Urgent Word For 2013 Year Of Dedication

Posted by Robert Lyte on Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, what is this year going to bring for you? Is it going to be a year when you continue to follow your own pursuits and sins and ways? Or is this year going to be the year that you pass away! We have a year that is coming up that is going to be filled with many of life's trials, many griefs, many troubles, it is going to be a hard year for many people. They will loose people this year, people will die. There will be trouble.

 But what are you going to do about this year? Are you going to put behind you all the bad things you did last year and make this year the year that you dedicate yourself to becoming a believer of Jesus Christ, a follower of him! Is this the year when it is time for you to leave the churches of men and to become a real follower and believer of the Jesus! Is this the year that you can lay faith in God and believe for real so that you can find Jesus for yourself! Is this the year that you are going to have a relationship with Jesus and no longer do sin. 

Are you going to make it this year for the year of your relationship to Jesus following him? Are you going to make this year, the year of putting away all the bad things you have done, putting away all your guilt and believing on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Is this the year that is going to be the turning point for you where you're going to find peace in the faith in Jesus Christ because that's what I did several years ago. I sought the Lord Jesus and found him and he gave me peace and leads me on a new way. Is this the year that you will find him for yourself? Or are you content just to stay with the same old you from 2012, doing your sins still, continuing to pursue your desires like the world, continuing on the path to destruction. 

Friends what are you going to do about 2013? Are you going to become a believer of Jesus, a follower of him! Are you going to decide to believe in him for your sins so that they will be forgiven, have faith in the Lord so he will forgive you. Is this the year or your true faith. Jesus set me free, he's with me and will be with you to if you would only make him for yourself, if you would only accept him and choose to follow him for this year. 

Jesus is my Lord for 2013. is he your Lord for 2013? Or are you just still chasing your own ways as your Lord. Are you just going to church but you don't follow Jesus, you don't have true faith, you still do sin, you don't know him. Friends it is time to put behind us 2012 and makes 2013 the year that we dedicate ourselves to Jesus in true faith. So that we can find his power for real. Is this the year that you will find the reality of the power of Jesus Christ in your life? Because he is an unreality to most Christians. 

They just don't know him. He doesn't speak to them. He doesn't help them in anything because they are just walking away from him so he cannot help them. But friends if we want Jesus to help us today, to be with us, to forgive us, to have that new way inside of a conversion of a true follower of Jesus like I found, if you want that then it is time to get to know him properly. Dedicate in the faith today. Make this the year of your faith in Jesus Christ. Get to know him from real dear friends, instead of the fake unreality of religion...

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