True Christians Dont Follow The World

Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, January 18, 2013

This world is full of people who say they believe in Jesus yet they don't have his spirit and they haven't been changed by him because if they did they couldn't sit there and watch TV and the ways of this immoral society and not be plagued by the Holy Spirit convicting them that this is wrong. Don't be deceived when you see gatherings of Christians hanging around doing worldly things together, you know that they are not led by the Spirit of God they don't know him. They are led by the spirit of this world.

 Not everybody who calls himself a Christian goes to church and reads the Bible and quotes out of the Bible is a true believer of Jesus Christ and born-again. If you have the Spirit of God with you, if you are set free from your sin by Jesus, you cannot know longer pursue the things this world chases after. You can't sit there and watch sport and chase after your desires. You can no longer drink beer with your buddies, because the Spirit of God inside of you will give you no rest until you repent because of the Lord does not want you to go off to the fire, so he chastises those who follow him. He leads those who follow him, because the spirit of wisdom of the Holy Spirit guides people into all truth. 

And so when you're led by God and you are born again he doesn't lead you into lies he guides you into the truth. He conviction on what is wrong. He shows you what you should watch. When I came to Jesus I had to get rid of following the worldly music that I love to follow before. I just couldn't do it! The Holy Spirit and told me that this is wrong I can't do it and just couldn't do these things anymore. You see Jesus changes you but if you aren't changed you still are going to still do those things and you won't have a problem with that and you will fight this message because your heart is of a rebellious kind, because you are not free. You are enslaved to the spirit of this world. But when you are set free, when you have come to know Jesus properly, you cannot go and do those things anymore friends. You cannot chase after the world anymore and get away with it. 

God will convict you and he'll show you it is wrong and you'll listen to him because your born-again. So I get the Christians they come to me and they say you are self righteous and you are a hypocrite because you tell us not to follow sports and drink beer. But it is they who don't have the Spirit of God but the spirit of this world hence they fight the message, because they are following the ways of the devil which is the ways of this world. But when we do get to know Jesus we are convicted. We can no longer do these things. I want to warn you today that if you have been born again and you are following the world and you are convicted, I want to warn you, you better start heading that conviction. 

You better start obeying God telling you to stop and to be separate because that is what Jesus said. He was very displeased with the church in the book of Revelation which is today. He said unless you repent I will remove you from your place amongst the lampstands in the church. So you have to repent. If you are doing things and you know they're wrong, you don't need me to tell you that they're wrong because you already know if you of God. I'm telling you today; Go and obey him now and stop doing those things. If you can't see these things are wrong it because you have the spirit of this world and are in rebellion against God and the only hope you've got is if you can see today then REPENT!!


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