NO SALVATION Keeping God's Law Apart From Faith In Jesus

Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, January 11, 2013 Under: Salvation And Faith
There is a salvation delusion that you must strive to keep the laws of God in order to enter the kingdom of God. Many they strive to keep as many of the commandments as they possibly can and in doing so they become very self righteous and religious hypocrites like the Pharisees. Jesus said to the Pharisees that while you're busy straining ants from the law you're missing the camels. 

You see it is impossible to be saved by trying to obey God's laws. It can't be done. That is why God made only one way for salvation and that was through the narrow gate and the gate is Jesus Christ. It is only those who believe in Jesus who please God and get changed by the power of God to have his laws written on their hearts. You see Jesus changes you to obey God's commandments and be able to obey the will of God. Many they try and obey the 10 Commandments and they say “I keep them pretty well God must be pleased with me”, yet they are breaking them every day in their hearts, and since they have already broken the Commandments already they are condemned. So even they try to continue to keep the commandments they already stand CONDEMNED. 

That is why without Jesus it is possible for you to ever enter God's kingdom, because even you try and do what is right you already stand condemned by the law. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ, his cross, his resurrection, his way, that you will be changed and the law that will send you to hell will be CANCELLED. You will be right to enter God's kingdom if you lay faith in Jesus. Those who do so Jesus will come and abide with them. He will change their hearts. He will lead them, speak to them and they will obey him. God's way of salvation is through Jesus Christ, not trying to obey his laws. Don't become a religious hypocrite becoming self-righteous by your vain striving to try and keep all God's laws and moral standards. Your heart just is not in the right place if you have not laid faith in Jesus and had it changed. 

ALL men stand condemned already, and if you start trying to obey the laws now it will not change the reality that you are condemned NOW. That is why Jesus died on the cross and if you do not lay faith it that, you cannot have that condemnation lifted from you, because you already have broken the law. Stop trying to make yourself saved, friends, by all your works striving after keeping yourself a good person that won't save you. Instead come to Jesus so that you can be made a new creation inside by the supernatural power of God. He will then fill you with his spirit. You will become a new creation born again through the power of Jesus, through your faith. Your eyes will be opened. You will be able to keep the law. The law says do not commit adultery. 

Jesus says that if you look in lust you are committing adultery in your heart and such people are thrown into hell. But when you turn to Jesus you no longer are a slave to looking in lust, nor committing adultery, nor doing any of the other sins, because Jesus will set you free and he will give you the right heart to be able to turn away and temptation and sin when it should come from your old way, if you would only repent today and lay faith in him. The only works of salvation that you should be doing is getting on your knees today in REPENTANCE from all your evil and asking Jesus to know you and to free you, and seeking to hear his voice so you can be guided into the right path to take from here on out. 

When you do become born-again, you will find yourself zealous to do every good work and keep every command in the heart and enter God's kingdom through your faith in Jesus Christ the born and risen son of God….

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