, an obedient child to God, putting him on their mind all the time, they will be cleansed by the blood of Jesus and they will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Everybody who does not do this will be cast into the lake of fire. Their going to be part of the second death. The second death is for all those who are not written in the book of life. Everybody whose name is not found written in the book of life shall partake in the second death. They will not be in the first resurrection.

Jesus says that those in the first resurrection will never see the second death. But those who are not found written in the book of life shall be part of the second death, the lake of fire death that hasn't come yet. And Jesus said that if you keep your robes clean from evil, and he's talking about your white robes of holiness that you have when you turn to Jesus Christ, if you keep those robes clean from evil, Jesus says in revelations Chapter 3, that he will not erase your name in the book of life. He will not erase your name from the book of life.

Have a look at the word erase.

What do you think happens to those who do soil their robes in evil?

Surely the Lord will indeed erase their name out of the book of life. Let us be serious today dedicated to the way of righteousness. That is what I am doing since two years ago. Jesus set me free from sin. Since then I've been walking on the narrow golden way. I have turned away from all the things I used to do in holiness, walking with Jesus. I was able to do this because Jesus Christ sets me free. Because of the power of the cross.

If you have the power of the cross in your life, you will be set free from sin and you can walk on the narrow golden way free from sin. That is the testimony of truth. If you are not free from sin today, and you know it, you have not been set free by the cross. You do not know the power of the cross. You may have professed Jesus in your life. You may have accepted him into your heart, but you never got to know him. You never went to him to find his reality and instead you have just kept living your own way. And because you didn't choose the right way of Jesus, he has not set you free. You see freedom is your choice to accept.

Now once the Lord God draws you to Jesus, it is your choice to accept Jesus and his power to set you free from sin. There is no use being doubleminded and saying, well I believe but I want to continue to sin. I want to continue to take drugs. I want to continue to get high. I want to continue to sleep around. I want to continue to lust because I don't want to stop.

These people will not be set free by Jesus. Why will they not be set free? Because they don't want to be set free. Free will. People have a choice by given to them by God that if they want to be set free they surely will be set free. That is the thing that we have today which is so wonderful is that we can indeed be set free, if if we are willing! Praise the Lord! Never believe the false doctrines out there dear friends.

6. Only By Faith: The Overcomer

Nobody comes to God except that he draws them. But once he draws us many are called but few are chosen. It's the ones who are obedient who are chosen. If you are obedient to Jesus he will choose you and he'll set you free.

Many are called few are chosen. That's what Jesus said. Now God calls many people. He calls as many as who will hear to repent and turn to Jesus, but many are called but few are chosen. Few want to choose to repent and be set free from their sin because few want to come to the light. They want to have Jesus, they want to enter heaven, but they don't want to come to the light. Because they love their sin. Now if you are not willing to turn away from your love of sin in your old man, then you will never enter the kingdom of God. Ever! It is only those who have decided to turn away from their old man and embrace the power of the cross to change them into a new man, who will be saved. If you do not have the power of the cross in your life, you can never walk on the new way. You will not be holy.

You cannot make yourself holy. You cannot be a good Buddhist and practice Khama. It just doesn't work because you are bad inside and you are naturally selfish. You are born into many sins that you will be as you are you. You hear gay people say this is who I am. Now this is true. They were born that as who they are. But we who decide to turn to the Lord and accept the power of the cross, we become a new creation. We are no longer the old man as who we are.

The gay person who repents and turns to Jesus, he is longer is this old person. He is a new creation set free from that sin and many other sins where he no longer practices that sin. Because he is not bound to it anymore. It is who you are that counts. Either you are your old man still doing your sin and that's who you are, because you sure can't change who you are, or you embrace the power of the cross and you have the miracle of the new way changing you on the inside to be a new person. And that's who you are now.

