When I Wasn't Serious

Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, July 22, 2013

There was a time in my life when I made a very serious decision about accepting Jesus as my Lord. I was only young at the time but I was serious in my heart about my decision. I was a serious believer and I spent time in prayer. I spent time listening to the Lord. I prayed for the Holy Spirit and he me the gift of tongues. At any time I could pray in the Spirit to the Father. You see Jesus doesn't turn anybody away. Those who go to him they will find him. But you see as I got older, I fell away from my faith and I started to go on other paths. The allure of life, pride of the eyes, lust of the flesh. 

These things take many people away from Jesus. And so I started to walk away from him and I walked away from the Lord for many years. But you see the Lord chastises all those whom he loves and all those whom are his. And the Lord started to chastise me. Things just wouldn't work for me anymore. I was at that time heading into the area of sporting glory. But I was just beginning to lose my own power and sicknesses and things just held me back. I knew that there was something holding me back and I was in such a backslidden state that I couldn't realize that is the Lord talking to me telling me to repent. Chastising me taking things away from my life. Bringing me down. I was getting miserable, depressed, sad, worried, fearful. When we walk away from the Lord, that is when trouble comes. 

We got to learn from our trouble and we got to make that decision to come back to the Lord Jesus. And that's what Jesus did for me was he was calling me back. And then he woke me up in 2009. I heeded his wake-up call. He warned me that I must repent. You see I got to a very low point and finally I cried out to the Lord; help me God. You see when you cry out to the Lord in seriousness, the Lord is going to help you. And the Lord knew that all along. He was bringing me to a point in my life where in my backslidden state of sin he warned me. He brought me to a point where I was able to cry out at last for help for all the troubles that I had brought myself into. Jesus helped me. He started to wake my eyes up to the truth. I realized that I was headed to the fire and that's when I decided to get serious about Jesus again and remember the covenant I made with him a long time ago when I said that I would follow and obey the Lord and to serve him all the days of my life. 

You see God doesn't forget our promises. We might forget them but God doesn't. I share with you this experience in case you might be a backslidden believer yourself. You might have walked away from Jesus. You might no longer be living the right way and you might be living in sin right now and Jesus is calling you back. His calling might have been on your life but you may have walked away from him for many years. Well don't leave it until too late dear friend to come back today. I heeded and decided to repent and turn to the Lord and he changed me and he brought me back onto the narrow way. Into the new way. He is truly with me when I'm abiding in him. That is what you must do. You must abide in the Lord Jesus. Don't stay away from Jesus.

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