Hell Actually Exists

Posted by Robert Lyte on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A lot of people have absolutely no idea that hell actually exists. And a whole lot of other people who believe that God exists, they think that hell is a myth made up by Catholics or made up by religion. I want to tell you about a dream that I had a few years ago. You see the Lord also speaks to his people in dreams and visions and one night I had a dream. And in the dream I saw two places. One was an area of the kingdom beside that was an area of hell. But what I saw was a dark place, a place of weeping, a place of gnashing of teeth, a place of regret, a place of pain, and a pleasant mourning, and the group of people who were there were crying out in their anguish crying out saying; Oh why did nobody warn us that living a life after our own desires after our own ways ended up in this place! You see they were crying out why were we not warned. They were wondering why they didn't know about this horrible place. Dear friends I think they were warned. Many of these people who mock hell and say it's a myth, that people sleep in the ground and is made up by Catholics, all these other lies that people want to propagate, many of them will end up in the same place and they will be shouting out the same thing; Oh why did I not know that living my life my own way ended me in this place. You know at the end of a peaceful life is hell. That's the sad reality. The end of a peaceful life living after your own way and your own happiness and your own little life, it ends in HELL! And Jesus said the same thing. He talked of the rich man; he said that there was a certain rich man in Israel and he had sumptuous party and he was a good hospitable man. And at his door there was a beggar who got his scraps from the table. I am sure he felt he was doing a good deed by giving the beggar all their leftover food. After all that beggar would probably start out in the street. Now the beggar died one day and then so also did the rich man.  The beggar went to be with Abraham on Abraham's bosom in paradise, at that time was near hell, and the rich man went to hell to the flames of torment. And he was crying out in there in pain and torment and anguish. He was saying; Please father, Abraham sent back somebody to warn my brothers not to come to this horrible place. But you see it was too late for the rich man and his brothers had the prophets to listen to. And so also you. You have people sent to you to warn you about hell such as myself, and I am warning you what I saw. I am telling you that hell is real as Jesus said it was, and living a life after your own ways will end you in that place of regret torment and suffering and anguish. And it is indeed a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Repent today, live for Jesus Christ instead of your own life and your own desires and your own sins, and you will not go to hell. Heed the warning, because the rich man wanted to warn his brothers and you might as well be one of them. Repent and do not go to hell but follow JESUS!

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