Only Doers Go To Heaven

Posted by Robert Lyte on Sunday, March 23, 2014

There are many believers, but there are few DOERS of the word. There are many Christians, but there are few children of God. Jesus explained to us what the kingdom of heaven is like in his parables, and he talked about the parable of the fruitless figtree which represents a Christians in the garden of God. So God came to the tree and he never found any fruit on it; it was a fruitless Christian. He said to Jesus the gardener, "Cut it down, it is wasting space in this vineyard." So the gardener said to the master, "No let it be for one year. I will fertilise it and help it, and if it still does not bear fruit, then you can cut it down." That is what will happen to you if you just say, "Lord, Lord but you just continue in sin being fruitless bearing bad fruit, and you don't bear the righteous fruits of the Spirit. Jesus calls you to repent. He warns you through all kinds of ways: that is him fertilising you. He gives you opportunities, but then there comes a day that you continue to not bear fruit, and then he will cut you down after that time has ended. Jesus went on to say that the kingdom of God is like the fisherman who threw the net into the sea. He pulled in good fish and bad fish; the bad were thrown away and the good were kept aside. He said, the kingdom of heaven is like the man who went to the wedding feast of the Lamb, and he had dirty clothes; he had the wrong clothes on. The master saw him in the wedding feast, and he said: "Why have you got these filthy clothes?"

The man was speechless. Jesus said of him, "Have him bound and cast into the outer-darkness where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth." You see friend, our ROBES are our spiritual state. When you are with Jesus in holiness, he has set you free from doing sin, and you are not doing your sin; not dirtying your robes. But when you are just a professing Christian, but you go on in your sin, and you are not serious about Jesus, guess what: Your robes are DIRTY and you have got the wrong clothes on, and you are going to get cast out into the outer-darkness if you don't repent and get your right clothes on now. Jesus said, "Blessed is he who keeps his robes unstained, he will walk with me in white." What is the state of your robes? Are you heeding the words of Jesus Christ? Jesus also likened the kingdom of God to the parable of the seeds where the seeds represent the gospel, and the ground represents the Christians: because the person who hears the word and believes it, is a Christian. He (Jesus) said that the seed landed on some people's hearts, and they believed, and accepted it with joy, but then after a little time they fell away; some to the cares of this life, some because they followed the lusts and desires of the flesh, others the enemy came and snatched it away because they had no roots.

But the Christians who is the good ground, he was the one who is the DOER of the word, and he bore fruit. He build his house on the rock. Jesus talked about building your house on his teachings which is building your house on the rock. He said that anyone who does not obey what he teaches -- and these teachings that I give you right now are from Jesus -- he said anyone who does not obey and heed them, and does not have an ear and listen, he said this is the foolish man building his house on the sand; his house will be destroyed. Dear friend it is not everybody who will go into the kingdom of God, but it is for him who takes Jesus seriously: because the unrighteous will not inherit God's Kingdom. Some lying Christian preachers may tell you that: "God only sees Jesus in you when you do your sin." That is not the truth, for we all know that it is written: He who practices evil and all those who practice lies and abominations, will be outside the gates of the Holy City with the dogs and the sorcerers, along with all hypocrites; they will have their place in the outer-darkness with the unbelievers. Are you heeding the words of Jesus Christ?

He calls you to get to know him, to be a real believer, a child of God through true faith in his name. There is no use saying, "Lord, Lord," yet you do not do as he says. Jesus said, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord but you don't do what I say!" Jesus gave us the admonition to strive to enter the kingdom of God on the NARROW WAY. He said, "Broad and wide is the way to destruction, and many are they who go by that way….But narrow is the way, and few are those who find it." He said not everybody who is called is chosen. He said, "Many are called but few are chosen." Dear friends, we need to the walk the NARROW ROAD otherwise we will not inherit Gods kingdom. Jesus bless you...

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