Posted by Robert Lyte on Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Depression is an absolute killer. It kills a so many people with suicide. So many people take their lives and then they end up in hell. They live unfulfilled lives, they have been brought through many bad situations in their life, and they think that the end has come for them and they no longer wish to be on this earth. This is because of they do not have a purpose to live, but I'm here to show you the purpose of life; and that purpose is when you come and serve in the kingdom of God.

 There is nothing more rewarding than serving Jesus Christ and having him say well done my servant and giving you rewards in his kingdom. Friends it is time to stop thinking about the bad things in our lives and all the problems that we have and instead dedicates to Jesus Christ and become his servant so that we will have purpose in our life.

 The reason why people are so depressed is that they have no purpose. They feel that the world is a pointless place to be, there is no reason to be here and so many are very depressed and they have no purpose for getting up in the morning. Friend if it is hard for you to get out of bed today, then it is perhaps time that you decided to become a servant of Jesus Christ and let him fix you up and give you special work to do in his kingdom. And what happens is you will be filled with confidence and peace and joy and a purpose in your life and a wonderful joy inside knowing that you're on the way to God's holy Kingdom as a servant of the king.

 I used to be a depressed person, but Jesus Christ got me to see my error and I repented of my selfish ways and I decided to dedicate to Christ. And I have never looked back. Once you see the real light and truth and wonderful things about the Lord, you do not want to turn away and follow the old dead lifeless paths of this world. For the world can only bring you trouble grief and despair there is nothing good in this world dear soul. Only following Jesus will bring you the purpose you are looking for...

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