Conditional Salvation

Posted by Robert Lyte on Saturday, October 19, 2019
Many people are confused about the way of salvation. They are deceived into thinking that baptism and repentance are works of the law when in fact these are works of faith and without the work of faith in a person, then that person cannot be saved. When you repent, you do so before God because you realise he is real and so you in good faith, repent before him and accept Christ. You do baptism in his name because you believe what he said when he said to be baptised, and so according to your faith you get baptised. Often people reject baptism and repentance and claim they are "works", but they are really doing this because they lack faith in Jesus, that is truth faith in Jesus. If they really realised who he really is, they would do these things. But they are filled with unbelief on account of their sins, as to why they do not realise they need to repent and be baptised and live a life of faith walking the narrow way. Let us not be like the faithless, rather let us lay faith in Christ, repent, and be baptised. Concerning our will, The devil if after our will and the battle is for our will to do evil for in this way, the devil knows such are not fit for the kingdom who choose darkness by their will. God wants you to choose him, the narrow way, and life...but he will not force you to do so. He leaves that up to what you choose to do with what he has given you. We are freely able to choose evil and unbelief like the world does. Or we can freely choose the way of life which is difficult but leads to eternal life. Nobody is perfect, but providing we lay firm faith in Jesus having repented of our sins and be baptised in his name, and commit our hearts and will to God's way, not the way of the flesh or of the devil, then we will be assured of entering the kingdom. Do not believe the foolish preachers who falsely teach that you are eternally sealed the minute you decided to believe the gospel despite not doing any of the above. They are deceived and do not know the scriptures because salvation is conditional in the same way God's blessing to Israel was conditional where he told them that they would be in his blessing providing they kept his commandments, but if they did not keep his commandments he would cut them off....In the same way salvation is conditional where we will be saved and remain in his blessing providing we are faithful to Jesus keeping our hearts from corruption and denying his name...and if we do not and do not repent, then we will be cut off.

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