Fallen to Sin? All Is NOT LOST

Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, January 4, 2013 Under: The Narrow Way

In our daily walk with Jesus Christ on the narrow way, there are many pitfalls and at any time we can fall to a false way or a bad word. That's why Jesus said in revelation to be watchful  alert and on guard lest you get caught out. Friends when you're tongue leads you astray and you have grieved the Holy Spirit by going off into a sin and you made a mistake and have done what is wrong in the sight of God today, it is time to repent of it and make up your mind to learn from this and and get more watchful, more focused. Because the Lord Jesus is just and faithful to remove our sins and forgive them. And so when we fall we must learn to be more watchful and the Lord Jesus Christ will forgive us our sins. 

Friends are you watchful daily focused on Jesus Christ that if you fall you will get up and learn and keep walking on the narrow way? Or are you just living in rebellion today in your sins to a slave to them not willing to give them away! That path will not take you to heaven dear souls. If you fall, learn from it, get up and keep walking. Be faithful to Jesus, he will faithfully remove your sins..

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