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In James we read: Show me your faith by your good deeds. This is true. We live in a world full of Christians who say that they have saving faith. They say I'm saved by the blood of Jesus. They say I believe Jesus, yet their works are sin. They continue to lust and sin everyday. They say they sin everyday and they say that you can never stop sinning because they were never set free. They continue to lie, to steal, to lust, to cheat, and to curse and swear. Don't be deceived, if you're bearing these kinds of fruits it shows you that you did not go to Jesus in true faith and you never became born again and you never became changed. Because those who become born again and changed no longer do those works. They have been put to death by the power of Jesus. 

Now many of these Christians will tell you, “I'm still a good person though and I do charitable works, I just can't stop sinning”. It is because you have not laid real faith in Jesus and your faith is dead. In James we read: show me your good works that proves your faith. Because it is true! No good works shows that Jesus hasn't set you free and so when you say no no that's not right, we will all continue to sin, you are actually saying that Jesus Christ doesn't have any power to change people and you're denying the fact that Jesus Christ came to the world to set sinners free from sin and to give them a new way. 

You see it is written the scriptures that the Lord Jesus changes us unto good works and holy paths. If you are not walking the narrow way and you do not do good works but you continue practicing sin every day, you are not changed by Jesus. You do not know him. You are not born-again. You are still following the broad path to destruction. It is a big deception dear Christians. I challenge you; show me your works. Are they righteous? Are you looking in lust? Are you set free from your evil? Or are you continuing in your evil and you never went to Jesus Christ to be set free. It is time to repent if this is you and go to Jesus to be set free so that you can walk this new way of keeping yourself from evil that comes by your faith. That comes as a product of your born again status in God's kingdom through your faith in Jesus. You see Jesus is real. He does change people. That's why he came.

 He came to make sinners unto righteousness. He came to change the hearts of wicked men to become pure living children of God. If you are not living right and you know you are not even you are going to church and you say you believe and you read your Bible and you do many religious things, I want to warn you that your fruits prove that you don't know Jesus because we all know that Jesus does change people. Everybody who has been changed by Jesus already knows that they are changed and a new creation. They know they're no longer addicted to all the drugs and sin because they are new. That's why they have a testimony. That's why they're out there telling others about the good news that Jesus does change people.

 And you can sit there and say that it's okay it is just faith and I would continue in my sin, but friend it is because you are the one who doesn't see today and it is you who is not changed by Christ, do not know him, and still on your way to the fire. I urge you to get right with Jesus. I urge you to believe that people like me and many people around the earth who Jesus has changed ARE speaking the truth. I urge you to realize that the disciples were also speaking the truth because they too were changed into the likeness and the righteous paths of God. You must go repent and get changed by Jesus. Know he is real. Know he will change you. Know that he will fill you with the Holy Spirit and lead you on the narrow way. Know that Jesus is who he said he was….

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