How I Stopped Sinning

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, February 2, 2013 Under: HOW TO STOP LUSTS, DESIRES, ADDICTIONS

I want to tell you today why it is that I no longer have to practice sin anymore, why I was set free. You see some years ago I was a practicing sinner. I went to church but I loved my sin. I chased after my own career goals desired, I was focused on the world. What happened to me? Why did I get set free from sin? Why was I able to stop swearing, lusting, cursing, why was I able to follow a Holy Narrow Way? It was through the power of Jesus Christ on the cross and it is this gospel that few people preach because they themselves do not know Jesus. There are many preachers in the world who will preach about Christ but they themselves keep sinning because they don't know him. You see Jesus said that he who sins is a slave to sin but he who I set free shall be set free indeed. 

And that is what happened to me; he came into my life and he set me free by the power of the cross. You see most Christians deny the power of the cross. They think that the cross cant set them free from their evil, so they continue going on in sin. They never knew Jesus. He never set them free, yet they still think they're saved. They are following the abominable Gospels of Satan, doctrines of devils. But you see when I turn to Jesus Christ for real I was able to leave my sin that I was doing and to sin no more. I was able to overcome temptation as it came daily and it still comes. If we want to go back too sinning after Jesus has set us free we are able and we will face a greater judgment than the unbeliever if we do so. 

It is written in Hebrew sent 26 that those who go on willfully sinning after coming to the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for their sins. It's a serious thing to have been set free by Jesus Christ and go back to sin. You wont be saved. It's only if you repent, turn away from your sin, and go before God in humility, tears of repentance. Why can't you do the works of repentance? Why do you keep trying to say that it's by grace I am saved not by works lest any man should boast? Why are you following Satan? That is what satan says. He says “you can be the lazy servant it's okay, you can do nothing and just “believe”. And yet Jesus said in the parable of the 10 talents that the lazy servant who had one talent and he didn't increase the talent he said “Have this servant cast into the outer darkness where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

 So you tell me dear soul, are you going to listen to Satan, or Jesus Christ? You see Jesus Christ said that we who turn away from our sin and we who believe in him, he said we will be set free from sin. And it is he who turns to me who will be saved. It is those who believe in Jesus. And that's what happened to me. True faith, when I laid true faith in Jesus Christ, he indeed came into my life set me free so that is why I no longer continue to practice evil because Jesus set me free. Now you can argue about that and say: “Well you know, no one can be set free from sin”… But that's because you yourself have not been set free from sin. So you yourself do not know what it is like to be in the grace of Jesus Christ. 

But that's why I'm here today, to tell you today that you can be in the grace of Jesus Christ. You can have him set you free and you will be free indeed. And you must follow him until the end and you will overcome by the power of the blood of the Lamb. It is by grace that all men are saved because your own works could never set you free from sin. No man has the power to be able to overcome Satan and the flesh if they have not been born again. So it is by grace alone. Your only work required of you is repentance and faith and you stay with the victory that Jesus gave you. And if you go back to sin and you don't want to leave your sin then Hebrews 10:26 says that there remains no more sacrifice for you. So I want to tell you to leave your sin today. Stop trying to condone it. Allow Jesus Christ to set you free as he said. Experience his freedom from sin. Don't believe the lies of satins preachers in the West. They are on their way to hell. May Jesus bless you and may he be with you….


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