Overcome Sin TODAY Not Over Time

Posted by Robert Lyte on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It is written that those who belong to Jesus and walk with him don’t walk in darkness, and sin is darkness. If we continue to struggle with our sins year in and year out hoping to overcome them in time, then we ware walking in darkness. So clearly we are not walking with Jesus Christ! Because Jesus said that everyone who walks with him is in the light as he is in the light. So when believers or people will say, “You will continue to struggle with sin for a long time before you will overcome,” it is because they are walking in darkness, for if you are struggling in a sin, thinking that in 50 years you should be finished overcoming, and be ready for God, then you have got the wrong idea, because when you follow Jesus, you don’t continue to struggle in sin trying to overcome sin year in and year out, because today is the day of salvation or the day you loose your salvation, because you could die today in a sin, or in something that is wicked and find that you cannot enter heaven today even though you thought you could work it out over your life and slowly overcome your sins and get right. You see people tell you, “You will never get right overnight, Jesus doesnt free you from sin overnight.”

That is a LIE! Because Jesus says that those who he sets free, shall be FREE INDEED. It is written in the book of John, that those who know him have FINISHED with their sins. They have STOPPED sinning. When we come to know Jesus and have turned way from sin, we have FINISHED with sin. We don’t continue to struggle in sin. If we are struggling in sin, it is because we have got one foot in the darkness, and we are not willing to come onto GOD’S side of the river, and we are hiding little cobwebs in our hearts, snakes, and unclean things in our hearts. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in us or be pleased with us if we are grieving the Holy Spirit by going after our sins, and our mistakes, and struggling in sin, struggling with our LOVE of sin. You see, when you do a sin, you are struggling with a love of it. When you struggle day in and day out with something hoping you will overcome it, what you are struggling with is whether you want to go the way of Christ, or go the way of the devil, and you are struggling with your love of sin and the way that the devil wants you to go in this life. What you are doing, you are actually working out which way you are going to go. And if we are continuing to stay on the fence all the time, we are the double-minded man, and it is written that the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways! We cannot enter heaven if we are double-minded about sin! If we struggling in sin, clearly we are double-minded about sin, because part of us loves it and does it, and then we pull back knowing it is wrong because our conscience convicts us. But we do it again and keep continuing in our bondage to that sin, slavery. You see, we put ourselves in that slavery because we wanted to and chose to go and do that sin. It is a lie to say you will always struggle in sin and slowly get better over time and Jesus will help you iron it all out.

He will help you iron it all out, but he is not going to make you stop sinning, and you will keep struggling to the end of your days if you don’t make a firm decision to STOP and to turn from your sin, and to put your feet firmly on God’s side of the river. If you really want to end that struggle with doing sin, then you have to submit your WHOLE heart to the Lord, and stop loving sin in parts of your heart. Then you will constantly overcome temptation, and it will surely come: You will be tempted, and you will get many evil desires rise up to tempt you from within, but if you remain free in Christ keeping yourself firmly IN in ways, you will never fall. Let us not fall. Let us not struggle in evil anymore. Let us not be double-minded. Jesus will set us free everyday if we commit to him today. You don’t have to be set free in 50 years, or 10 years, it has to be TODAY. Today you seek him to be free. Don’t listen to those who say otherwise. You can be free TODAY. Today is the day of your salvation and freedom in the name of Jesus Christ if you choose to turn away from sin and come to him with all your heart. Jesus does have that power no matter how many Christians tell you he doesnt, he does have the power to set you free from ALL your sins today. Don’t let them limit Christ to you, because they don’t know him. May the Lord bless you.

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