Gospel Of Jesus Is For Sinners Like You

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, December 29, 2012 Under: Salvation And Faith

The Gospel of Jesus is a gospel for sinners. If there were no sinners there could be no gospel. The gospel of grace is thus; that the Lord came to set free you who do sin and you do not want to be condemned. Jesus came to set sinners free from sin. That is the Gospel. He came to sanctify you make you clean and fit for the kingdom of God if he would only turn to him and accept him. And that is the only condition is if you repent turn to him and accept him. Jesus himself said: I am the way the truth and the life, everybody who comes to me shall not be turned away, but shall have everlasting life. And that is the good news. 

The good news is Jesus frees you from immorality, he frees you from selfishness, he frees you from false paths, he frees you from the Broadway, he frees you from doubt, from despair, he frees you from lies, deceptions, he frees you from anger and rage, bitterness, jealousy, he frees you from as many vices as you are bound to today. It all comes to the power of the cross. Because he did indeed come into the world to die for the lost and rose again from the dead that all who should lay faith in him shall be free from their evil. So I want to ask you today: are you free from your evil? I am not asking are you a Christian. I'm not asking are you religious. I am not asking what you believes. I'm just asking you are you free from your evil, despair, lack of peace? Are you free? Has Jesus set you free? If not Jesus is for you. And you need to get on your knees now pray to the Lord, accept him and asked him to set you free too. Because he set me free, and he will set you free also.

 Because he came to set sinners free from sin and that's the grace of God shown to the world that every person who comes to the Lord shall be saved. Now you might say: what of those who I see you go to church and they live a wicked life like me! Why should I come to God when I do see these so-called Christians who are no better than I? It is not hard to see dear friend that it is those who have relationship with Jesus who will be set free and you will know them by their fruits. When you see people who claim Jesus but they bear fruits of briars and thorns not of figs, you will know them that they don't know Jesus and he does not know them. And they are not set free from their sins. So it is time to stop looking at other people for your relationship with God and instead get yourself right with God so you can go pray to him and you can receive the freedom from sin and the forgiveness and grace of God upon you so that you can enter through the narrow gate. 

Many will try to enter through the narrow gate and few will be able to. But it is only because few really want to go to Jesus to have as their sins removed and be set free from their sins. Because many want to have their sins. They want to hang on to their sins. But we don't want to hang onto our sins, I don't want to and that's why I turned away from my sins and Jesus did set me free as he promised. You see Jesus did say: that I came to set the bondage free. He also said that: he who the son of Man sets free shall be free indeed! 

So come, believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of God's grace dear friend. Do not look at other people nor other Christians as an example of the Lord himself. Go to him yourself that you may become a good tree set free to live on the righteous say. It does not matter how wicked you are now, the Lord God came to free the most vile of wicked sinners and make them righteous. So dedicate yourself to the Lord and if you are in sin today, even if you are religious and even if you do claim Jesus or think you know him, cry out to the Lord today. Get to really know him so that he can free you from these things and then keep your mind on him from this day forth. 

Don't be like a foolish man who looks himself in the mirror and walks away and forgets what it looks like. Be a man after God's heart who really does take Jesus seriously and makes him a dedication of a lifetime. Not just a once off whim. Nor somebody who just falls away when the trials of life, and the wonderful temptations of sin. For we know that Paul did say that those who live after the flesh, those who “follow” Christ but live after the flesh, they shall perish. But is it is those who live after the spirit who shall find life. So let us live after Christ and seek him that he can set us free in full repentance of all our past evil deeds. And let us be forgiven today and every one of those deeds taken away and set free from so that we shall be acceptable kingdom of heaven subjects. Do you know Jesus yet?

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