Fallen Christian Age

Posted by Robert Lyte on Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We live in a time where many Christians have become apostates and the churches are becoming apostate through and through. They're beginning to preach that not only is a little sin okay, but also big sins are now becoming to be fine in the eyes of the church. This is because they are not following and obeying Jesus and they don't know him. Because when we know with Jesus, we do not continue to follow our flesh. We are sold out to the Lord on the way of redemption. It is the narrow way the way of martyrs. We are not here having fun in our own sins of the flesh. We live in a pleasure driven society where even Christians will tell you that it's ok to have fun, just Jesus came to let us have a good time and he wants you to enjoy your life. Now when we follow the Lord, we do enjoy him. We do enjoy our lives.

 But these Christians save thus because they themselves are still following the world. They think that Jesus came to allow them to live a worldly life where they can get away with doing their worldly lifestyle and not being serious about Jesus on the narrow way. And so they feel that they can play their video games and go and chase their sport and go and have fun with all their worldly friends and drink and have a good time, not realizing that that is the broad path, the broad road that Jesus talked about that leads to destruction. But the narrow way is all about self denial way. It's about turning away from your ways inside, your flesh. No longer pursuing what you want to do in this life and instead dedicating yourselves to be serious about obeying Jesus in all that you do and walking the way of faith. 

It means that you start to spend your time in prayer and studying the Scriptures and being serious about Jesus instead of following your own path of pleasure loving and sin doing. The flesh will lead you unto destruction. But if you follow the Lord Jesus in holiness and truth, and if you obey him, he will lead you on the narrow way that the martyrs have walked before you. Dear friends don't be deceived by this generation's Christian church, they are not all in the truth. Many are walking the path to destruction. Do not join Luke warm Christians in sin. Keep separate, turn away from your ungodly lifestyle. No longer chase after the things that are a distraction and belong to those who walk on the broad way. Be serious about Jesus today and make your life serious because few will enter the kingdom…..

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