Posted by Robert Lyte on Sunday, April 14, 2013

Many Christians leaders and pastors go from darkness to darkness. They never knew Jesus to begin with and so after a while when they get fed up with religion, they turn to other religions and other faiths. Things like evolution, Islam, Buddhism. This is because many do not know the Lord because they do not obey him. Jesus said in John chapter 14 that if you obey me and you keep my commandments I will come and live with you and the father and we will reveal ourselves to you. I want to ask you today; has Jesus revealed himself to you, or are you still sinning? Because we know that if we practice sin that the Lord God doesn't listen to the prayers of sinners, John Chapter 9. is Jesus a reality to you or has the seed landed on a stony heart or a weedy heart. It just dies and doesn't bear fruit. If you want to know Jesus and have him reveal himself to you as a reality, now, then you need to obey him and turn away from your sin. You need to keep his commandments and put out your own ways. It is only when you dedicate yourself to the Lord and you put out your own ways, you turn away from your sin and you seek to obey his commandments and his words, it is then that the Lord will reveal himself to you. He doesn't reveal himself to sinners who do not want to turn from their evil. Do you know Jesus today? Has he revealed himself to you? Or are you just still sinning?

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