Rapture and Hell are Real

Posted by Robert Lyte on Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hell and the rapture are real and either of those things are going to come to somebody's reality one day. A brother in Christ who Jesus set free from an alcohol addiction and from his sins, was shown several things from the Lord.

And one of those things things he saw in his vision one night, was hell. He saw this pit full of naked bodies, like something from a concentration camp in Nazi Germany, only worse, and these people were crawling and climbing over each other trying to get out of this horrible torment, and they could not get out. He was very shocked and horrified at how awful it was. Later he had another vision at a similar period of time, where he saw Jesus coming from the east to the west, and Jesus said, “behold I am coming soon, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.”

He was given tongues of the Holy Spirit that came into his own language, and during this supernatural spiritual experience, he was shouting through his mouth the words of the Lord and the Lord said, “My people come out of the world I am at the door, my children be separate or you'll be left behind.” You see what he came to understand, and what I've come to understand also from my own experience, and relationship with Jesus through my faith, is that Jesus is calling his people out of the world, and to be separate unto him, because he is returning soon, and he will come back and take his people, and if you are not ready for him, you will be left behind. That is true. The other truth is that the eternal fire of hell is indeed a terrible place of torment and real today.

Jesus loves us so much that he came into the world and the father loved us so he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins so that if we would repent and separate unto him, and come to him, he will save us from hell, from this pit of fire where everybody's naked and in torment. If you separate yourself from the world and come to him now, he will also spare you from being left behind. I don’t know what that fully encompasses, but one thing for sure, is that this is what the Lord said, and he sent his warning to now be separate, or it you will be left behind. It is what he said, and you can say whatever you want to say about left behind, rapture, or whatever, but these are just the words of Jesus Christ.

They are not your words, they are not my words, and they are not this brother’s words, rather these truths bears witness to the Holy Spirit. Dear friends, if you don’t want to risk it, and if you don't want to be left behind, then we have to understand that these warnings are being sent to mankind through many means that you may be ready, and you may not be left behind, and you may not end up in hell, rather to come out from the world and be separate, and not live chasing your pursuits and ways, chasing your sins and your desires and living for them everyday and to instead live for Jesus, coming out from the world keeping your focus on Jesus, and he will save you from the eternal fire. It is good news. It is God's mercy. Just remember that Jesus is coming now and you don't have to be left behind, and you don't have to be cast into the eternal fire. It is his mercy, so separate yourself from the world like he said, and if you do you won't be left behind. If you don't, you will be. Jesus bless you.

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