The Faith of Salvation

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, August 18, 2018
Through faith, Jesus comes into the life of the one who realises he is real right now...and in doing so, a transformation comes where you become set free from sin and able to CHOOSE to live the new way. Of corse you can CHOOSE to NOT live the new way and just go back to sin and end up in hell. MANY DO THIS. They endure for a little while then fall away. Read the parable of the seeds in the bible where some seed landed on bad ground and grew for a little while then died and this was the heart of the person who is shallow who hears and accepts the gospel for a while, but then falls away because his heart is SHALLOW.

Jesus knows we are not always perfect and so he will cover our imperfections, providing we seriously walk in faith bearing the fruits of the Spirit and crucify the flesh in us daily. However if we let deadly sin reign in us then he certainly will not be covering us before God. But he will forgive us and cleanse us if we repent. If you spend time nitpicking every single aspect of your life or around you that you believe might lead you to hell, then you are not walking by faith and so will be swayed in many doubts and fear hoping you are perfect enough but never really reaching perfection. 
This is the opposite of faith. Someone living that way is not in faith and does not please God. 
The one who pleases God is the one who knows he has salvation in Christ, and so allows Christ to transform his life and live through him. This person, crucifies the desires and passions of deadly sin within the flesh daily, and lives after the leading of the Spirit and bears fruits for the Kingdom of God through his firm faith. 
It is written that the tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down. If our faith is dead in sins, we will be cut down in time if we dont respond to Jesus and repent. If our faith is wavering and fearful about everything, and not firm in Christ then we likewise will not be able to bear the good fruits of the Spirit that can only come when we are firmly in our hope of salvation in Christ, knowing we are right with God through Jesus Christ. Then we can confidently walk by the Spirit and please God, and bear fruits of the Spirit. Such trees are never cut down. 
Is your faith in Jesus Christ, or in your own efforts to find perfection? 
If your faith is in Christ, are you then bearing the good fruits of the faith? 
It is written to test yourselves whether in the true faith or not. Faith without the good works of the Spirit and instead living in sin, fails the test, and is dead and useless. So also is faith that produces thorns and thistles of sin in your life.

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