Self Righteous? Or Set Free?

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dear friends we have all done evil. Nobody can become self-righteous and think that they are somehow better than somebody else. People think that I might be self-righteous because Jesus has set me free and I've come to know his holy narrow way. I want to tell you that no, there is nothing righteous about me. Jesus Christ alone changed me. I used to do many sins. I am as bad as you. I am no more righteous than any other person on this planet, I too have sinned. I can't stand before God and say that I'm somehow better than you just because I haven't done some things that you might have done or are doing today. 

I can only stand before God and he will say to me that I chose Jesus Christ and it is through my son that you have been made a new way and you followed righteous paths from the point of your decision and so because of my son Jesus Christ you are going to enter my kingdom. And he will turn around to any of you who never sought Jesus and the stayed in your sin, he will say to you: because you didn't accept my son Jesus to wash away you're sins, you're unfit for my kingdom depart from me. Friend I am no better than you you're no better than me but it isn't we who accept Jesus Christ who come to him shall be set free from sin and we shall have a new way. Never think that somebody is self-righteous because they follow Jesus. 

Those who are self-righteous will fall under God's judgment because of their pride and arrogance. Those who are sinners who do not repent will be condemned. It is those who follow Jesus Christ who shall be set free from sin and given the power to live a new life. You see most Christians don't know that Jesus has power to set them free from sin. They don't even know him. They still do their sin because they are not willing to let go and repent, so they continue to follow the world, continue to involve in immorality and the ways of society, they continue in the delusion of the things we see on TV and the movies and the whole mindset of computer games and following the ways of this world, they continue in lust and sin and they think they're saved. But friends Jesus Christ doesn't allow hypocrisy into his kingdom. 

When we follow the Lord we have to actually go to him not just parrot his name. We have to go to him. We got to know he is real, he is God who has a standard and the standard is that you leave your sins and you accept my son and you will be changed by the power of God. There is no other way. Go seek Jesus to know him and get set free from sin..

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