Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, August 23, 2019
Many people over history have set various dates in the future when something should happen, or for the rapture to take place, or the anti-christ to come, or some distastes to happen etc....
But the problem remains with all humans over all of history, is that none of them knew the future, nor do we today. So any dates are going to fail, because if we do not know the future, nor do the powers of darkness, but only God knows, then any prediction a person makes is not going to come to pass.
People use numerology, studies, historical observations, scripture, and other things to try to predict dates of the Lord's day.
In the end, those who trust in these dates will always be disappointed for they will fail as many times as they are set.
Same goes with time frames.
The only thing we know for CERTAIN about the future, is what is written in the scriptures of prophecy, for these things written WILL come to pass at the appointed time. And the only thing we can be certain about of the future time of these things, is that we will know the SEASON when WE SEE THESE THINGS COMING TO PASS as Jesus said we would, by observing the fig tree.
So, as Jesus said, when you see all these things coming to pass (like what we see today) then know that the time is at hand and the hour is late.
Some people say "Jesus told me I would not reach a certain age till his return would happen for me." or "Jesus told me that he would return within 2 years" or "Jesus told me that....." and they go on to name some reason why his return shall be within a certain time period....and then the time does not come to pass as they were told....
This is because Jesus does not go against his word when he said, "I come at an hour you do not expect" however he goes to say "But keep watch and be found watchful". And it goes on to say in the scriptures that you will not be as the unbelievers who have no clue, rather will know the time when it comes...
This is because we will know the hour is approaching and nearby by observing we are at the late hour of the night by all the signs coming to pass. (climate change agenda, Israel becoming a nation, greatly troubled earth, and massive increase in wickedness)
So Jesus has already given us the season, and we see we are in that season, but he just did not give us the hour/day (which means the near time period to expect him like a certain year, day, or date)
And if you listen to anyone who gives all the great reasons as to why such and such a year, day, or hour shall come to pass, then you will be surely disappointed when that time comes and goes.
Like I have said, Jesus could come in 6 months, or 3 years, or longer, but this is irrelevant because we ALREADY KNOW NOW WE ARE IN THE SEASON...
So stay watchful, and keep ready for the Lord, because he will come back on a normal day while people are going about daily business, and take those ready....(parable of the servants)

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