Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, January 25, 2013

Entering heaven isn't just a simple as believing in Jesus and then you're just saved and you will enter heaven. Entering heaven is about getting through that narrow gate, the narrow way of following Jesus. Because Jesus said himself that many will try to enter but few will be able to. He said this because the seed that fell on some men's hearts that were rocky or the cares of the world came up and choked out the seed and it died. You see Jesus warned time and again in the book of Revelation, to the Christian people, that those who overcome till the end, those who repent, those who endure, they shall receive to eat of the tree of life. He said time and again that his people must repent and turn away from their sins. Turn away from worldliness. Turn away from Luke warm behavior that is so prevalent today in a society that only lives for pleasure and sin and says that that is okay. But today we are not to live after our desires. We are not to try and walk on the broad path to destruction again.

 We are trying to get through the narrow gate; for narrow is the way that leads to salvation and very few people get in that way. That little sin that you are hanging on to today will take you all the way to hell. It is written in the Scriptures that no liars, nor sexual immoral people, nor murderers in their hearts, nor hates, nor slanderers, will ever enter God's kingdom. It doesn't say that Christian liars will somehow make it. It says that NO liars will enter God's kingdom, none. And so when we follow Jesus we get set free from our sins, but if you have and never gone to him to be set free and find the free gift of grace and the newness of the spirit that only Jesus can give you, then how can you be saved? How can you be changed? How can you walk on in the narrow way if you have not first gone to Jesus Christ in repentance? Because repentance is the first work and unless there is repentance there cannot be a change, because God does not come to those and change those who refuse to leave their sin. You see many Christians start the race well. They do repent, but then along the way they fall away to some sin! They allow their eyes to take them into lust. You see lust of the eyes causes many people to go to hell. Jesus say that if your eye causes you to sin, you would be better to cut it out and enter heaven with one eye than end up in hell with both your eyes because you kept following that sin! 

Now friends we can say we say we are saved and sealed all we like, but while we are still following the flesh and not living in the newness of the spirit that Jesus Christ bought for us on the cross, we will never enter through the narrow gate. Because Jesus said that broad is the way that leads to destruction and many are they go on that road. So it all depends on how serious you are about following Jesus today. Non-serious people do not enter through the narrow gate. Serious people do not let their eyes looking lust. They followed the newness of the spirit that Jesus gave them. They know Jesus Christ washed away all their previous lusts and evil, but they know that now they must follow Jesus and keep their eye from lust. And that is a WORK that you must do! And if you do not do this work and you let your flesh take you to hell, it will take you to hell. That is why Paul said that those who crucified the flesh nature and instead follow the spirit will have life. That is why he said that those who follow the flesh will reap death.

 Because if you let your flesh govern the way you live, you will not inherit the kingdom of God; because it is written clearly in the Scriptures that there will be distress for every man on earth who does evil from the Jew to the Greek and to the rest of the world. Nobody shall escape. God does not show partiality or favouritism. Is it not written clearly in the Scriptures yet your hardness of heart and your deaf ears refuse to hear this truth lest you turn away from your evil and be saved. But will you hear today? Will you know that your little porn is not okay? Will you know today that if you continued looking in lust and entertaining your fantasies in your mind, that you are on your way fires of hell! Will you know today that there's no amount of God's grace that will cover your willful sin? Will you know today that unless you are serious Jesus Christ will not save you! 

Will you know today that unless you go to Jesus Christ to be washed clean in repentance, you will never be set free from your sin. Because it is not by mans works that he shall be saved, nor his own strength. But it is by power and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. So if you have not come to that how can you be set free from your evil? If you do not repent, how can you even go to the cross? Dear friend it is time to leave that the false grace preachers who preach in sin while they continue to follow the paths of the immorality. While they continue to sin every day. They say they are sinning everyday because they are. They are living in lust, they're lying, they're having a sexual fantasies going through their minds unchecked, they do not watch them their minds and guard their hearts like the Scriptures say we must do. If we were not to do these things why did God allow that to be written! 

We have to watch our minds of the guard our hearts against all evil every day walking the narrow way. Because the narrow way is narrow and if you will not make it through that gate because you are in sin, you are going to be one of the people that Jesus is going to turn away from the gates of heaven even though you did miracles and cast out demons in his name, Matthew chapter 7. so dear friend you do not want to be cast away from the Lord even you are working for him and performing miracles, and preaching the right gospel yet you yourself are practicing sin. Now let us be separate from our evil deeds. Let us put a guard on our mouth, a guard on our hearts and minds. Watch our thoughts, bring everything to submission to Jesus Christ! Is written in the scriptures is so very clearly!

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