Truths of the Faith

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, June 8, 2019
NOBODY IS BORN AGAIN TWICE A CHRISTIAN is not born again twice, because if he is dead (spiritually dead branch), he is cast into the fire and burned. But if he is withering (dying spiritually because cut off from the vine) then if he repents and so allows Jesus to >>re-graft<< him back into the vine, then his branch will revive and recover (to the same state as before in Christ), and become fruitful again. Remember, sinners (unbelievers) are not branches in Christ. They are NOT born again, so cannot even be a branch. In this life there is always the hope of regeneration of a spark of life left in a withered branch, if they repent. But the branch is still a branch, that is a one-time born-again soul. But if a born-again soul is withered but doesn't come back to Christ, and so DIES then how can the dead inherit the Kingdom?  The Kingdom is for the living, not for the dead.
I get temptations now and then from the flesh for various lustful fantasies and desires of sin from the devil, and when tempted, I pray to Jesus, these get flooded out of my heart and flesh (the flesh wants to do sin and always will) with his peace and power so I do not fall to going after that way of evil.
NOT KEPT BY WORKS, NOR SAVED BY WORKS There are many who know Jesus is coming soon, and eagerly have gone out to wait/meet him. But remember, there were 5 wise and 5 foolish. A lot of Christians are falling into the trap of believing that to live as God commands (holiness) is only a suggestion but, as they say, not what keeps them saved, or what saves them. What they are really doing, is fulfilling the word of Christ about the end times and how it would be that 5 wise and 5 foolish bridesmaids would be waiting for him, and how the 5 foolish didn't take enough oil and so were not READY for Jesus when he came, and so go left out of the wedding feast and the door shut upon them. The 5 wise bridesmaids knew that the Lord would not accept any lack of self-control and ungodly behaviour on their part, and obeyed the command to keep watchful lest anyone steal their crown. They also obeyed the command to persevere under temptation, to endure and overcome sin, and they did this by the power of Christ through his Spirit. Then, it is the Spirit that keeps their lamps burning, and they keep having the power to repent, obey the Lord, and live as he wants them to. But the foolish, just ignore the Lord's warnings and truths in favour of their own ideas of scripture, and hide their sins before the Lord behind a screen of human weakness as an excuse. They are happy to believe that they are not kept by "works" and not saved by "works" because it means they do not have to do the hard work of persevering on the narrow way and keeping watchful. Instead they want to sit back and let the Lord walk their walk for them. But he won't. In the end, their lamps burn low and they have no more oil when Jesus comes, and so in their hurry to quickly try to get ready, they are too late and the door is shut on them. In reality, salvation is not through works at all, rather it is a PATH the Lord calls believers of the faith upon, and providing they walk the narrow path in the light of Christ, they will never fall to darkness or to destruction. Repentance itself is a separate mandate from God to all humankind regardless of what the believe. All believers of the gospel must first obey this mandate when accepting the gospel of Christ at the cross. A Christian who is on the path of the faith in the grace of Jesus Christ, must also obey God's mandate to repent if he needs to repent, otherwise sins are not forgiven by Christ, if Christians do not repent of doing evil.

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