Who I am now is not what I used to be. I'm no longer who I used to be because I have been changed by the power of the cross. Now if I want to go and become back to the old Man and the old ways, I can. I can turn away from the way of truth and I can embrace the old way again if I want to love my sin again, and if I really do choose to go back I can, yes I can. But if I do that I will be condemned under the law of Moses. Because all people who go back to sin go back to the law of sin and death.

Okay, but all people who are a new creation in Christ have a robe of holiness on, and they have been changed inside and they are new. They no longer practice sin now. If you are one of these people who still practices sin, that is because you are your old ways still and you haven't changed. You know you're just still the same old you continuing to live in a way you wish you didn't live.

Because you are a slave, you can't be free. Luckily for you there is the way out and that is through the cross. That is through getting on your knees and praying to Jesus seeking to know him and asking him to change you to the new way. And you don't stop until you've been changed. There is no use you seeking him and just giving up. We have to seek until we find because Jesus said that he who seeks finds. That he who doesn't seek even what little he knows will be taken away from him. So you see the people who do not seek even a little knowledge they know of the truth goes out of their mind. But the people who seek will find. To him who seeks will find, and the door will be opened. Opened! Now isn't that wonderful! Is not it wonderful that to him who seeks finds! That means that you who are in the old broad path to hell, if you seek Jesus now, you'll find him. If you seek him you'll find him. You'll find a new way that I found. You know I have been set free from sin. I found the way.

I found Jesus. Now it is your turn to seek and find, and if you already have found Jesus well let us continue walking on this narrow way together and not the any double mindedness about it. But let us encourage each other to continue playing by the rules the rules of obedience. Paul said that if I do not play by the rules, I will be disqualified at the end of the race of faith even I have led many people to Jesus and I myself will be disqualified for the prize. What is the prize? The prize is eternal life. That is the prize, the crown of life. Do not be disqualified for the prize. Be encouraged today to walk continually on the narrow way. Isn't that wonderful! Continually focused on Jesus! Never allowing your mind to go in get distracted by the TV, by the world, by people.

We do not want to be distracted from our minds being set upon Jesus and his gospel. Let us not have our minds distracted dear friends. Praise the Lord!

We do not need to be distracted today. We can have our whole mind and heart connected on Jesus. Isn't that wonderful. We can turn away from the lust of the eyes. From the foolishness of of the sins of youth. The foolishness of the way that leads to hell. In the end when we continue to follow how foolish paths in our hearts, our end will be the Lake of fire. In there there is only weeping and gnashing of teeth and great pain. There is no joy in hell and there never will be for all of eternity. Everybody who follows the way of this world and its culture and the society of this fallen generation, will be cast into the lake of fire. Everybody who is not found written in the book of life.

So that is why dear friends, we need to be serious about Jesus today so that he can write our name in the Lamb's book of life. Isn't that wonderful! Once our name is written in the Lamb's book of life, then we will be able to enter the kingdom of God. Praise the Lord! But if we just want to live our own paths, pursue our own desires, chase after our own thoughts, then our end will be the Lake of fire and we will never inherit the kingdom of God.

No matter how many churches we have been to, no matter how many missions we have gone on, no matter how much we read the Bible, no matter how much we fellowship with brethren. It doesn't matter. All that matters is whether or not you are obedience to Jesus and you obey the rules of the race of faith because when we are obedient that is when we walk in love truth and in holiness.

Few Christians are willing to accept this truth. Because most are in rebellion against the way Jesus. They believe many deceptive theories and philosophies of men. They make up many strange doctrines saying that Jesus is forgiveness of sin, is a license to continue to live in the ways of this world and to preach against following them makes you a hypocrite. That's what they will tell you, but we do not need to be part with them. We must be separate from such Christians lest we fall under their judgment.

We read in the scriptures that we even eat with such people we will fall under their judgment because we are sharing in their rebellion against God, and we are not living the holy way of obedience to Jesus.... through faith and a prayer of faith. It is always through faith. It is not through any other way but REAL FAITH in what Jesus Christ the Son of God has done for you....

Go lay faith in him and abide in his power and freedom as an overcomer till the very end, amen...