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We live in a time where people they go along they listen to a missionary, they listen to somebody who is serving God, they listen about a testimony of somebody who has found the way of truth, and then they go back to their old lives. But Jesus said that MANY are called but FEW are chosen. Why are we going along listening to the chosen, when we are called to serve Jesus in a unique work that he has set aside for us. We were not called to go and listen to the chosen. We were called to enter into our own path with the Lord.

 Either you are serving the Lord with your own relationship with him being one of the chosen, or you are on your way to the fire. Those were called yet they do not come further, will be CUT OFF. Each and every person who is called and has come to believe in Jesus, has an obligation to go and find the Lords will for their life. There is no use having gift from God when you only used them for yourself and for the world. You cannot emulate anybody in this world. People emulate sports stars saying they are inspirational. They emulate inspirational Christian speakers but they don't be inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are not led by God so they are not sons of God. People they try and be inspired by reading about the apostles and the servants of God in the Bible yet you don't KNOW the Lord, they don't seek him. 

What use is it going to be hearing about that part of the chosen if you are called but NOT chosen. Because you are called to seek the Lord but if you do not seek him you won't be chosen. This world is full of Christian books, Inspirational material, things to have a good life, to be successful, overcome your fears. And you go along and you listen and then you walk back to your life and you try and make your life even MORE worldly, because success and inspiration is of the world path, but the path of the chosen is one of dedication to Jesus whom they have come to know. It is no use at all for you to go along and hear the testimony of somebody who has been called and chosen to do the will of God, if you yourself do not know the will of God for your own life. 

Truth is the Lord would say to that servant: Well done my faithful servant! And he will turn around and look at you and he would say: Be gone you lazy worthless servant, you have done nothing! Nothing. The Lord has given you a seed today. A word that is sown in your heart that he is the way the truth and the life and nobody goes to the kingdom but through him. And it is this seed that you have to grow otherwise it will be hidden in the ground and the Lord will ask of you: What did you do with the truth I gave you? 

And you will say: Lord, I knew you were a hard man and you reaped where you did not sow therefore I was fearful and I hid it in the ground. I didn't do anything! But the Lord will say: Angels, cut this man into pieces and have him cast out into the outer darkness where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth…It will do you no good at all, if you do not increase the seed that you possess. You may hear all the stories in the world of the chosen ones but still it will not help you. Because the Lord will simply say to them: Well done! But you will be cast out into the darkness… so what is it today? Do you want to increase the knowledge of the seed that you have been given? Do you want to seek so more shall be given? So that when the master returns he will see that you have increased what he gave you and at least you have put the seed with the bankers and got interest. 

And he was say: well done you have been faithful with a little I will make you faithful over a lot. Are all the servants of God in the world doing his will going to help you even one little bit when the Lord turns around from congratulating them and he looks upon you; a servant who has not INCREASED his talent… go and get your own work from God yourself. Forget trying to have a good life on earth. Forget trying to overcome your fears. You will never overcome them. Instead focus on becoming a servant of Jesus Christ, when he will return to you because you increased what was given to you, and he will say: WELL DONE. Do you know Jesus' Will for your life? Do you have a path that he has shown you? Or are you just listening to others! For many are called but few are chosen. What you going to do about it today? What is Jesus going to say to YOU??

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