Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, May 22, 2015

Salvation is about a relationship and a walk with Jesus Christ. Salvation is when you walk by faith in the name of Jesus. Jesus came to give us salvation, and he came to bring a promise and a new way, that if you go after him, live after him in the new way, you will inherit eternal life. If you trust his name as your salvation you will be given eternal life. You will be saved through your faith. That is what the gospel is, the good news of this world is, that even though we sinned and fallen short of God indeed, we can turn to Jesus and have our sins forgiven and be saved. Isn't that good news? It simply means that we repent and we give our lives to Jesus and we follow him everyday instead of our things and the old ways. It simply means that we come the way of the cross where we no longer chase after our ways, but we put the kingdom of God first: the way of Jesus in our lives where we practice towards each other the transformed way of Jesus Christ: his love, compassion, endurance, perseverance in the face of sin, not striking those who strike you, praying for the enemies, not living by the value of this world that is an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, striving in the courts against each other and not doing good unto your neighbour, and they return evil for evil. When you follow Jesus he will give you a new way. He will transform your mind where are you will be able to act honestly and with integrity in what you do.

He will guide your footsteps. He will transform you in the heart to be as he wants you to be. He will give you a new heart to no longer be enslaved to your lusts and the desires that war against your soul. Jesus Christ will do away with your addictions. He will take away your depression. He will give you a new heart that can obey and follow him, because he is the name above all names who has the power to do this, and free you from the problems that you have got yourself into by your choices giving yourselves over to the powers of darkness which are equally real, dear friends. It is time to give our lives to Jesus Christ, to call upon his name for salvation and the new way, a new change. It is a decision and it's a choice. If we decide to put away our sins and repent of them and seek Jesus Christ on our knees, he will hear and bring the new way into your life. That's what happened to me, I used to live the way of sin but Jesus Christ brought me out of sin and I sought him and I found him.

His new way came into my heart transforming me to be able to bring you these truths, that you also may be made anew. It is written those who are in Christ are a new creation, the old has passed away. My question to you today is: has your old passed away? Or is that the way you simply follow? Your lusts, desires? And you just wonder if there is any way out! It’s because there is no new way and as you don't know Jesus, even you might be Christian, but still don't know him because if there's no new way, there is no Jesus Christ in your life. A saving relationship with Jesus will bring you a new creation inside where you can put out the ways of evil and have the new way of Christ inside. Jesus is the name and the only way to be saved by. That is the Gospel and will provide this new way. All you have to do is repent and turn away from your sins, and call out on him in prayer and seeking, asking him to know you and to free you, to make you a new creation. Ask him to save you knowing that he loved us before we were even born. Trusting in what Jesus has already done, and if you live by faith in him now, you can say, “Okay I'm going to give my life to Jesus and I'm just going to live for him in prayer,” and you are not shaken by doubt and unbelief.

 The Lord is pleased with those who have faith. You have got to have faith in the name of Jesus who died on a cross for our sins and gave us salvation. If we have faith in what he did for us, then he can come into our lives. The man who trusts in Jesus, his faith saves him. Dear friends, get to know Jesus and have faith in him. Accept him into your life. Accept him today. Accept him that you will become a new creation. Have salvation. Jesus bless you.

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