Posted by Robert Lyte on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

People are getting all worried about things like the coming Antichrist and the getting all worried about martial law and the collapse of law and order and society and all kinds of things that they might see on the Alex Jones show and all kinds of things. They say that they need backup plans just in case things don't work out how they think they might work out. Dear friend no kind of prepping can prepare yourself for what is to come. People they go and build themselves special shelters out in the wilderness hoping to escape nuclear war and the Mark of the Beast. But they are not being honest with God and don't trust God. So what makes you think you can save yourself. That's why people say I want a plan B in case there's no rapture. Friends if you don't know Jesus, how are you going to face anything that is to come between now and the rapture. 

And you wont even make no rapture if you don't follow and know Jesus. You got to trust in God as Jesus said very clearly that he who tries to save his life is going to lose it, but he loses his life for the sake of the kingdom is going to save it. So I want to ask you today, are you saving your life today and trying to find out all sorts of plans to prepare for doomsday? Or are you losing your life on this earth for the sake of the kingdom so you're putting away your chasings of pursuits and you're not living for yourself anymore instead you're living for God, that's what losing your life is. You no longer have a life such as the world would want you to have. Now we all got to make money and have our jobs and be responsible for our families but we got to put Jesus Christ first. He is the one who we should be putting first and listening to. Few people know Jesus that's why they're busy looking for PLAN B. that's why they're busy planning for the antichrist. They don't know Jesus. Friend you are not going to escape nothing certainly not God's judgment for God's judgment is the antichrist anyway. And the antichrist is coming to sort out the lukewarm Christians. 

And everybody who is not ready for the kingdom is going to be sorted by the antichrist. Dear friends, the Lord is not mocked, he is looking for you to repent and turn away from your sins so that he can lead you in times of trouble. You can't prepare for nuclear war, you can't prepare for the collapse of society. You'll be like a what is written; a man will run from a lion only to be chased by a bear and then he'll escape into his house and lead against the wall and a snake will bite him. Don't be wicked, instead trust Jesus Christ. Don't be like the foolish man who trusts in himself. He is a parched stick in the desert. You trust Jesus, no matter what comes between now and the rapture. You need to trust Jesus so that you can know what to do in whatever comes. You are not going to prepare for no Antichrist. You can only prepare to meet the Lord and get to know him so whatever may come you will understand what to do. Don't be the fool who is prepping himself for destruction making himself hideouts and the trying to save himself. 

He wont be saved. He will be the laughing stock. The only people who will find safety are those who repent of their sins now. Who follow Jesus now. Who get serious about the Lord now and they seek to know his will for them now and they do his will. And when he does return in the rapture which will be soon, he is going to take such servants who are doing the will of the master who are trusting in him having FAITH. They are not running around looking at plan B and being all scared about the Mark of the beast and the antichrist. You know these things are coming but they're God's judgment upon the foolish. But we aren't here to be foolish. We're here to prepare for the Lord and to be led forth by him now so that whenever he may come as a thief in the night, he will be able to take us. Because it is going to be too late for many once the Lord does return and they will find out that all their foolish ways got them nowhere. It is only those who trusted in the Lord and made him their strength who would be taken by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

And very few are going to be taken because very few care to trust the Lord and REPENT. You know if you don't repent the Lord will not take you nowhere. You will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless you repent. People who say that you don't need to repent are blind. You MUST repent. If you don't turn away from your sins you cannot come to know Jesus. Jesus requires us to repent, turn from evil and call upon the name of the Lord to be saved. And if you do that you will come on the new way and you'll be able to please the Lord and he will be with you always in trouble and in peace, and he will give you strength and he will lead you and he will guide you. And you will in time enter his kingdom and receive your reward. Are you planning for plan B? Or are you seeking to know and follow Jesus today?

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