What Real Believing Means

Posted by Robert Lyte on Thursday, December 5, 2013
Being obedient to the Father in Heaven by obeying Jesus Christ and his words, shows that we truly believe in him and that we truly have passed from death to life. Being disobedient to the Lords commands, the words of Jesus and his way, just living our own way living in sin, shows that we just do not know who the Father is and we certainly do not realise that he sent his Son for us and so we perish. You will perish if you continue to just live your own way and ignore that the Father sent the Son Jesus Christ for you. You will perish. You might say that you believe, you might say that you know the gospel, you might say that because of that you are saved, but still if you do not obey the Lord, that alone is a sign and a truth and proof that you don't truly realise who the Father is or what he has done, nor do you realise his salvation. Because if you did, you would most certainly live a different way. So I ask you today; Do you realise that the Father really is indeed who he is? And that he sent his Son for you that you can obey his ways and be changed. Live a new way in your life and live for him from now on. No longer your old ways but on a new path. A path that he will show you. If you can realise that today, then get into prayer and start asking the Father to help you. Start seeking Jesus to know you so that through your true belief, true faith, you will have real peace and you will pass from death to life...

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