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Don't try to fight your desires and your sins without God. It is never going to work. The way to have victory over addictions and sins and desires in your life is to simply ask the Lord God, Help me. Ask him to take these things out of your life. Of corse first you must choose but there is no use asking God to help you if you yourself don't want to turn away from your desires and your sins. 

It all goes with your choice. If you choose today to turn away from these things and stop loving them and then you ask God to free you, you ask him to take your desires out, that is where your victory will come from. Because it is not by the hand of man and it is not by our own strength that we can overcome, it is only when we trust in the Lord Jesus and we ask him, Please take these things from me. At the same time we have made a decision to turn away from these things. Are you struggling with desire and temptations. 

Are you struggling with addiction today? Then go, decide to turn away from them today and cry out to the Lord God and ask him, Please Lord take away these things I do not want them. And the Lord God has the power to do so. It is by his power dear friends that you shall enter his kingdom. We cannot do it trying to do it ourself. When you try and quit your addictions and sins off your own strength you just run around in circles of failure and repeat and failure. But when you decide to turn away from them and cry out to the Lord, that is when you get victory in your life. That is when power comes to put these things out and have a new way, a new heart for pleasing the Lord. Go dear friends, ask the Lord to help you and he will. Praise his name...

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