Why I Am Not Worthy

Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, February 4, 2013

Today I want to tell you about how I am not worthy of God's kingdom and how you are not worthy of the kingdom. You see if I go and judge you and condemn you, I condemn myself. If you judged me, you condemn yourself. Because the truth of the matter is, as good as we might think we are, there are things that we have done in the past that are very shameful and we have sinned indeed. Not only that there is nothing good in the flesh. Daily I have to put out many evil desires. Many desires of wickedness from my flesh. Paul had to beat his flesh daily so that he would not be cast away at the end and that is what I must do and that is what you must do. 

You see before God, we are not worthy. We have a flesh that loves evil. We have sinned in the past and so we are already condemned. But it is only through Christ that we can stand. So let us fight the good fight. Let us put away the flesh today, because I tell you truly if I go and start to follow my evil flesh today because I decide to love sin, I will perish and that so will you. Because no sinner who goes after his flesh and does not beat it down, will enter God's kingdom because God is looking at our hearts. We profess Christ, he has set us free, but now what are we doing? God is looking to see if we are going to hold our end of the bargain up. Are we going to follow Christ? Or are we going to be doubleminded sinners who love our evil who don't want to come to the light. You see many preachers and teachers alike are going to end up in hell because they preach the truth that they themselves do not follow. They sin in their minds and in their thoughts. We can sin in our thoughts. We might look pretty good on the outside when we go to church but then we are sitting there and we are undressing women with out eyes.

 Adulterers will not enter heaven, repent. We can think ourselves pretty righteous because we are preaching the gospel or we believe in the gospel, but we go onto the Internet and we start watching ungodly images because our hearts are full of sin and we have not repented, repent…. Lest Jesus come to you quickly and take away your place in the church. He shall spew forth from himself all those who live and practice a lie. If you claim Jesus Christ and you live a lie; hypocrisy lifestyle, you will not enter his kingdom and nor will I. So are we living by the standard of the truth? Or are we setting our own standard. How is Jesus going to find you? Is he going to find you somebody who professes his name yet you live a lie. You continue to do evil in your mind every day. You don't put it out. You don't beat your flesh into submission and follow Christ. Instead you are focused on the ungodly things of the flesh. Our flesh is full of evil desires dear friends, but we do not have to follow our flesh. We can deny it today and put it out. We can put it down, beat it into submission daily and follow the spirit. That is the only way that you will ever see the kingdom. Forsake the false preachers and the false sinning teachers. You will look for them in hell and wish you could get your hands on them because they will be there with you if you follow their sinful ways. We are here to follow the truth……

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