Cannot Find Jesus In Doubt

Posted by Robert Lyte on Friday, December 28, 2012 Under: Salvation And Faith

There is absolutely no use seeking the Lord if you do it on your own terms. God is there to be found. The Lord Jesus Christ said that that all who seek him will find him. But it is useless to do so if he can't have faith in him and lay trust in the Lord when you seek. Because people who just try and seek the Lord full of doubt just don't find him. You can only find Jesus when you seek him in truth and in faith. And that's what I did. I got on my knees and I knew the Lord was there and I knew that he has mercy on those who repent and seek him. And so I sought him to get to know him and that's why I wanted to live from now on. My way from now was to obey Jesus only and not to live for myself anymore. And because I was serious about this decision the Lord Jesus did come into my life and he did set me free from sin and he changed me and now he continues to lead me on the narrow way; this golden highway that leads to the kingdom of heaven. Now the only way you can find this way too, is if you really want to believe that Jesus is real and he is who he says he is. And if you really want to believe that he did set me free from sin and he did change me, if you want to believe he did it for me, then go and seek in faith and seek to do his will! Not your own will. Seek him on his terms not your own terms, and keep seeking until he leads you, guides you and sets you free from sin. It is a new way of life and very few will find it. So I urge you today if you have it in yourself to believe and have faith then do so before it is too late and spend your time with the Lord abiding in him until the very end. That way you will accomplish many things for his kingdom and he will give you a crown and you will bear fruit and you won't be cut off from the kingdom of God like so many other Christians will be, because they do not abide in Jesus and they wither up and they die on the vine. So go seek Jesus in faith and don't stop until you find him...








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