Dealing With Evil Thoughts

Posted by Robert Lyte on Thursday, June 20, 2013 Under: HOW TO STOP LUSTS, DESIRES, ADDICTIONS

There is a way to have victory over evil thoughts when they come into your mind and evil desires. And that is to pray against them in the name of Jesus Christ when they come. Because the name of Jesus has a lot of power and when you use the name of Jesus in faith, that's when things happen in your life and things change. So if you're troubled by evil thoughts and evil imaginations and the flesh is egging you on to do things and things are coming into your mind from Satan, things are rising up inside of you, don't give them another minute in your heart and your mind. Rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and put them out in his name and refused to think on those things that the devil is trying to get you to think on. Instead take it to Jesus Christ and pray. Pray against these things. Pray against them in the name of Jesus Christ. Sent them out from whence they belong. Send them out to whence they belong in the name of Jesus. That's where we have the power. If we try to fight things on our own strength we just won't make it. It is when you actually start to call out in the name of the son of God that things start to change for you and you get victory and grace. Don't put up with any more evil thoughts. Turn them out in the name of Jesus Christ and take control today...


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