Why Nobody Is SAVED Yet

Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, June 29, 2015
Nobody is saved yet, nor are YOU, because none of us on this side of eternity have endured until the end, and received the crown of life and entered the kingdom of God. If we had our salvation now, we would no longer need to endure. We would no longer need to be watchful and persevere. We would no longer need to overcome. But Jesus said that we who are victorious and overcome will have the right to sit with him on his throne like he overcame and sat with the Father on his throne. We haven’t finished our assignment yet on this earth. Everybody on this side of eternity is neither in heaven nor in hell. So neither are we condemned on this side of heaven or hell, but we are also neither saved. We are not IN hell, and we are not IN heaven. Therefore, on this side of eternity, we cannot be condemned to hell, nor can we be saved and enter heaven. My friend, you have to endure on the narrow way right up to the very end as overcomers adding to our faith the good things of righteousness, endurance, perseverance, self-control, love, living for Jesus, hating our life for his sake, keeping separate from the broad path that leads to destruction full of its sport-loving, idol-obsessed, sin-loving generation, and we have to endure with Jesus on this narrow way until the end, then we will inherit the crown of life. Nobody who starts the race of faith, or any race, has finished and won the prize until he has crossed the finish line. So it is with eternal life: if we have not crossed the finish line of the race of faith and run with endurance, then we HAVN’T FINISHED! We have not got eternal life. WE HAVN’T GOT SALVATION because we have not finished yet. We have not crossed the line yet! People come to me so worried about losing their salvation. 

My friend, you don’t have salvation because you haven’t finished. They are so worried about being CONDEMNED. My friend you are NOT condemned because you are not yet in hell. In hell you are condemned, in heaven you are saved, but until that day, we are neither condemned nor saved. We are either on our WAY to condemnation on the BROAD PATH OF DESTRUCTION, because we are following our lusts and following satan, OR we are on our way to the Kingdom of God because we are denying ourselves, picking up our cross and following Jesus on the narrow way to salvation. The narrow way is a way of holiness dressed in white. It is not a way of saying we BELIEVE IN JESUS and that makes us holy by faith, no! Believing in Jesus AND having him come into our hearts to change us and cleanse us, that makes us holy because then we turn away from sin, because then we repent and we dedicate to the narrow way, and we DON’T go after this sport-obsessed, sin-loving, immoral generation. We don’t spend our time in front of the TV watching what the godless entertain themselves with which is EMPTY, MINDLESS, RUBBISH. We instead keep our eyes and our hearts focused on Jesus! We dont waste our time with computer games, violence and sin, drinking and drugs! All these things are on the BROAD PATH TO DESTRUCTION. And let me tell you categorically today that if you do those things that are of the broad path, you will find out at the end of that road when it is time to go to either heaven or hell, that the NARROW GATE DOES NOT LIE AT THE END OF THE BROAD PATH OF DESTRUCTION. Hell lies at the end of the broad path to destruction, and once you fall off into hell at the end of that road, then you are condemned. You probably thought that you had salvation all the way until that day, then you realised you were decieved because you didn’t realise (or you closed your eyes to the reality) that the narrow way of eternal life and the gift of eternal life, and the crown of eternal life, isn’t given to those who are not victorious and to those who do not overcome, nor to those who do not walk on the narrow way. The race of faith begins at your faith in Jesus at the CROSS, and then from then we have to walk on this narrow way with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit leading us. We begin with the baptism of water, and our faith in Jesus and the cross, we experience the new way coming into our hearts of freedom from sinning daily, and we dedicate and walk daily adding to our faith righteousness, self-control, Godliness, perseverance, all the way until we die. That is the believer who builds his house on the rock, and the storms don’t shake it because it is built on the rock. He is a DOER of the word, not a hearer only. Then that person, inherits the crown of life. HE GETS SAVED. But he wasn’t saved until he had finished the race. Until we have finished the race, we can actually go back to the broad path to destruction and pull out of the race and be disqualified. We can pull out, we can not endure, we can go back to the side lines, we can run back to the way of destruction, we can kill the way of truth inside of us and walk off back to the lusts of the flesh that tempt us daily, and we can NOT endure and end up in the lake of fire.

That is what happens when we do not live the way of Jesus seriously, but we let the compromise of the world get into our hearts causing us to be no longer on the narrow way of faith, righteousness, perseverance and endurance, and instead we are on a substitute road with one foot in the world where we have got the broad path to destruction in our lives, yet we claim Jesus by faith and go to church and have the gifts but we do not walk the narrow way racing the race of faith with endurance! Is that you today? Are you thinking you are saved now so you are not walking the way? I want to encourage everyone listening to this video today that you MUST walk the way to the kingdom of God, the narrow way, and separate yourself from sin, from your desires of evil lusts, separate yourself from following porn, ungodliness, temptation, separate yourself from the TV, movies, and sport-obsessed ways of this immoral generation that is full of its own idolatries, separate yourself from laughing with the crowd in what they want to be entertained by, separate yourself from drinking and having a good time in the world saying we are al sinners and Jesus came to eat with sinners…it is a lie, for Jesus came to call people unto REPENTANCE to this narrow way I am telling you about, where you live for Jesus every day, you dedicate to his name, and he leads you. He leads you and he is your master, and you are his disciple. I am here to make you a DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST like I found the way to be a disciple also. 

A disciple of Jesus Christ denies himself, picks up his cross, and follows Jesus UNTIL THE VERY END. He then inherits eternal life, and gets his salvation. A disciple of Jesus Christ who then becomes a lazy servant and starts drinking with the drunkards and living in the world, he is going to end up CUT OFF and IN THE OUTER DARKNESS like Jesus said in those important parable he told. The disciple who then turns aside to the world and withers up, he then gets cut off from the vine by the Father. I am here to encourage all to walk as a DISCIPLE DAILY UNTIL THE VERY END so that you can ATTAIN THE CROWN OF SALVATION and attain the right to sit with Jesus. May Jesus bless you...

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