Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, February 16, 2015

Most people in the west will end up straight in hell where they will burn for eternity. I have lived away from Australia for a number of years, and I have seen the way of the west in a new perspective; where my blindness was lifted, because I used to live in that society and culture of the west, and could not see the elephant in the room. I myself was part with them....not now..

Those nations live in debauchery, and lawless living, and in the knowledge of God, however blaspheming his name daily. They dress immorally, the practice of fornication is ingrained in the culture. They love immorality, and lawless fun, and pursue lives of carnality to the nth degree....Sodom and Gomorra earmarked for destruction...They love and practice the sensuality of Babylon, and the pursuit of entertainment like Rome, both of which fell into the dust never to rise again. 

COME OUT of them and be separate dear friend. Don't take part in their soon-to-come destruction. They will fall into hell by the droves. They will have no mercy, because they were proud, and gave the poor nations no mercy. They lived it up on the blood and wealth of others, and the way of those nations, is rotten to the core. 

But those who serve Jesus, they are SEPARATE from their culture. They do not join in their decadence. They do not partake in their parties, and lawlessness. They keep their robes from following the culture of wickedness, and stand by the name of Jesus Christ. Though they live IN the society, they are not part with them. Those who ARE, are lukewarm and accursed....

ARE YOU? Time to turn to Jesus and properly follow him. The hour is late....too late...He gives mercy to all who repent and turn to him. None who live by him will perish. He will give THEM eternal life...But the world will be given eternal death...

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