Real Faith Changes Lives

Posted by Robert Lyte on Monday, December 31, 2012 Under: Salvation And Faith

It is easy to have true saving faith when you realize what Jesus has done for people like me. He has set me free from sin and given me hope and peace, a new way. He has given me the assurance that I will enter his kingdom.h is assurance. Now you have no excuse to not lay your faith in this Jesus Christ who has done this for me because I'm a person like you. And if you lay faith in him, he is going to change you too, and give you the new way inside to walk the new way to salvation, the narrow way. You see when Jesus brought me out of my sins and gave me strength and peace and his new way in my heart, I know longer needed to follow my old ways and I was free, free indeed, to follow this new way in joy and peace and I tell you what it's absolutely wonderful. 

And even if we have to go through tough times for Jesus on this earth, it doesn't matter because in time we are going to reap our reward in the kingdom of heaven if we stay faithful. And so I'm here to encourage you to lay faith in Jesus because he came to wipe away mans sins. And if you truly trust him, truly lay your faith in him, he is going to wipe your sins away too. And it's all about seeking him to know him. He is not a God that doesn't hear and speak. 

He is the one who hears when you call out to him in repentance. You just got to accept that he has died for you and set you free from sin. And you just live your life for him from now on. Dedicate to his way, and you're just going to keep walking on that way that enters the Kingdom of God. So have faith today my friend in this Jesus Christ who died for all man's sins and who has set me free from sin so that I can come and tell you that if you want to find a peace and the wonderful way that I have found, well get on your knees accept Jesus today, lay faith in him and dedicate your life to him from now on. Go get baptized in his name and dedicate property to him so that he can lead you on this new way to the kingdom of God. Go have faith that is all that is needed for you to enter his kingdom...


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