Must Christians Tolerate Sin?

Posted by Robert Lyte on Thursday, July 16, 2015
The erroneous psychology of sinners, is that they are to be ACCEPTED and LOVED and TOLERATED as they are...Dear friends, that might work down here, but before God, sinners will be neither accepted nor tolerated...
A sinner will often want to be accepted in church. They expect people in religion to accept their sin as they are. Certain sins, societies are tolerate and over time things that were not accepted become accepted. 
Sin acceptance and tolerance has become the new-age way of those of higher intelligence and enlightenment...
But this is not how GOD views sin doers. Jesus said that on the last day, he is going to send out his angels to gather those who do sin and have them all cast into a great fiery furnace.....
Tolerance? I think not!!
Must a Christian tolerate brethren who are sinners? It is written that if you even eat with such (the last supper and fellowship) you will be at risk of falling under their judgement....

Believers know about Jesus' love and his salvation and his good gifts, but often they want to stay in rebellion to his commands of living FOR him and his kingdom. They want his good things but don't want to go the harder way of not living for themselves no more and living for him instead. 

Jesus warns in Revelation chapter 2 that if believers dont love him as they should, and dont overcome, they will be removed from his fellowship! 
Is that the Jesus you know and fear?
God didnt make people gay, thieves, liars, drunkards, and prostitutes, immoral, nor bi-sexual. Man LOVED SIN so God handed them over to a depraved mind to their own destruction. But those who WANT OUT can find the way out through the change of Jesus Christ. 
If you DONT want out, you will remain in your sins and slide into destruction even you claim salvation in Christ. In the end he will shake his head at such and say he never knew them. 
Don't be like them.
The ungodly say "Doesn’t our God, being loving and forgiving, love us the way we are?"
Gays, prostitutes, the immoral, those living for themselves in their own sins are wilfully blind to their own wickedness. 
The righteous and faithful know the futility of such foolishness and are not blind to the wickedness in all men's hearts. They instead turn away from their wickedness and pride within giving their sins a decent burial and dedicate to the Saviour Jesus the Christ who changes and saves those who do.
People LOVE to hear the good news of Jesus' wonderful forgiveness of sins and his salvation promised, but they often HATE to hear they must hate even their own life for his sake, because their hearts are set on this world. 
Are our hearts set on his kingdom and OBEYING Jesus? 
We live IN the world but dont need to be OF it! 
It is written those of Christ the old has passed away and new has come. 
Has this happened to you? Or are you still OF the world? 
We deceive ourselves that we have salvation, but the truth of salvation will be upon the condition of our HEART exposed by where it is focused!!

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