How To Bear Fruits Of The Spirit

Posted by Robert Lyte on Sunday, January 19, 2014
Today I want to talk about fruits of the Spirit. We all know what the fruits of the world are, of the flesh; envy, jealously, strife, lack of peace, hate, anger, immorality, lust, unfaithfulness. All of these things belonged to a person who follows the flesh. They don't have peace. They follow their own ways. I want to talk about the fruits of the spirit and where did these fruits come from. Jesus talked about the seed that landed on the weedy ground where the cares of this world which were the weeds, choked out that seed which is faith in Jesus Christ, but Jesus also talked about the seed that fell on the good ground and this person was somebody who heard the good news of Jesus, had faith in it, and it bore up for him a harvest. Now this harvest I'm going to talk about today, it is called the harvest of faith; faith in Jesus, faith in his reality, faith in what he has done. Such a person who puts his faith in what Jesus has done and realizes he is as the living Lord of today not in a history book, not in the past, what happens is this faith bears fruit.

I want to talk about this fruit that faith bears. When you have true faith in the reality of Jesus what happens is that you bear fruits of faith. Fruits of the spirit. And these fruits first and foremost are peace, love and joy. That is first. And second they can continue to bear fruits of endurance, long-suffering, perseverance, mercy, grace, tenderness, kindness, loving, all of which are fruits of faith and these are all holiness and godliness. When we live by faith that means we realize who Jesus is. When a person has faith, the first thing they do is they repent and they turn away from following the flesh and bearing the fruits of the flesh, because they realize that true faith in Jesus Christ is the way to the kingdom. They realize who Jesus is. They don't need to be told to have faith. When they hear about Jesus and they realize what he has done and what he has said, they then lay faith in that, and it is this that bears them the fruits of the Spirit and God sends them his Holy Spirit to guide them, because such people don't doubt Jesus not matter what. They realize that Jesus is living today and because Jesus is living today, he sends you and all of us who believe these gifts, these wonderful things from the kingdom. Now want to ask you something; are you still bearing bad fruit? Are you still sinning? I want to tell you that sin is not in the office of a Child of God. Somebody who follows Jesus in faith just does not sin.

They don't practice sin. Why? Because by faith they have been set free in the name of Jesus because he is real. It is not some incantation. “Im going to have faith in Jesus, Im going to have faith in Jesus, going to have faith, going to have faith. It is not just an incantation. It's a realization of the reality of Jesus and his power to set people free from the old ways that lead to destruction. So when we accept the Lord for what he has done. He died on the cross for us don't forget that, that is real that happened, not only that he rose from the dead and is in heaven, and he sends his spirit to everybody who believe and who has faith. But you see this world just doesn't have faith. This Christian world doesn't have faith. They don't live by faith only by religion that's why there's no power of God and no reality of him. But for those on the outskirts, the remnant, the few who see, they live by faith in Jesus Christ. Not faith in religion and incantations. Not faith in idols, depictions of the past and statues. No their faith is in reality and the real living relationship with their Creator who is alive now, who is breathing and living. He is in the land of the living and is not in the land of the dead in the past. The book of acts church is today it's not in the past only. 

You see the only reason why you're not part of this Baptist Church is because you're just not following Jesus you just don't know him, and you haven't realized that he is real today and he died for you on the cross. In short you haven't laid faith in Christ that's why you don't know him. That's why your church doesn't know him. That is why they just preach on about this that the other and make all these religious incantations, but just don't have the power of God in them. They keep sinning they keep going after the world. You know what this generation of Christians are like? They are like, “Let us all be spiritual today”. And then as soon as it's over on Sunday, “lets just shut the book and let's just go and watch the footy, let's go back to our life, yay”. That's what this Christian generation is like. Their life is their life. They don't have the kingdom's life in them. That is why they don't seek. That is why they only have the kingdom for one hour or two hours once a week, and they shut the book and go back to their old life, their only life, because they don't have a new life to go to. They are not on a new life with Christ. You know why? They don't have faith. They realize who Jesus is and that he is alive now. But I'm here to tell you, if you seek Jesus you will find him. He speak he leads, he has not passed away, and he is right there now waiting to know you. Go seek him dear friends and you will find him......

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