Talents Glorifies MAN not GOD

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, July 5, 2014

We live in a deceived society that thinks that we can glorify self and chase selfish ambition, and live life to the fullest, and still stay on the NARROW WAY and enter the kingdom of God, which is absolutely NOT the truth. People like to say, 'Well we can honour God with our talents.' But let me tell you, that our talents honour nobody but ourselves, and we seek to glorify ourselves when we live after the flesh. That is why we have the world is today: with all its competition, striving. Many people are trying to get to the top over other people, and that is why they have 'talent'. You see, talent is something people use to be better than somebody else. When you are better than somebody else, the world loves you.

It is written, 'Woe to you whom the world loves, and of whom everyone thinks well of'. You see, when you follow Jesus on the narrow way, you DENY your talents and don't glorify God with your selfish ambitions because truth is you cannot glorify God and yourself at the same time. Therefore you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. You cannot chase your talents and live life to the fullest and please the Lord, because those two things are at enmity to the Lord. It is written, 'Love not the world, nor anything in the world, for those who love the world, the love of the Father is NOT in them'.

Jesus said that, 'If you love your life on this earth, you will LOSE it, but if you hate your life for MY sake, you will gain eternal life'. Nobody can follow Jesus unless they HATE their life. You cannot love your life on this earth and follow Jesus at the same time. The unpopular doctrine of the truth, is what nobody wants to hear, because everybody wants to chase after their own ways like the world does, loving life and loving their pursuits and their talents, and looking good in the eyes of other people. Dear friends, that way does NOT enter the kingdom of heaven. It is the way the WORLD follows. And if you want to enter God's kingdom, then deny your talents, spend time in prayer instead, focus on Jesus, and become his servant.

Stop leading your own life, and ask him to LEAD YOU. He will lead you to places you never even dreamed of. Dear friend, submit to Jesus, and he will lead you. Follow yourself, live life to the fullest, and you will only find for yourself, DESTRUCTION. May Jesus bless you...

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