Why Many Believers Excuse Sinning

Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, August 24, 2015

Many people believe the deception that we are just human and will always intentionally or unintentionally sin, that a lack of self-control is a (forgivable) human trait, but you see, I used to live in those ways in the past as well, and it was only when I realised that I wasn’t headed to the kingdom of God, that I realised that we do have to turn from ALL SIN and get to know Jesus, getting him into our lives to change us. So that is what I did. I started to pray and repent and really turn away from my sins, because I didn’t come to God making excuses. “God it is just down to my human nature, that I keep falling. I am bound to my lusts, it is just my human nature. God will forgive me.”

 I didn’t come to God with such an uncommitted heart like that! I came to God with a COMMITTED HEART wanting to please God with all my being not wanting to make any excuses for myself about the sins that I was doing, and I indeed was a slave to sin. It was only when I turned to Jesus with this seriousness of mind and heart, that he then came into my life and changed me. He gave me the power to live a new way. He gave me the power to live free from my old ways because I wasn’t making excuses. It is written in 2 Peter 1, that we must ADD to our faith daily: self-control, godliness, perseverance, faithfulness and love, and these things will keep us from falling away from being unfruitful in the kingdom of God, and lets us instead receive a warm welcome into the kingdom of God. I want to tell you about one brother who had a vision from the Lord to wake him up. This brother believed in Jesus Christ, but he had PORN in his life. He was letting his human nature get the better of him and he was living in porn. Was he going to get mercy and grace from the Lord because he was HUMAN and MAKING MISTAKES? Well, in the vision, Jesus came and he wanted to run and hug Jesus. But when he ran towards the Lord, the Lord turned away from him because he had sin in his life. Then the brother woke up and he knew he had to REPENT. He knew that Jesus does not accept sin. He does not accept our lack of self-control. We don’t live in the period before the Cross, so we have NO EXCUSE ANYMORE. We live in the post-Jesus period, where we have the tools available to us to be able to stop sin. We have the power of the cross setting us free from sin, and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. We have no more excuse to go on in our evil, and blaming our lack of self-control on our human nature! We all know that the human nature is fallen, so we should not be following it. If we follow the human nature, we are going to reap death. If you say we are all sinners, and all hopelessly enslaved to our sin, it is our human nature and God understands and will forgive us, and will always give us grace, it is because you don’t know Jesus nor the power of the cross in your life. He has not set you free, and you do have no excuse before God. He will ask, “Why did you not repent, and make use of the tools I gave you?

You have no excuse. You had the Son die for you, you had the cross, you had the Holy Spirit available to you, you didn’t take those things and make use of them and be free and follow me.” Dear friends, Jesus will turn away from you if you have sin in your life. He will not let you run to him. It is written in 2 Cor 6:9 that the unrighteous will not inherit God’s Kingdom: not the immoral, the adultery, the liar, the thief, and those who practice what is ungodly, they will NOT inherit God’s Kingdom. Anyone who lives that kind of life, will not inherit the Kingdom. We don’t have any excuse anymore. We’ve had the tools available to us: the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ Cross, the power of Christ, the change, the new way. We have had those things available to us yet we still go on and we say, “It is all fine, it is just human nature. God understands.” God understands that you don’t care about him, and don’t want to come and be free. You just want to blame your lack of self-control on other things. You don’t want to stand up and be a man and woman of God. You just want to keep sinning! You just want to HIDE in your lack of self-control. We have to ADD 2 Peter 1 to our faith daily: self-control, godliness, righteousness, perseverance and endurance, and these things will stop us from being unfruitful in God’s kingdom, and give us a warm welcome into heaven. My friends, are you decided? Do you believe that human’s lack of self-control, and intentionally, and unintentionally sinning will still allow you to be entering heaven and God being pleased with you? Do you believe that? THAT IS DECEPTION, because God does not accept those things; he does not accept our unrighteousness, and will turn away from us if we go on in sin. He will turn away from us if we come to him and we have unforgiveness in our lives, porn, lust, immorality in our lives. Jesus will turn away from us if we do not SEPARATE from the world and its ungodly media, corrupting ourselves with their evil entertainment. Jesus will turn away from us if we don’t have him seriously and put OUT our evil desires and live by the Spirit.

Those people who do put out their evil desires and follow the Spirit, are serious about Jesus and if they stumble they repent and get up. They don’t blame their lack of self-control on humanity, “We are all imperfect and going to make mistakes. We are all going to fall short and intentionally, or unintentionally sin.” The reason they say that, is because they are not right with God. They are not using the tools available to them to be free. That might be you today. Maybe there is sin in your life today that you need to get out, because if there is sin in your life and you are not turning it out, then Jesus will turn away from you like he did to this brother whom he sent the vision to to wake him up so he would get right with God, repent, and turn away from his sins. That is what Jesus requires of you. He doesn’t want to hear your excuses. After the cross, there are no more excuses. Now every person has no excuse to not repent and turn from their evil. There are no excuses anymore. No excuses: no lack of self-control, no weakness. You cannot blame your short fallings on these other things. You have to now repent and get right with the Lord, be led by his Spirit, and have the power of the Spirit crucify your flesh daily. Live by the Spirit and crucify the flesh by living after the Spirit. Then you won’t carry out your evil desires. If you walked in this way, you would read the letters of the apostles and realise that these are the things they are telling you that you cannot see while you condone your sin. The scriptures are hidden to those whose hearts are not right with God, and who believe false doctrine. They read with blind eyes, and understand with blind minds. Don’t be like them. Repent. Come to the Lord seriously and come out of wickedness. He will free you, but you MUST repent. You must make no excuse anymore. You must get him to set you free fully from all iniquity, then you go add to your faith self-control, righteousness, holiness, perseverance, and endurance and these things will stop you from being unfruitful in the kingdom of God, and you will receive a warm welcome into heaven. Jesus bless you…

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