Predestination Is A Lie

Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, October 4, 2013

There is an age old debate about whether or not predestination is true. I want to warn you that this is a lie from the devil. He tries to make of these little stories out of Scripture to deceive you into believing that you are predestined to enter heaven, or you are predestined to enter hell, so he gets some people to believe that they can never be saved, and he gets other people to believe that they are saved while they are living in evil paths. And then they hear Jesus say to them; go away I never knew you in worker of iniquity. 

Do not be deceived, although God does know the end result of how things will work out, he calls each and every one of you to repent and believe upon Jesus and follow him until the very end, and after you have endured and stayed faithful until the end, you will receive the crown of life. There is no predestined people. God knows who are his, but he gives everybody the opportunity to turn from their sin. And he says that; I wish that none should perish but all have eternal lifeā€¦ But because of their hard hearts God often does not soften their hearts, because they do not love him nor want him. Sometimes he hardens their heart like he did Pharaoh, because their hearts hate him. But you see each man has a choice to love the Lord to obey him and to repent, and that is why the Lord said in Ezekiel 18; why must you perish O people? I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked. 

Why wont you turn to me repent and live? Says the Lord. Jesus said that all who believe on him shall pass from death to life, but people they don't want to come out of the darkness.. he said. They want to stay in the darkness lest their evil deeds are exposed in the light. That was the verdict. And so dear friends even though God knows the end result, you are responsible for making the decision for the Lord and repenting. Because that is what he asks you. And if you do that and you repent you will be saved. But if you don't repent and you just want to go on in sin thinking you're predestined, then don't be surprised if you shall come to the gates of heaven and knock, but the Lord will say from the inside; go away I don't know you depart from here...

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